0C19YZAH4SU650 Sony srs-ra3000 360 truth audio top class wi-fi speaker with wireless, bluetooth, wireless streaming, chromecast built-in, works with google assistant, silver

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  • 360 fact audio: revel in 360 fact audio sound creates a feeling of immersion that makes it feel like you’re at a live performance or inside the recording studio with the artist.
  • ambient room filling sound: fill your entire room with sound. Sound is diffused both horizontally and vertically to create the proper ecosystem anywhere in your private home.
  • immersive audio enhancement & sound calibration: utilising sony’s unique set of rules, conventional stereo tracks are processed to deliver ambient room filling sound, even as sound calibration software program alter the audio system settings to be perfect for the room it is located in.
  • omni-directional sound and deep bass: beam tweeters spread sound vertically, omni diffuser spreads sound horizontally for wall-to-wall audio, and twin passive radiators supply deep bass.
  • bluetooth: pair your speaker the use of bluetooth generation and start seamlessly streaming your song series. You may also pair wirelessly on your television via bluetooth with like minded tv models.
  • wireless enabled with chromecast integrated & spotify join: use a wi-fi connection to get entry to your favored net track streaming offerings through your speaker and manage the playlist from your smartphone.
  • voice manipulate: the srs-ra3000 works with alexa and google assistant, giving you the ability to govern the speaker with your voice the use of like minded alexa or google domestic products.
  • alter quantity automatically: the srs-ra3000 analyzes every music and mechanically adjusts the quantity degree so your tune consistently performs at the equal degree.
  • humidity resistant: the srs-ra3000 is humidity resistant, so that you can use it in probably humid environments along with the kitchen or maybe the toilet.
  • like minded with sony track middle: download track middle app for your phone and revel in wi-fi control of your track. In addition to choosing playlists or cueing the subsequent song, you can also alter settings like eq.

Black, Light Gray

4 reviews for 0C19YZAH4SU650 Sony srs-ra3000 360 truth audio top class wi-fi speaker with wireless, bluetooth, wireless streaming, chromecast built-in, works with google assistant, silver

  1. Yuri

    I just received my new SRS RA3000 and they’re amazing! I almost got the Apple homepods but saw that it did not work well with PC.The song speakers look so good and sound really good. They also have different ways of connecting to my PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android. It has Bluetooth, wired, airplay, and wifi play. So I can literally switch between my devices so easily by just tapping the modes on top.Also the sound quality is amazing. Especially the bass and the vocals. I really am happy with this purchase. I know they ran out soon, so I hope they can restock again.Read more

  2. Peter Erickson

    I’m replacing a $50 speaker with this one. Of course it sounds better. Just not 6 times better.Casting audio through Amazon music helps round out the sound nicely.Read more

