0C1A33IQ8D3842 Out of doors waterproof wi-fi bluetooth speaker – 3. Five inch pair 3-way energetic passive weatherproof wall (white) & out of doors waterproof wireless bluetooth speaker – three. 5 inch pair (black)

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  • product 1: 2160 joules surge safety strength score
  • product 1: eight outlet surge protector energy strip
  • product 1: 6 foot strength wire with flat end ninety degree area saving plug
  • product 1: 2 usb ports offer 2. Four amps of charging strength
  • product 2: 1440 joules surge protection power score
  • product 2: 7 outlet surge protector electricity strip
  • product 2: 6 foot electricity wire with flat quit ninety diploma area saving plug
  • product 2: recessed electricity transfer and keyholes for wall mounting

product description

apc strength strip surge protector with usb charging ports, ph8u2, 2160 joules, flat plug, 8 stores blackmillions of human beings consider apc to guard their treasured electronics. The surge arrest home-workplace series gives you peace of thoughts by means of providing a lifetime guarantee and system safety coverage. You can experience most protection, protection, comfort, and reliability. Key functions of these surge protectors consists of safety running led, 8 outlet surge covered plugs, a ‘floor adequate’ indicator, a strength switch and rear wall-mount key holes so that you can deploy this surge protector in out of the way spacesapc surge protector electricity strip, pe76, 1440 joule, flat plug, 7 outlet strip blackprotection working led proactively shows when safety circuitry is operating well. 7 surge covered shops shield your treasured electronics from dangerous surges, spikes and lightning.


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4 reviews for 0C1A33IQ8D3842 Out of doors waterproof wi-fi bluetooth speaker – 3. Five inch pair 3-way energetic passive weatherproof wall (white) & out of doors waterproof wireless bluetooth speaker – three. 5 inch pair (black)

  1. Art_In_PA

    This review is for the Pyle PDWR42WBT 3.5″ Bluetooth Speakers, 3-way indoor/outdoor Speaker System, 200 Watt. That’s peak watts. RMS is 100 watts. So, 50 watts per speaker. The amp is included, so this is really all you need. For $50 it beats trying to cobble together a bunch of boxes from multiple vendors.I purchased this back in August for my porch which l’m redoing. It’s now September. I was looking at reviews last night and a few were not so good. Figured I better open them up an give them a once over. First off the glue on the box had dried out but the contents were in great shape. For $50 I wasn’t expecting much. Something along the lines of light weight empty boxes that make noise. These speakers are hefty, and have a nice look to them. Being almost 60 I figure my hearing isn’t so good. My 19 year old son was with me. His first comment was, “Nice bass!”. And the bass was really good from such a small speaker, I was amazed! It’s a 3-way with mid-range and tweeter. I could hear the highs but I figure I’m missing most of what’s really there.In the box:. Two speakers, 12vdc power supply, 2 mounting brackets, mounting hardware, and speaker wire. The speaker wire is as expected very light gauge. I have 12 AWG which I will be substituting in when I install.Only concern I can see so far the port for the power supply is a tad loose. I’ll apply putty at installation to better hold the plug in place and assure no moisture gets into the port. The AUX port was nice and snug. I’m giving 5 stars even with this one issue because the fix is easy, cheap, and I would do it anyway. 5 stars are for the build quality and the sound produced.I paid full price for these on Amazon. I chose the white speakers because they were a few dollars less. I will update this review in the future if I have anything to add.11-12-18 UpdateSpeakers are still kicking butt and taking names.If I wanted to I could share my music with neighbors two houses away.If you’re thinking about purchasing these Pyle PDWR42WBT 3.5″ Bluetooth Speakers, get off the fence and do it. You won’t be disappointed.Read more

  2. Jerry S.

    I got these speakers a few days ago. I mounted them under my patio to replace larger outdoor speakers that I had up for years. The old speakers were hard wired into the house to a stereo component system that I no longer have, so the speakers were of no use. They were easy to install and fortunately for me I have an electrical outlet up high by where the powered speaker is. It is controlled by a switch in the house as I replaced the patio light years ago with an outlet that I use to power rope lights for the patio. Easy on/easy off for power. There is no on/off switch for these speakers. The speakers are about 6′ apart. They were easy to pair to my iPhone and I use them to play Pandora from my phone. For those who say they don’t work with Alexa, you can use the Alexa app from your phone and access Prime music that way. They sound good for their size. Don’t expect studio quality sound or throbbing bass. These are meant to be played at a moderate level and provide sound that is more than adequate for most patios. You are not gonna blow out the neighbors with these. They are true stereo and the separation is quite good. C’mon….you are getting 2 weatherproof speakers with a Bluetooth amplifier built in, mounting hardware (metal, not plastic) a power supply and wiring all for 60 bucks. All in all I feel that I made a good purchase and hope they will last for a long while.Read more

  3. TDKinDallas

    Update 07-11-20:Finally got the new set after a 10 day wait…covid’s new version of 2-day prime? I had a little trouble getting them to connect with Alexa, but after a couple tries and restarting my phone, I was able to get them connected to my Echo Dot 2nd Generation. The speakers and the dot are connected by an electrical outlet that is turned on and off by a light switch in the house, so it is turned on whenever needed and not just left on. There has been no problems with the dot and speakers connecting automatically when powered up and that was my main worry. I wasn’t expecting too much, but for what they are, they sound great and do what I needed. I took off one star for sending me a bad set and I should take 3 more off for not being as described or pictured. I didn’t take them apart to see if there were any other speakers inside, but mine clearly only have the woofer. Speakers this small don’t really need tweeters and midrange added, but why falsely advertise? I am keeping the rating at 3 stars, because they do what I need and sound good. Feel free to contact me if you have questions and I will do updates if I have any problems.OLD REVIEW:I was really looking forward to trying these out and it looked like they were going to work great for me, but when connected, all they do is beep and then lower the volume until silence. I thought it had something to do with connecting to a 2nd Generation Echo Dot, but they do the same thing when connected to my Pixel 3A phone. I contacted Pyle support and they said that they had never had an issue like that, which is very hard to believe. I guess I am the first? Anyway, I will be returning, but I am going to try again, because I think they will be great for my patio. One issue I am afraid of, is that my patio AC power is controlled by a light switch. When I go out in the morning and turn on the power, the Echo Dot and the speakers will be powering on at the same time and I am afraid that the speakers might not connect automatically if the Echo takes too long to start up. We will see.Read more

  4. sternzy

    Using the speakers for connecting to a pergola to connect Alexa. Speakers don’t have much base and when Alexa is turned up to 10, the audio gets distorted when base kicks in. The 2 speakers don’t do any better than a portable 30watt Bluetooth speaker. If you have a large outdoor area I would not recommend this product and if you are looking and getting good base, I do not recommend this product. If you use Alexa, don’t exceed volume level 8 for music streaming, level 10 works good for low base. For a small area filling the room with background music this would work great. Video attached, last 5 seconds shows crackle with base.Read more

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