0C19QLG8EG5805 Eshldty eight-shops outside electricity strip weatherproof, mountable surge protector with 6ft extension wire ipx6 water resistant 1875w overload protection outlet for patio,storage,domestic office(6ft, black)

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  • electricity the whole lot: ready with eight extensively spaced ac shops to electricity all of your household gadgets. Wall mount multi outlet plug help indoor and outdoor mild,television, cinema,digicam on your patio,storage,rv,tenting,courtyards
  • ipx6 water resistant tech: water-resistant score some distance exceeds ipx4 of other brands. No extra demanding about rain or any water splash. Eshldty outdoor surge protector can effectively prevent all types of short-circuit, electric powered shock caused by incoming water. Patented with the aid of uspto and wipo.
  • electric shockproof: adopts eshldty’s distinctive patented generation-electricity automobileⅠ. Foreign gadgets (finger/steel toy and so on) can not fit and call the internal circuit in order that no electric powered shock takes place, which avoids the chance of electrical shock to children, the elderly.
  • all-spherical protection: further to presenting water resistant and shockproof, this strength strip includes a range of other safety capabilities including 1875w 15a overload protection, grounded safety, surge safety and a hearth-resistant exterior. Sixteen awg 6ft heavy obligation lengthy strength extension cord is strong and sturdy.
  • five-year assurance: fcc and etl listed best product with ul licensed cable. Five-12 months worryfree assurance- if the product breaks beneath ordinary use, we can send a substitute free of rate.
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product description

are you involved about the following problems:

your toddler can also put his finger within the socket out of curiosity!

electrical appliances to your kitchen and bathroom may also reason quick circuits due to unintentional touch with water!

while you water your garden or wash your automobile, you are constantly concerned that the power strip will quick-circuit with water!

you may’t use extension cords and extra electrical home equipment whilst camping and journeying in rvs!

1. Ipx6 waterproof layout: eshldty outdoor surge protector will successfully prevent the incidence of short-circuit or electric surprise and other protection accidents because of water splash or mild rain.

2. Anti-electric powered shock: the eshldty electricity strip will best be energized while a popular electric plug is inserted. Placing other objects (along with tweezers, etc.) will no longer be energized, ensuring maximum protection and keep away from the threat of electrical shock in youngsters.

three. Safety is crucial! We designed and custom designed and overload protection transfer to safeguards your pricey computers, tv, and all different electronic gadgets from overload, short circuit, voltage fluctuations.

rated voltage: 125v

voltage compatibility: ninety~250v

most current: 15a

most energy: 1875w

surge score: 1500 joules

cable: 6ft/9. 2ft

colour: black/ white

fabric: laptop fireproof panels





8 reviews for 0C19QLG8EG5805 Eshldty eight-shops outside electricity strip weatherproof, mountable surge protector with 6ft extension wire ipx6 water resistant 1875w overload protection outlet for patio,storage,domestic office(6ft, black)

  1. D

    I use both the USB one on the exterior concrete wall of our home and this non-USB model was for our washing machine area. Basically my Mom likes to solve problems the easy way at times and had too many extension cords for extra outlets and she had made a mess and one day we were together and I asked her to plug something in and I actually had to help her (my Mom is not dumb btw, she is just more hands on fix it with what you got type) plug what I needed in because she (and myself for a moment) couldn’t figure out what was what or where an available outlet was. The washing machine outlet is only 2 originally and they are also in the back and hard to get to. We plug Christmas lights, heavy duty to light weight tools, electric lawn tools like string trimmers or even chainsaws, or just a phone to charge it because she may spend so much time outdoors.I ended up needing a waterproof power strip for our growing family of Wyze Cameras outdoors and so I also ended up buying one for her to clean up the mess of cords by the washing machine that slightly affected her, myself, and others at times when we needed a plug.I installed using a screw via the optional screw hole on the mounting hook hardware it comes with. Super trivial easy quick install. And I am writing this review sometime after we have already been using it now. It is outdoors so it does receive some rain, various liquid or water splatter, and frankly my Mom definitely loves to use our garden hose a little too much sometimes and on a daily basis so there was a concern about that initially but these turned out great. We have had no issues, zero, with the extra outlets or issues with the power strip getting either wet or soaked pretty much on a daily basis.It really is a well made durable item. It feels that way in your hands too when you open the box, ya know? I was actually surprised when I first opened it, it definitely feels superior than most similar items. I am a PC/electronics/gadget guy, I have seen many failed cables and outlets and electronics of all sorts simply just die in my day. So far this one looks like a good durable long term solution I won’t be worrying about for a long time thankfully. And remember, I bought both versions and they have both performed well despite rain and the garden hose.I like there is also extra space around the plugs for adapters and larger plugs that our tools sometimes have. My dad is an electrician so over the many many, many years he has replaced the heads of some of the larger utility items with a store bought one and they fit fine. If you don’t know what I mean, ever see those huge round/cylinder orange ugly plugs? Ya those. But anyways, all our adapters and things fit fine right next to each other.I really love to see my Mom happy and am often buying her things to make her life just a tiny bit easier and a few bucks to make her day a couple seconds easier is a small price to pay and was well worth it. My Mom is a giver and hard worker and everyone tells her she is that type all the time because it is obvious from the moment you meet her. She has been a great loving mother to me. I hope all of you reading this review have had similar experiences in your life. I do what I can to give back to her, and sometimes I guess that means buying her a weatherproof power strip……Read more

  2. ZMan13

    Purchased this for use in our screened-in porch. Usually, outdoor outlets are limited and this gives me the ability to connect more devices. I have a TV, cable box and speaker system along with device chargers. Switch is covered in rubber to keep out moisture and power strip seems very well made. Not sure I would leave this uncovered out in the rain, but it’s perfect for on patios, decks, carports or other damp locations. Even comes with a hanger to easily mount on the wall and keep off the ground.Read more

  3. Kindle Customer

    got this for the hoop house, waterproofing was a must. does its job just as it should. it’s not the heaviest power strip but doesn’t feel cheap. looks good. feel like the price was pretty good. haven’t yet seen how the waterproofing holds up but will return and update the review if there are any problems with it. i wish there was a light near the switch for when it’s on but that’s not a dealbreaker. i recommend this product.Read more

  4. Steve

    Decided to edit to show how easy this is to hang. This is a great product, I already had the 6 outlet and needed the 8. Tons room for plugs and it’s super easy to hang if needed. I would suggest the product.Read more

  5. IlyaD.

    I have used many occasional power strips for my patio before this one. I have no idea how this strip came to my attention but I am very glad that it did! I purchased it instantly and as a prime member received in 1 day. I installed it and it is my permanent (I hope so) power strip now. I really needed the water-protected strip and this is it. The possibility to hang it on the structural pole is a big plus. Love it.Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    We bought this outdoor power strip to use for our outdoor TV by our pool. We love it and wish we would have know about this product years ago. I wish I had a before photo of what we had been using prior. That was a hot mess! Now everything is neat, tidy and safe for outdoors.Read more

  7. KKaren

    We needed a surge protector to use outdoors on our deck – so glad to find this one! It has 6 outlets so we can have our outdoor lights, bug zapper, pool pump and anything else we need to plug in! We mounted it on the post of our deck in a location next to our single outside outlet. Very satisfied with this item.Read more

  8. Dustin K Telford

    The ESHLDTY 8-Outlet Power Strip provides the safety features I was looking for in my fish room. With multiple aquariums, on racks running up to 1200 W of heaters, we needed to find a waterproof strip.What I took the risk on was buying from Amazon. I’m glad I did as this strip appears to be built to last from high-quality plastics and tight physical tolerances.Read more

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