0C19X4MS4QA313 Projector, goodee hd video projector native 1920x1080p, outdoor movie projector 7500l 300” touch keys domestic theater projector with 50000 hrs lamp lifestyles, guide hearth tv stick/ps4/hdmi/ios /android

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  • local 1920x1080p: 2021 cutting-edge version 1080p projector has an impressive native 1920x1080p decision which have an factor ratio of four:three/16:9 to deliver the highest high-quality projection pictures to you. Projection length ranges from 35″ to 300″ with distance between 4ft and 25ft.
  • home & outside overall performance: this domestic projector additionally has integrated powerful speaker creates theater revel in whilst looking video games and films, browsing pics or gambling video games to satisfy your audio-visible desires. Awesome performance even in out of doors place including backyard, celebration, garage, outdoor theater and tenting!
  • brightness revel in: the hd movie projector ready with the modern-day technology, that is eighty% brighter than vintage same projectors. In the meantime it reduces fan noise to a low stage so one can come up with a more immersive, excellent video-audio feast.
  • multiple interfaces & multimedia packages: goodee video projector has interfaces: hdmi x 2, usb x 2, av, tf, vga and headphone and well matched with television box, smartphones (hdmi converter isn’t blanketed), pcs, laptops, drugs, dvd/vcd gamers, sd card, usb flash pressure, sport station, xbox, media gamers(tune, photos, video, txt), and so on.
  • 5-year provider guarantee: goodee gives 2 months free go back for full refund or alternative for projector and 5-12 months assurance for all-covered maintenance. Lifetime expert customer service & technical aid gives 7/24 complete service.

product description

  • goodee bl98 hd projector, with up to big projection screen, 1920x1080p native resolution, more suitable 5000:1 evaluation ratio and better brightness and sharpness, it genuinely affords the vivid video photographs and offers you an audio-visual ceremonial dinner.
  • making use of an progressive cooling system, the outside projector has a lower noise and could provide you with an authentically-reproduced audio enjoy and never be bothered by noise.
  • our clever video projector which the glass lens has top light transmission, and the extra high-definition glass lens will display you a clearer photo pleasant, and restore the color more brighter. The lamp existence has been extended as much as 50000 extra hours.
  • goodee bl98 1080p projector more brighter, more clearer, greater longer, provide great photograph overall performance and coloration accuracy for the satisfactory viewing revel in than other 1080p projector.
  • bl98 movie projector integrated twin hifi stereo speakers will provide you with a more immersive enjoy whether looking a film or gambling games. If you need to enjoy a far higher sound effect, you may observe an external speaker to meet your wishes.
  • bl98 out of doors projector develops multiple installation strategies, status the projector also mount it with m4 screw for your preference.
  • heat guidelines:

  • for iphone/ipad: a lightning to hdmi adapter cable or a hdmi wifi display adapter is needed.(no longer blanketed in package)
  • for android tool: please prepare a micro usb/type c to hdmi adapter.(not blanketed in bundle)
  • for mac e book air: please prepare a further mini show port to hdmi adapter (not covered in package).
  • for mac ebook pro: please prepare an additional usb – c cable (no longer blanketed in bundle).
  • to guard your eyes and the projector lamp life, we endorse you to forestall use it after 3-4 hours continuously use every time.
  • we suggest to play this hd projector in ventilated area.
  • smooth the dust internet with easy water in regular time and do not placed other debris next to the projector.
  • this projector aid play mp3/wma/m4a/aac/wav, not help dolby.
  • we recommend to apply in darkish surroundings for the high-quality performance.
  • please open the port which above the strength cord port to update the fuse if do not switch on the projector.
  • smooth setup for the pleasant viewing impact:

  • step 1: vicinity this bl98 1080p projector on a horizontal floor first.
  • step 2: correct the keystone button to a rectangle.
  • step 3: rotate the point of interest button to benefit the high-quality clarity.
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    8 reviews for 0C19X4MS4QA313 Projector, goodee hd video projector native 1920x1080p, outdoor movie projector 7500l 300” touch keys domestic theater projector with 50000 hrs lamp lifestyles, guide hearth tv stick/ps4/hdmi/ios /android

    1. Jake

      Wasn’t sure how I would like this projector. I put it in my garage and with the screen at 100” it looks great even with the garage door half open. Definitely worth the money.Here’s a tip though.Buy a Bluetooth transmitter/receiver module on Amazon. It’s like 10 bucks. Then you can connect your speakers. (Unfortunately this projector does not have any Bluetooth or cast abilities. But that module and a firestick fixes that)Read more

