0C19TTIT5UK157 Bluetooth speakerphone – m2 max professional conference speaker and directional mics for up to 15 humans enterprise convention calls excessive volume noise discount daisy chain dongle home workplace skype

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  • 4 professional audio level microphones: emeet m2 max helps meetings with 1-15 attendees. It comes with four Ø10 directional microphones, whose sampling fee could attain 48khz, that is often used in movies, dvd and expert audios, meeting users’ hd voice requests. Extent modifications and voice will be recorded extra finely, leading to a brand new degree of voice pickup. M2 max convention room omnidirectional microphone provides customers beautiful voice transmission to the utmost quantity.
  • daisy chain & loud speaker for wider the usage of scope: daisy chain two pc speakers with microphone to reap a wider scope of voice pickup and transmission by using a special daisy chain cable. After daisy chain and with the help of an 83db & 5w speaker, you may without difficulty allow up to 20 attendees or so in a assembly room to listen louder voices, bringing humans high-quality aural revel in. This speakerphone for convention calls is without a doubt a amazing desire for workplace workers and elites in conferences.
  • voiceia & rubber insulator for noise cancellation: except the precise voiceia noise reduction era on 4 mics, which can put off not unusual office noise, inclusive of mouse clicking, typing noise, paper noise and and many others., this usb speakerphone has rubber vibration insulator to cut down vibrations. Each the speaker and the microphones have 3 levels of inner isolation to avoid noises such as collision sound, stopping any remaining vibration transmissions and decorate voice pleasant.
  • 2 bluetooth devices at once & personalization: this bluetooth speakerphone could support customers to attach 2 bluetooth phones at once or 1 bluetooth laptop/cellular smartphone and 1 dongle with m2 max. With out being uninterested in switching, you can prevent time and permit all attendees to revel in immersive conferences. Meanwhile, emeet hyperlink offers users better personalization in renaming bt, placing standby time so that it wouldn’t flip off, update product firmware&software program, turning on/off the doa light and and so on.
  • multiple connection strategies & high compatibility: usb, bluetooth, aux, dongle connection are all your picks. While related through usb, bluetooth conference speaker can be grew to become on mechanically, providing customers higher using experience. It’s also well suited with various systems, together with zoom, skype for business, webex, goto meeting, google hangout, facetime and and so forth. No matter win7/eight/10 or mac os can be easily linked with this convention speaker and microphone.

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product description

are you seeking out the maximum expert usb speakerphone in the market?

take a look at this usb convention name speaker and microphone and you’ll not ought to see others!

emeet m2 max supports meetings with 1-15 attendees. It not only helps the simple bluetooth / usb / dongle / cascade / aux more than one connection techniques, however additionally supports connecting with any other m2 max to daisy chain for wider using scope.

this bluetooth convention speaker comes with four Ø10 directional microphones, whose sampling price could attain 48khz/16bit(emeet m2: 16khz/16bit), which means that volume changes and voice fluctuations could be recorded greater finely, so that whether it’s far a subtle or robust dynamic voice, it is able to be transmitted extra vividly, main to a professional level of voice pickup.

except those, m2 max could cascade with each other m2 max with an emeet daisy chain cable, which could in addition amplify voice pickup scope and permit a professional business meeting to be well held amongst more human beings.

we do hardware updates as compared to the preceding m2, such as professional mics introduced, a whole lot louder speaker, earphone output introduced and and many others.

with better additives and higher overall performance, this laptop audio system with microphone won’t allow you to down on your the usage of time.

revel in it slow with the professional speakerphone!

Product Dimensions

7.4, x, 7.4, x, 1.77, inches

Item Weight

1.36, pounds



Item model number

M2, Max


1, Lithium, ion, batteries, required.

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4.6, out, of, 5, stars, 37, ratings, 4.6, out, of, 5, stars

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March, 9, 2021


Shenzhen, eMeet, technology, Co., Ltd.

4 reviews for 0C19TTIT5UK157 Bluetooth speakerphone – m2 max professional conference speaker and directional mics for up to 15 humans enterprise convention calls excessive volume noise discount daisy chain dongle home workplace skype

  1. Santosh Gaikwad

    I already had a older version of mini conference emeet device. I purchased this product since I wanted for my small conference room. This is an amazing product.Package arrived on time, the packaging quality is superb. The device comes with it’s long USB cable, USB Dongle to connect to computer and a manual. The device is very easy to pair and use it. The setup was done in under 5 minutes and I was able to use the device instantly.The manual is easy to understand, although I hope the fonts on the manual were a little bigger.I was able to connect the eMeet conference device with my Phone. The sound quality is amazing even with about 10 feet distance, so now while working from home I can keep the device on my work table and roam around in the room while still talking on the call.Read more

