0C1A20639UL854 Pyle marine speakers – five. 25 inch low profile narrow fashion waterproof wakeboard tower outside audio stereo sound machine with a hundred and eighty watt power & geocel gc28100 pro flex rv flexible sealant – clear

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  • product 1: water resistant marine speaker: comes with 2 marine audio system which might be water-proof with a wellknown size of 5. 25 inches every. May be used for several vehicles as it has an anti-corrosion characteristic to face up to heavy water splashes and other outdoor situations.
  • product 1: audio speaker device: those wakeboard tower audio system have 2-manner full range audio for a complete stereo speaker machine. The strength output is one hundred eighty watt max. It has a frequency response of eighty hz-18khz and 4 ohms impedance.
  • product 1: low profile layout: constructed with a low profile layout that may be easily mounted on boats, marine watercrafts and different off-street motors. The traditional black appearance also offers a further style to the car.
  • product 1: climate resistant: these climate resistant audio system are manufactured from aluminum housing for a rugged and durable layout. They may be additionally engineered with abs machined gasket and grill to combat sun harm caused by ultraviolet rays.
  • product 2: crack resistant
  • product 2: exceptional adhesion to many surfaces, even when damp
  • product 2: resealable; can be implemented over itself
  • product 2: paintable and resists dust pick out-up

product description

pyle marine speakers – 5. 25 inch low profile narrow fashion waterproof wakeboard tower and weather resistant outside audio stereo sound system with a hundred and eighty watt energy – 1 pair in black (plmrs5b) , whitepyle’s marine speakers are constructed with stainless steel materials and other durable materials for a rugged sound machine. The speakers also are water resistant to face up to water. It is also climate proof against fight solar damage. Capabilities: consists of (2) issue speakers water resistant & weather-resistant design rugged marine grade construction low-profile narrow fashion speaker housing 2-manner full range stereo sound reproduction molded abs machined basket and grill accepted trendy oem substitute size for boat, marine watercraft & off-avenue vehicles what’s within the container: (2) marine audio system (2) speaker wires, nine. 8’ toes. Installation / mounting: overall speaker diameter: 6. 4” – inches reduce-out diameter: four. 7” – inches overall speaker depth: 1. 6” – inches mounting intensity: 0. 9” – inches technical specifications: energy output: a hundred and eighty watt max (ninety watt rms) speaker length: 5. 25” -inches voice coil kind: aluminum impedance: four ohm magnet: five. Four oz. Frequency response: 80hz-18khz creation fabric: engineered abs sold as: pair weight: 0 lbs. Geocel gc28100 pro flex rv bendy sealant – clearpro flex rv flexible sealant is mainly designed for the recreational automobile enterprise. It can be exposed to unfavorable climate situations right after software. Pro flex rv sealant has super growth and contraction properties to resist the joint motion and temperature changes related to recreational cars. It bonds to many recreational vehicle materials, even damp, barely oily, or frozen surfaces. To be used on aluminum, glass, coated metallic (kynar 500 based totally finishes), metal, timber, fiberglass, and vinyl. Do no longer use on visitors-bearing surfaces. Do now not use on extruded polystyrene insulation sheathing (styrofoam, and many others.), tpo, or epdm. Do no longer use on acrylic skylight glazing surfaces. Do not use in areas in which food is processed or stored. Do now not use for potable water packages.


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8 reviews for 0C1A20639UL854 Pyle marine speakers – five. 25 inch low profile narrow fashion waterproof wakeboard tower outside audio stereo sound machine with a hundred and eighty watt power & geocel gc28100 pro flex rv flexible sealant – clear

  1. uphoto75

    I had to send these back, which was too bad. They sounded okay but they wouldn’t fit right, not even close. People who are installing these as a replacement for your outdoor RV/TT speakers, these look like a good choice because of how shallow they are BUT the diameter of the rear case is the same size as the speaker! Not many speakers are shaped like this so you will have to cut your RV/TT up to make the hole larger to fit the speaker and not many people are willing to do that.If you don’t mind hacking up the exterior wall of your trailer then go for it but if not I would look somewhere else.Read more

