0C19OXKY3SX277 Osd forza eight” inexperienced 70v industrial out of doors omni speaker weather resistant 60w 40w 20w taps bolstered cabinet

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  • [immersive outdoor audio] a long lasting and weatherproof omni-directional speaker with 8” polypropylene woofer and 1” mylar whizzer cone tweeter
  • [for commercial and home] includes built-in transformer with 8-ohm and 70v faucets for use in each business and residential structures
  • [for commercial and home] consists of built-in transformer with 8-ohm and 70v faucets for use in both business and residential systems
  • [radiates 360 degrees] omni directional design radiates sound flippantly in a 360° sample for wealthy audio whether or not you’re sitting down or walking around the outside
  • [blends into settings] bolstered hunter inexperienced resin fiber enclosure withstands inclement weather and blends effortlessly into outside settings

product description

osd audio’s forza-850t is a weatherproof omni speaker that can be used as a wellknown eight-ohm speaker and includes a built-in transformer with 70v taps (20w, 40w, 60w) for industrial environments so integrators can connect multiple audio system in series without sound chance of harming the amplifier or receiver. Offered as a single speaker, this in-ground speaker works well in a ramification of landscapes, from backyards to amusement parks, to deliver crisp highs, complete mid frequencies, and easy and strong bass notes. Rated at 2 hundred watts of power coping with, the forza-850t out of doors floor speaker is product of high-effect, resin fiber that stands as much as exceptional climates and the reinforced hunter green enclosure blends without difficulty into out of doors landscapes. The eight-inch polypropylene woofer gives authoritative bass sound whilst the 1” mylar whizzer cone radiates first-rate excessive frequencies. This omni outdoor speaker is designed with weatherproof additives which might be proof against rain, snow, bugs, and dust so it will closing for years. Upload an omni-directional subwoofer and revel in a complete-blown out of doors audio experience. 360° sound dispersion omni-directional speakers are nicely appropriate for open areas which have few difficult surfaces to reflect and disperse sound waves. These resilient outside audio system radiate sound lightly in a 360° sample so that you’ll hear rich and immersive audio whether you’re sitting down or taking walks across the backyard. The forza-850t is engineered with a cabinet and driver scheme that overcomes the sound of wind, traffic, and different ambient noises that may dilute the sound revel in. Preserve in thoughts, however, that most omni audio system are passive so you’ll need amplification for this speaker to perform. Consists of 70v taps the forza-850t is a versatile out of doors speaker in that it can be utilized in each domestic and commercial environments with the 70v faucets (8-ohm, 20w, 40w, 60w). Installation this outside speaker as a preferred 8-ohm speaker (bypassing the inner transformer) or connect more than one audio system in series without sound degradation or threat of harming the amplifier.


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8 reviews for 0C19OXKY3SX277 Osd forza eight” inexperienced 70v industrial out of doors omni speaker weather resistant 60w 40w 20w taps bolstered cabinet

  1. EM

    I have a new Sony 200w stereo receiver. Hooked this speaker to the receiver then my Kicker outdoor speakers to the sub as per the instructions. The built in crossover didn’t seem to do anything as the outdoor speakers sounded the same which is fine but this speaker had almost no bass and you could still hear voices from higher tones trying to be played from it. Very disappointed in it. Maybe it needs a dedicated subwoofer amp but I would think 200w is plenty and there is no mention of it needing one. Maybe I got a defective one? Make sure you test it and are happy with it before you run cables and bury it. Sure glad I did. I found an old RCA 60w 8″ powered sub and hooked it up with just speaker wire that was going to the satellite speakers and it blew this thing away. Again maybe mine was defective??Read more

  2. P. W.

    I have a small Brick patio 10’x15′ with 2 older decent 6.5 Rock speakers that sounded OK but severely lacked that Umph only a Sub can deliver.My music ranges form Rock, Jazz, Reggae New Country and EDM. I love music! As we spend almost every night out there by the fire pitit was time to improve my lacking system.Connected All wiring and placed Sub on the bricks in the corner of the patio which is enclosed by a vinyl fence. At first I was not impressed.. I expected way more bass due to the size of this unit. Now this might be due to my Amp or lack of larger gauge wire previously installed.BUT BUT BUT, what I did find was due to the fact that this Sub has a built in Xover my existing Rock speakers sound Awesome. I have a much fuller , Complete sound with bass I was lacking prior. Most of our listening is at a lower volume (background music). But when turned up my system sounds great! Not to much Bass, just enough to make the music sound complete. I could probably use a bigger amp in the future but for now My sanctuary rocks!Read more

