0C19YZZ540G272 Bluetooth speaker, w-king 70w splendid punchy bass, speedy charging, bluetooth five. Zero, 15000mah battery energy bank, ipx6 waterproof, loud crystal clean audio, tws, mic for out of doors, celebration, camping, home

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  • notable bass radiator: w-king boombox speaker is dedicated to silly bass, clean mids and crips treble. High frequencies as much as 40khz sound affords a quite better readability. Our 70w bluetooth speaker functions a modern day 4 speaker gadget with double woofers, double tweeters, and tws (actual wi-fi stereo).
  • fast charging for 24/7 playtime: w-king speaker can provide as much as 45 hours of playtime from a unmarried fee. The 15,000mah battery built in the wi-fi speaker can double as a powerbank and fee your pill or phone. Charging your speaker in three. Five hrs with the included kind-c cable. Playtime relies upon on extent. 45 hrs for mini extent.
  • ipx6 water-resistant: embark for your out of doors adventures with your favored track blasting in your portable waterproof bluetooth speaker. Sturdy abs plastic and translucent tender rubber are integrated in the state-of-the-art design. Do now not put immediately it in water.
  • bluetooth 5. Zero: w-king x10 speaker adopts bluetooth five. Zero chip, that could offer notable one hundred toes wi-fi variety, quicker bluetooth connection and greater stable signal transmission.
  • more than one features: the w-king wireless speaker bluetooth has two eq modes. Indoor mode promises boosted bass while the out of doors mode enables crisp sound. X10 capabilities a 3. 5mm aux port, a tf card slot and a mic for hands-loose calls.

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  • how does the bass sound?
  • how does the bass sound?

  • while charging, does this speaker suggests lights consequences? I need to verify before i order.
  • whilst charging, does this speaker shows lighting effects? I need to verify before i order.

  • do you recognize how many decibels this speaker puts out?
  • do you realize how many decibels this speaker puts out?

  • is that this speaker focus at the upper bass just like the others w-kings? Or the low bass and how low can it cross?
  • is this speaker attention on the top bass like the others w-kings? Or the low bass and the way low can it move?

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    3 reviews for 0C19YZZ540G272 Bluetooth speaker, w-king 70w splendid punchy bass, speedy charging, bluetooth five. Zero, 15000mah battery energy bank, ipx6 waterproof, loud crystal clean audio, tws, mic for out of doors, celebration, camping, home

    1. Carlos E.

      Design:I got my speaker today May 1, 2021. First impression was nice design different than others wking speakers with led lights on top and ports and comes with detachable strap.Sound:This wking X10 comes with 2 sound modes indoor (bass heavy) and Outdoor (poor Bass and not even Louder than the indoor Just a bit more emphasis on the highs). Why would you have outdoor mode when all it does takes away bass making it sound thin (my personal opinion). I own 2 Wking D8’s which I took one D8 and tested side by side with X10. First test was indoor Mode the X10 was about 15 to 20 percent louder and kept upperbass and low bass at Max vol. better than D8, X10 Volume with mínimal distorsión but vocal were behind on X10 maybe for emphasis on bass.Outdoor Mode:The X10 in outdoor Mode was awful all it does is disable that good bass and no volume improvement Just a bit better on the highs. So whats is the point of having two sound modes? The D8 in outdoor Mode was as loud as the X10 but more distorted on D8 but with that good bass and emphesis in highs.. which for me the X10 is great dissapointment.So Wking, why not have the same outdoor Mode like the Wking D8 keeping the bass? I hope a software update will be available soon.. for People that like bass on outdoor Mode on the X10.Also… I díd some test with songs with low frecuency bass. The X10 is handles it very good compare to the D8.Did another test with eq and tested the low frecuency on the X10 and its was very good but you probably wont notice it too much without eq because the upper bass is also there.Wking you need an app with EQ for your speakers.Here is an update 5/9/21 …. after having contacted WKING requesting an improvement in the bass of the outdoor mode which they gave me in a matter of days (firmware update), I was able to install it and test the outdoor mode and yes …. there was an improvement of the bass. The sound is focused on the highs but now with more pronounced bass.Well now I will give you 5 stars for your good customer service, willing to listen and please your customers … and one more thing … thanks WKing for not taking away ports like 3.5mm aux and making this speaker versatile.👍Read more

    2. KM011

      As I’ve mentioned in my review for the Soundcore Motion Boom, for whatever reason I freaking love bluetooth speakers, and have owned (and currently own) dozens of them! I bought this speaker before it even came out, as I had high hopes for it, and while I am very impressed with certain aspects of it, it let me down slightly.My main gripe with the X10 is the lack of lower bass, and bass in general when listening at low to mid volumes. The Motion Boom has significantly better bass when listening in the 40-75% volume range. Once you get to full volume, the X10 and Motion Boom have similar bass levels.The overall volume of the X10 is very impressive! It is downright painful when listening at full volume when indoors. I didn’t notice any distortion at all on any of the songs I listened either. If volume is your thing, you are not going to be disappointed with this speaker, guaranteed! It’s noticeably louder than the Motion Boom/Motion+ and probably most portable speakers on the market that aren’t gigantic (ex. Aiwa Exos 9, JBL 100, you get the point lol)The “outdoor” mode is a complete waste of time! All it does it completely remove the bass and makes the speaker sound VERY tinny. W-King needs an updated firmware to address this issue, not doubt about it.If W-King could make an App with custom EQ for their speakers like the one soundcore has for their products, then this speaker could be a game changer! I know it has way more potential than either of the modes are giving it. The passive radiators don’t even really budge unless you above 50% volume, and that’s when listening to bass heavy music.If you want a super loud speaker that is built well and has amazing battery life and is also waterproof, then this is for you! If W-King can either update the firmware for this speaker to show it’s full potential, I will give it 5 stars all day long, but at its current state it’s only 4/5.Read more

    3. Ori

      This speaker sounds great. I’m shocked by the amount of volume this little thing puts out. It’s very loud with very decent bass, for its size. It easily connects to Bluetooth (and stays connected) every time, with no issue. The strap and its clips look nice and seem to be good quality. I also have the D9. Their volume is about the same (the D9 may be a tiny bit louder), but the X10 has a nicer, richer sound, which I prefer. I’ve tested it it with various styles of music, from acoustic to electronic, and they all sound good coming out of this thing. I even plugged it into my TV as a little sound bar and it sounded great. It really brought the movie alive. This speaker is so versatile. I have different speakers for different purposes, and I bought this one for one very specific use, but I find myself reaching for this one over and over.If I had to find something to complain about, I would like the option to disable some of the speaker’s features. For example, when you long press the Volume buttons (a very popular way to adjust volume, in my experience), it skips to the next or previous track. I could also do without the loud chimes on powering on/off and connecting/disconnecting. I’m also not crazy about the lights on the buttons staying on all the time. I don’t think that these are inherently bad features, just ones that I personally could do without.Overall, I’m very happy with this speaker. I’m sure it will see plenty of mileage this summer.Read more

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