0C19OU6L6LH780 Muzen wild mini rugged out of doors speaker, bluetooth 5. 0 transportable speaker with integrated flashlight, crystal clear sound, wireless water-resistant audio system for tour, outdoors

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transportable for outside with exquisite sound

muzen become released by way of a set of sophisticated audio designers operating within the subject of audio technology for nearly forty years.

we intention to present song enthusiasts the maximum real sound with a nicely-designed audio speaker.

muzen upholds the humanistic feeling of temperature, advocates the cost — “being attentive to the difference”, and is committed to gracefully connecting the world with beautiful sounds, helping all and sundry listen to the amusing of existence.

muzen wild mini out of doors bluetooth speaker-yellow

ready to carry out no matter the occasion, adventure, or climate situation, the muzen wild mini bluetooth speaker packs the suitable punch of rugged, indestructible reliability with a remarkably ambitious sound for its size.

able to suit within the palm of your hand, this powerful bluetooth speaker produces loud and clear sound. For remaining portability, you can strap it directly to a backpack, cooler, belt loop, or tree branch, or maybe onto the handlebars of your bicycle.

  • adventure-equipped – take this outdoor speaker as an ideal companion to rock climbing, biking or hiking, and be prepared to take your experience up a notch.
  • designed for journey – designed to resist falls, whether or not onto a rock or into the dust, muzen wild mini is made for heavy-responsibility use.
  • effective sound: surround yourself with wealthy, nuanced sound.
  • absolutely waterproof – ipx5 safety with cloth-covered outside coping with anything from falls to dunks in water – be it clean, soapy, or salty.
  • 3 flashlight mode: robust light& vulnerable mild&sos
  • you is probably a fan of hiking, hiking, summer season pool events, lazy picnics, and afternoon barbecues. Or perhaps your idea of relaxation is paying attention to tune even as tending the lawn. The muzen wild mini bluetooth speaker is the ideal speaker for some of these sports. You could deliver the wild mini to a pageant, on a backpacking trip, or with you within the canoe. We are able to ship you a strap, you can attach it to almost whatever, permitting you to carry the sound with you wherever you roam.

    this portable bluetooth speaker is designed for the outdoors-y kind. Whether or not you spend your leisure time at the park, on the pool, on your garden, or to your outside manning the grill, that is the speaker for you! Extraordinarily transportable, this rugged speaker is the consummate travel associate for all of your out of doors excursions.

    flashlight on/off: long press the power switch.

    flashlight mode(robust mild-vulnerable mild-sos) transfer: short press the electricity switch

    we know injuries happen every now and then. Do not permit that inevitability prevent the track and ruin your speaker. If you plan on being near water, play it secure with a speaker designed to live on just about something. Drop this bluetooth speaker within the pool or convey it to the desolate tract without fear, in view that this design is constructed to withstand huge portions of water alike.


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    4 reviews for 0C19OU6L6LH780 Muzen wild mini rugged out of doors speaker, bluetooth 5. 0 transportable speaker with integrated flashlight, crystal clear sound, wireless water-resistant audio system for tour, outdoors

    1. James

      I received my Muzen Wild Mini on January 17th. The packaging that it arrived in was a wonderful surprise. It has its own “BORN TO BE WILD” protective carrying bag.Inside the carrying bag is a military green hard carrying case which is the second surprise. The plastic case is much like the case that high-end firearms are shipped in. It is a tough, military-grade storage case that holds the Wild Mini unit as well as the included accessories including a USB charging cord, Product Manual, and a MUZEN club invitation card.The biggest surprise is when you open the quality carrying case. You are treated to the surprisingly small, Wild Mini. My unit weighs 8.8 ounces and measures 2 1/8” wide, 3.0” high, and 1 3/8” deep.When I picked up the Wild Mini in my hand I was immediately impressed by the ruggedness, heavy construction, and the highly detailed, thoughtful design.I got the feeling that I was holding a piece of military-grade, special forces, equipment designed by the Pentagon for the most rugged conditions that a user would ever encounter.I spent over 20 years as a professional audio sound reinforcement professional. I have never been a fan of small, Bluetooth speakers due to the poor sound and unclear, muffled frequency range.The audio quality from the Wild Mini is not just amazing, it is literally unbelievable, that such incredible sound reproduction capability can be produced by such a small speaker system. I paired the Wild Mini to my Lenovo Carbon notebook computer using the simple pairing process and I can say that I will never be without the Wild Mini when traveling or using my notebook. I was using this setup having breakfast at a local French bakery and I had several people come by and ask if all that incredible sound was really coming from the little speaker. I purchased it for the portability and top-level sound quality, and the built-in flashlight is an added bonus. If you are in the market for a Bluetooth speaker, this one is highly recommended. It is the best of the best!Read more