  3. K. Outlaw II

    Matched with the right amp (200 watts of higher), and with the correct wiring of the speaker (its dual voice coil, so you can wite it to make it 4 ohms), it produces a rich punch on the low end, even being outdoors the punch is not loud, but deep and rich. The right amp makes the difference (the one recommended on the same subwoofer page is the one I got, but if you need more punch, get a higher powered amp)Read more

  4. D. Powell

    I really had no clue what this would sound like, I had never done an outdoor system, but it’s a winner, winner, nice bass, dinner. I have these on my Lanai with 2 – Polk Atrium 8s powered by an OSD Nero Stream amp and the system has a nice even, natural tone. Since I have no handles on the sub via the amp I had to trust it would handle the crossover and not be too obnoxious. I have 4 other surround sound systems in the house and this has it’s own unique personality, perfect for outdoors and not being too obnoxious with too much bass. It’s spot-on in my set-up, and I couldn’t be happier with this unique passive sub.Read more

  5. James J. Smith

    I wasn’t expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised with how much this adds to the speakers I had. I was able to install the SW in a corner of a concrete/rock wall. I paired these with some Kicker outdoor speakers and they really sound good together. I used 12GA speaker wire because of the long run from the amp.Read more

  6. Ashoke Talukdar

    I purchased this to set up audio outdoors on my patio. My amp is a Sony STR D500 5.1 receiver with a passive ported sub. I am using a set of Pyle weather proof mid-range satellite speakers. I chose this item as the subwoofer because it most closely matches the Sony passive sub which came with the receiver (but is not weatherproof). I am not using the speaker crossover pass-through feature – my Pyle units are all directly connected to the amp’s discrete channels.Some notes about the design. The driver cone actually faces UP. The top (the green disc that appears to be sitting on the black ring in the picture) houses the crossover circuitry. It consists of a base plate fastened to the black ring, and a green disc that twist-locks on to it. I thought this to be a somewhat odd location for the setup because it therefore sits directly in sound field of the woofer cone. However, because low frequency sound fields have no spatial or directional specificity, this is not technically a problem. It is however a problem if the housing on top is not structurally tight, which brings me to the first reason why I give this a 4 star.I installed it in my basement to test it. Right from the start there was a terrible rattle inside the top housing with bass notes. When I gently shook the unit, I could hear that something inside was loose. So I dismantled the top. It turns out that one of the two screws that fastens the crossover circuit board to the posts in the base had completely unscrewed and was rattling around inside. I re-installed the screw. I also installed some plumbing washers on ALL the screws throughout the housing (to reduce contact between metal and plastic). All the rattles and squeaks when the sub operates are now gone!!And that brings me to the second reason for the 4-star. The components in the unit are decent and the sound is very good generally. However, although identical in audio output characteristics to the much cheaper Sony passive sub, the bass coming out of this unit is not as crisp. It also “breaks” ever so slightly on tracks that have real strong bass lines. I am not an audio engineer by any stretch, but my guess is that this is because the unit is designed as a “sealed” unit, rather than the more conventional “ported” unit. But the “seal” in the hard plastic housing is not really that tight. The performance may improve when I properly “bury” the base of the unit in the ground this coming spring. I will update my review then.All in all, a good purchase, albeit a little pricey for a passive subwoofer. I also wish that OSD made a simpler non-crossover version of this. Also, a little better attention to QC would avoid these ownership frustrations.Happy listening.Read more

  7. Coldax

    I bought this because the size was perfect. My deck has openings cut out for planters, so I mounted one of these into the opening so the top 5-6 inches sticks up. I have plants around it so it is hidden. This isn’t a sub to shake the club, rather it very subtly fills in under my outdoor mains (TIC ASP-120B). The bass is just ‘there’ without hitting you over the head, which is what I wanted out on the deck. The sound is full and complements the mains perfectly. I run this on it’s own channel of a 4 channel amp. I’d give it 5 stars if it came in other colors, not crazy about this one. The price is fair for what you get, just don’t expect to boom out the walls.Read more

  8. Bob

    A pleasant surprise. I have two Yamaha outdoor speaker that sounded great, but adding the sub opened up the sound.Worth every penny.Read more

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