  2. Keith

    The shipping box from Amazon was heavier than expected with this one item in it. Unboxing the speaker phone let me know why. This is much beefier than my other speaker phone as this one is built like a tank, making it feel very durable.First let me correct a misunderstanding of what other reviews may imply. When using AI recording, some say there is no indicator that the AI is on- BUT, there is a round light surrounding the functions on the phone and when AI is ON, that light is GREEN when speaking, and when AI is OFF, that light is BLUE. That is how you can tell if AI is on or off. I can confirm that with AI on, the loudness of keyboard activity is reduced, as I tested it with my keyboard being only 12 inches from the device (and I was pressing the keys hard to make noise).The environment I am testing this on is a Windows 10 PC.I was surprised that upon connecting the device to my PC via the BRAIDED cable (USB C on the speaker phone side, for easy plugging in, and type A into my computer), it connected so quickly I couldn’t believe it. Under 2 seconds for sure, maybe only 1. There was no configuration required; it became my default speaker and recorder automatically.What I like the best about this speaker phone is how loud it is. I compared this with 3 other speakers active on my PC: the speakers in my monitor, another speaker phone, and now this M2 MAX. I set all of them at 25% to play the same song. The monitor speakers were way to soft and tinny sounding (not fun to listen to for music), as one would expect. My other speaker phone sounded great (an eMeet Luna), but when this MAX came on, it blew the others out of the water; quite loud. I turned it down to 10% from 25% and it was still a little louder than the other speaker phone! And both speaker phones were absolutely clear without any distortion. I raised the MAX to 100%, and still no distortion (but I had to turn it down as it was too loud ).For playing music, both this MAX and the Luna were pleasant and COMFORTABLE to listen to; not so for my monitor speakers. For quality sound, eMeet speakers are very good indeed; voice is clear and sharp, easy to understand; not garbled or muffled at all.If you are a business, the M2 MAX is the go-to speaker phone for its superior volume alone. No sense making meeting attendees struggle to hear what is coming out of the device, or ask the person on the speaker to repeat themselves.As a note, when I changed the volume using the keys on my keyboard, the light on the MAX goes up and down to reflect the changes – neat; shows the connectivity.Then I tested the recording function by walking around my room and having the PC record what I was saying. Upon playing back my recording, the MAX did a good job, as it easily picked up my voice from 15 to 16 feet away, even with my back turned and I had a hoodie on my head, it picked up my voice well from that distance (of course, the mics pick up your voice louder if you are closer, but still decent from 15 feet – I did an actual measurement).To sum up, this is a quality speaker phone that I like.Read more

  3. Yong L.

    Intrigued on the AI feature and decided to give it a try. Wow! When it arrived, I was surprised how big it is! Upon setting it up, it’s well worth it. Solid packaging too, makes it feel like it’s worth $$ 🙂 Folks having calls with me say I sounded clearer over meetings and they can’t hear me typing or any PC fan noise. So far so good and it seems clearer at my end too! Play some youtube music with it too, it’s OK, but a little too much treble for my liking.This thing is huge and loud. I have been using Jabra 750 and 710 all along, I only need to set the volume to less than 40% on this one to get the meetings going! Buttons are well designed. It shows you color to indicate which of the 4 mics are picking the conversations. I just left the AI on all the time. Note that there’s no light to indicate if the AI is on or off though, you can turn it on and off when you are NOT on a call.Also managed to connect this to both my work and personal PC too. It comes with extra dongle too if you want a 3rd connection! I have it plugged in all the time, so cannot comment on the battery life, but it should work just fine I guess! It also came with a super LONG USB cable, I guess it’s for mobility. I didn’t need that, so change to a shorter one that I have.Overall impression is very impressive and I can see how it can facilitate calls with 10 people around the table. For its size and specs, it will do that!Read more

  4. GG

    I stepped up my current eMeet to the M2 Max Professional. With my current situation that has me working from home, I needed a speakerphone. Using a headset became a pain. This device lets you use your smartphone as a standard office speakerphone. I wanted to get with for all of the new features, especially the background noise cancellation. It was plug and go. And it is great! A huge upgrade of my old eMeet. My calls are clearer. I can here people w/ static, and I am told they cannot even tell I am using a speakerphone. This is even great to stream music on. It is very loud and is solid. The buttons are well placed and shows you color to know which microphone is being used. It comes with a USB cable, so I just plug that into my laptop, and it’s good to go. I am impressed with this speaker, esp. with the 20% off! I highly recommend if you work from home and want to ditch the headset. Great product! And great upgrade!Read more

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