  3. I Teach Typing

    This smart speaker is clearly Sony’s offering to compete with the emerging medium-high end category of devices, competing with the likes of the Google Home Max (at the same price point of $300), the Sonos One (at $239), and Amazon’s Echo Studio (at $200). Sony aims to capture the best of all of these products by offering the ability to work as not only a “traditional” wired speaker or as a large, wired bluetooth speaker, but also as a Google and Alexa enabled device. While it works well as any of the first three options, I simply could not get this smart speaker to function with Alexa, no matter what I tried.The unboxing experience for this speaker is pleasant; after opening the top of the box, it easily slides out of its packaging, requires only one power cable to be plugged in, and is ready to be used after a 30 second calibration song is played. I find the speaker to be quite attractive physically, with its copper-colored accents complimenting a dark wooden desk or shelf nicely. It is about the size of a new paper towel roll, and has various controls placed on top of the device, such as play/pause, power, and different toggles for whether you’d like to use the speaker as a smart speaker or not. Because the buttons are all touch sensors and do not give any tactile feedback, this could be a problem if you keep the speaker out of an arm’s reach unless one has memorized where each option is on top of the speaker. A quick start guide rather vaguely walks you through the steps to use the speaker in one of its four modes, with the user being given the choice of which mode to use.When used as a regular bluetooth speaker or with a wired connection to a phone (you have to supply your own wire), the speaker sounds good (but not excellent) for the price range. Like all Sony products, this speaker is calibrated to have an excellent, fulfilling mid soundstage, with good sound separation and solid acoustic balance for instruments that fit in the middle frequencies. Higher pitch sounds and vocals are solid as well, but not fantastic if one is used to a warmer sound, such as those found in Grado’s headphones or in some of Sennheiser’s offerings. I am a bit disappointed by the bass offered by this speaker, especially when listening to hip-hop or electronica music. While it is present, in my opinion there is a lack of substantial bottom register with this speaker, so those looking for a smart speaker that will rattle one’s desk should perhaps look elsewhere. The advertised “360 immersive sound” is, in my opinion, rather gimmicky, and I preferred to listen to this device without that feature, as I felt like it ruined any sound separation that the speaker otherwise has.When used with the Google Home app, the speaker works exactly as advertised. While you cannot speak directly to it using the “Ok Google” activation phrase that some might be accustomed to from other devices, this speaker was a breeze to set up in Google’s application, and can be easily controlled through one’s smartphone. Unfortunately, those looking to use this speaker with Alexa will be disappointed to know that its functionality is practically nonexistent, at least in my experience. I have used various Alexa enabled devices in the past, such as Amazon’s own Echo and Echo Dot, and despite this, I was simply unable to get the Alexa app on my iPhone 12 to communicate with this device. I followed the included paperwork exactly several times through, and read through Sony’s provided troubleshooting information online, but nothing I tried got the Alexa app to work with this device. This means that if one wants to use Alexa with this device, they have to pair it as a bluetooth speaker, and then talk to Alexa through their phone. Those looking for a seamless Alexa experience should keep looking.Overall, this is a decent offering from Sony for those looking for a solid Google-enabled device. If one is looking for just a solid bluetooth speaker without any “smart” features, there are better options, as those speakers’ manufacturers did not have to dedicate additional funds to implementing Alexa or Google into their products. I am incredibly disappointed that the Alexa functionality does not work as intended with this product, but it can still be recommended to those looking for a companion to their Google-enabled smart-home setup.Read more

  4. A. O.

    Compared to the new Bose Revolve II series which supports only bluetooth, this speaker supports both wifi and bluetooth. Able to use the Tidal music service and via chromecast (wifi), to play music. I am also able to connect this to amazon alexa as well. Easy to connect using wifi or BT.It consumes less power at 20W than SRS-RA5000 at 55W. Does not have SRS-RA5000 huge power adaptor!!! Surprised this does not come with built-in battery which will really make this speaker portable!Loves the omnidirectional 360 degree sound. The sound mode selection (immersive audio, RA 360 or standard music mode) and indicator is at the top of this speaker. This is a good position. The SRS-RA5000 sound indicator is at the bottom of that speaker which makes no sense to me.Just like SRS-RA5000, this supports Reality Audio 360 (RA360), a sony-proprietary feature. This feature does not work with BT and will require wifi. I subscribe to Tidal music service which is 1 of the 3 music services that offer RA360, Surprised that even with Tidal, not all their sound tracks support this RA360. It has a section on this with limited selection of songs supporting this. Seems this RA360 is not yet widely accepted. However, the speaker does offer the alternative of immersive audio.Surprised that this offers a deep base compared to SRS-RA5000.It has a sound calibration which is enabled when you first turn on the music. When immersive audio is enabled, the sound mode indicator will slowly blink to indicate calibration. In other words, auto sound calibration. Note that the SRS-RA5000 has a dedicated option to enable sound calibration.Competitive price point below $300, which is close to Bose Revolve+ II. This is a speaker worth consideration.Read more

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