    2. Wildlandbill

      This package was supposed to arrive in March, I got it in January. I’ve had it a couple days now. It was very well packaged and comes in a nice plastic case. Things I don’t like. The manual is printed using small text and in colors that make it hard to read, I think Muzen was trying to go with the military theme but it didn’t work for this manual. The knob for advancing songs is slippery, it should be knurled like the volume knob. The sound is great on most songs but when I played Sabotage by the Beastie Boys it was distorted at higher volumes. I would have put a large spring clip on the back . The controls are hard to read in anything but direct light. Things I like. It’s small, sounds good most of the time, it has a huge cool factor. This is not a piece of kit I would hike with but for the campsite it will be great. I may very well buy another one.Read more

    3. Kenneth A. Edelstein

      Unboxing – Two protective cardboard boxes enclose the snap open fitted, padded, protective case. You can be sure this will arrive with no shipping damage whatsoever. Under the cardboard surrounding the speaker is a stand USB to USB mini charging cable.Looks – It feels heavier than it looks, Muzen packed a lot of stuff in there. This Mini Portable stands up or lays on its back on rubber feet – a nice touch. It has an old world look, but there is a lot of current technology packed inside. The controls are very easy to operate with one hand.Ruggedness – I really liked the right-side charging port cover looks waterproof. Probably would survive a small fall without any damage. It feels very solid in my hand.Range & Connectivity – I have a 2 story 2400 square foot home. I was unable to get out of range, even in the garage. It goes thru multiple walls with ease. My testing shows a bit more than the 30+ foot claimed. Pairing is a snap. Just turn Bluetooth on the Wild Mini then enable Bluetooth on the receiving device. Some devices require that you select “scan” then the Wild Mini appears, click on it and the link is made.Battery Life – I let it run at “near me” volume for ten hours, was going strong, but it was bedtime. The charging port glows red while charging and turns blue when completed; I just let it charge overnight and am greeted with a nice blue glow at the port. I used the built in flashlight for about half an hour, handy little extra feature.Sound Quality – I saved the best for last – it’s simply amazing. Both for voices and music, it sounds like a MUCH bigger speaker – and it can get very LOUD with virtually no distortion – fantastic engineering.Final Opinion – I have 2 other similar devices; they cost less and perform to their price point. This is the device you should get if you insist on Build Quality, Functionality, and truly superb sound Quality.Read more

    4. DarenR

      Update: I made the mistake of comparing side by side the sound with the $25 Oontz Angle 3, which is over 1/4 the price of this unit. The Oontz sounds far and away better. The Muzen is smaller but either fits in a backpack with ease.After reading all the hype I bought one. The sound is good for a speaker this size, the whole thing fits easily in the palm of a hand. It’s better than the speaker in my Pixel phone, louder too.The controls are nice, I wish they were all metal like the volume control instead of plastic especially for the price.The instructions are tiny, I had to take a photo of the diagram and zoom on the phone to read them.Charges with microUSB (thankfully) – as untrendy as it might be to say that – I have dozens of wires for microUSB all over and since this doesn’t need a lot of power to charge there’s no point in needing USB C.Very satisfying volume click!Is it worth around $100 – probably not but it’s cute and sounds ok so am going to keep it.One quirk I’ve found with my Pixel 4a phone as the audio source – using this device when I turn on the equalizer to improve the tone curve the volume drops dramatically. This doesn’t happen with either headphones or other Bluetooth speakers I have. Not sure what’s happening there but it’s only usable with a Pixel when the eq is turned off.Read more

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