    2. D. Davis

      I bought this along with a 14′ inflatable screen for backyard viewings. I use HDMI input which I stretch out into the lawn, and a stereo jack to output to a portable speaker. Really fun for the kids and a really product for the price. Pay special attention to the projectors out there advertised as “1080p capable”. What many of those mean is that the projector will happily accept a 1080p input, and then downconvert it to a much lower display resolution. This projector has 1080p output and the higher definition shows. Really pleased.Read more

    3. RPSILVA

      Great product.My family and I are thrilled at the quality at such an affordable price. We’ve purchased others at similar price points and have been disappointed with the quality of the picture and brightness.This projector did not disappoint at all – the picture quality is great at 10 feet from the wall we are projecting on. Subtitles on the screen are nice and sharp as well. The internal speaker has a good sound, but if you choose to use external speakers, it is very easy to connect them. The included remote control works well.The set up is easy, we are using it to watch movies/tv outdoors and connected our fire stick to it, connected our external speakers and we were up and ready to watch in less than 20 minutes and most of that was really just find the exact distance we wanted the projector to be so we’d have the size screen we wanted.Would (and already have) recommended it. Overall super pleased.Read more

    4. William G Smith

      This Is the best of the $200 – club… I had a vankyo and it had dark clouds in the picture.. Sent it back.. I got the Goody 720p..and it’s so clear.. I decided I will use that outside this summer and this bad boy is in my bedroom sounds great.. Looks great!! You won’t be sorry!. Showed on plain wall!!.. I’m happier than flies finding a fresh cow pattie!! 😂. Oh by the way.. some review review picture look kinda washed.. Set in menu.. Scroll down to ASPECT RATIO… Set to PANORAMA!!… Enjoy!!Up date.. Still loving it!!Run and get this!!Read more

    5. Sphinx9000

      Many years ago, if you wanted to purchase a projector of this quality and features, you’d have to spend at least $800 to $1000. Thanks to the innovation in the past few years, I was able to purchase this for less than $200, which makes this an awesome purchase. I’ve cast HD videos and movies with this and the picture quality and brightness are great for a small room. This model is not as bright as its bigger cousin and the more expensive YG model. I’ve been using this for a week and haven’t encountered any problems with this. There is a considerable amount of fan noise from this, which is expected due to its size and the amount of heat the bulb produces, the fan sound is not noticeable when playing audio at a decent volume. The remote is convenient, but it could be a little more intuitive and smart. I am not complaining because of the affordable price.Read more

    6. Spencer

      This is my third projector to both review and return in the past 2 weeks. I only care about 2 things: connect an iPad via lightning-hdmi and connect a Bose speaker vid 3.5mm jack. Aka child proof / friendly and dad doesn’t have to troubleshoot on Friday kiddo movie night. This one worked out of the box, but after 10-15 minutes things started to break down. Lines on the screen. Frozen stream over & over again after a few minutes of hope. I’m not looking for the best picture or the best sound. I just want my kids to be able to simply project a movie. This thing doesn’t do that. And I’m SICK of reading all these fake reviews.Read more

    7. Chae

      Frankly, I didn’t expect that much out of this. I have a good Banq 1080p projector but I didn’t want to lug it to RV camping. I was looking for a decent PICO projector less than $100 but this happened to have a $50 discount for $150 total so I jumped on it.All in all, it’s great! It’s not as good as my Banq but that was almost a grand when I bought it. Of course it’s not going to be as good as LCD TVs, from the high-end 4K to a cheap-o knockoff. It’s simply the limitation of projector system, hampered further by its price point.But for the money, and unburdened by videophile expectations, this is a great little projector. I put it on my deck at last night and it performed very well. If I sat there looking to find faults, I’m sure I could have found several, but just sitting there in the cool night air, just enjoying the breeze and some time off, it performed admirably.And for its intended use, I’m sure it’ll do just as well. And if something were to happen to it, maybe a sudden downpour or just accumulation of dirt and smoke in the campground, then ah well, it’s $150 and it would have very well until its demise. I’m happy I got it.Read more

    8. Lowan Bowman

      Bought this projector for my bedroom to make my little home cinema.It is what i expected.Read more

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