  2. Joe

    The Pyle 5.25-inch marine/RV weather resistant speakers are a decent option, if your expectations are within reason. The speaker cones appear to be something similar to polypropylene, the baskets and grills, all plastic – they should do fine, exposed to the elements. As their design is one piece, they look as though they will adequately repel water intrusion, and again, the polypro-type cone shouldn’t have any trouble with water. The speakers come with one foam-type gasket per speaker, to help seal the installation against the weather. As other reviewers have noted however, the electrical connectors on the speakers are flimsy, and the provided wires are thin, and cheap. These are five and one-quarter inch speakers – the cone size, alone, should alert you that they will not deliver “big bass” response. Moreover, they are slim/shallow-depth speakers, and that type of speaker design – with its highly-limited cone excursion factor – again means… you aren’t going to “feel” any lows from these speakers, and you shouldn’t expect to. Also, because of that shallow cone design, the magnet at the speaker’s base necessarily has to be made larger – so while the speaker doesn’t require a deep well to sit in, the tradeoff is that it does require a slightly larger opening, if they are to be flush-mounted. Beyond the inherent lack of deep base, these speakers provide reasonable sound for average applications, and they excel in delivering background music. But let’s be real, for a moment… the 180-watt power rating, is plainly a peak-power rating… NOT RMS… and most likely, the sum of BOTH speakers in the set, COMBINED. That’s an important distinction. RMS power (a mathematical formula, the letters standing for Root Mean Squared) is a REAL measurement of power handling, and often equates to continuous power handling capacity. “PEAK Power” ratings, are what a driver can handle for a fraction of a second – a musical “peak”, like a trumpet note blast – NOT continuous music program. A crude estimate of what a peak power rating, for any given driver might be, is to take the RMS rating, and multiply it by a factor of three. Following that crude formula, if we take the 180-watt peak power rating of these speakers, and divide that by the same factor of three, we will arrive at a figure of 60-watts of continuous power handling capacity. Per-speaker however, that number still seems a bit exaggerated – given their small, shallow design. But if we then take that 60-watt figure, and divide it by two (remember that earlier, I pointed out that the 180-watt specification was likely arrived at, by adding both speakers’ ratings together), THEN we get a more reasonable power handling capacity of 30-watts RMS, per speaker. Now, one other issue… these Pyle speakers are somewhat deceptively advertised (by Pyle) as 2-way systems. I say “somewhat”, because they do say that – but don’t outright claim it. The phrase “2-way, full-range sound” is used. Pyle IMPLIES that these are 2-way speakers, but STATES they deliver “full-range sound”. The fact is, while these speakers are made to LOOK like a 2-way, coaxial speaker (note the “chromed appearance” of the dust cap, in the center of the driver, and the subtle change in the speaker grill over it – meant to give the appearance of a separate tweeter component), it is – in fact – a single, full-range – driver, with a very fancy mylar-covered whizzer cone and dust cap. Not a 2-way, component speaker, at all. Pyle is relying on the fact that the unit is one piece – the grill cannot be removed – to maintain the deception. But the truth can be revealed using a simple pencil. If the “shiny” center were truly a separate, pole-mounted tweeter, then using a pencil (which will fit through the grill) to gently press down on the “tweeter” should NOT result in movement of the woofer cone. But conduct this test (before installation – so you can monitor the woofer cone, from the back of the speaker), and you will see the woofer moves. The driver is all, one piece. Again, this is not unreasonable, because the shallow design of the speaker makes it almost impossible to build as a 2-way design… and at the price point these are selling for, expecting a 2-way speaker is not realistic. But Pyle should be forthcoming that this IS a full-range driver… NOT a 2-way speaker system. Overall, they are decent speakers for the outside of your RV or boat. I installed them on the outside of my travel trailer, and am quite satisfied with my purchase. But I knew what they were, before I ordered them… and I received what I expected. Now that you know, too… you can make an informed decision.Read more

  3. wireguy

    I’d really like to give these 5 stars but the connectors are poorly engineered and cheap cheap cheap. Plan on either soldering or crimping the pathetic female spade terminals because they aren’t going to stay if you don’t. As another reviewer noted they put the connectors directly in the same plane as the material you are fastening the speakers to, so if that material is metal, like my aluminum door panel backers, you have a problem. Fortunately I was able to carefully bend the male spade terminals back away from my door panels.On the plus side the price is right and they sound better than I expected. I like that they are a single integrated unit. That seems like a good engineering concept. If it wasn’t for those pathetic connectors yea, five stars.Read more

  4. James

    A+ excellent indeed for the money. I bought two pair two replace the old dry rotted 1998 factory speakers in our boat. They are great! They are NOT high dollar JBLs or what ever your new car factory sound system may have, But they look and sound good enough for riding across the lake . I recommend the black ones because the white ones will fade over time . Last year my kids bought me the Pyle stereo for Fathers Day to replace old one. I only used one of the speakers from the pair that came with it to replace a bad speaker then. This year when all the old speakers were shot, I bought these and replaced them all so they would match. The newer one from last year, (white) was already faded on the face from all the direct sunlight (kinda yellowish fade) .Still works fine so I put it up for a spare…Read more

  5. Bill S.I.NY

    I bought these to replace existing stock outdoor RV speakers. Compared to the OEM ones these are better. They still sound kinda like a pocket radio. They are very shallow and cannot produce much low end response. One thing these speakers don’t come with is a waterproof gasket for under the speaker rim. I used plumbers putty instead. Over all i’m happy with the upgrade for 25 bucks.Read more

  6. S. Crawford

    The base on these speakers is much wider than the prior 5.25” speaker. It did not fit in the cutout for the same sized unit they were replacing. I had to take the Drexel to the holes to make it fit. The sound is a bit tinny, but equal to the low price. The wiring may need to be adjusted, if it is replacement. Generally, I am dissatisfied.Read more

  7. James H

    Dont waste your money here as the garbage truck will get them soon. I bought these because they where thin but that is the only good about them. I couldn’t even get one 1500 mile trip from the last pair I used to replace two that had quite working from the 1st 4 that I had purchased. When wife and I returned from our 2300 mile road trip in our kit car we had only one speaker that still worked. The 6 speakers that I have left over that don’t work will find there way to city dump most likely. Please be buyer beware I DO NOT recommend that you buy these look somemore PleaseRead more

  8. Ruxton50

    These speakers are much better than the ones I took out. They were the only ones I could find with the proper mounting depth for my RV outside speakers. They needed to be less than 2″ and these worked out well. Only problem is the small connectors and the thin wire they supplied. I cut them off and direct soldered them so they won’t vibrate loose. The description says they are white but the model number says they are black. Watch out for the B or the W at the end of the model. Mine came black which is what I wanted. Customer service didn’t know how they would come but did offer a quick return and refund if needed.Read more

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