0C19NXT5AR2637 Altec lansing baby increase xl transportable bluetooth speaker, water resistant transportable speaker with deep bass and loud sound, a hundred feet bluetooth variety for journey, sports activities, domestic, parties outside… (blue)

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  • deep & rich bass audio: in case you’re seeking out a mini bluetooth speaker that’s compact but packs a massive punch then you definitely’ve observed it. Our bluetooth out of doors speaker is compact however delivers deep bass and crystal clean audio to boost your tune entertainment
  • don’t fear the water: whether it’s a picnic or a celebration with the aid of the poolside, you can assume our portable wireless audio system to hold the birthday celebration going! Our loud bluetooth speakers are water-proof, snowproof, and glide while dropped in water
  • for all out of doors trips: thanks to the compact length coupled with the lightweight and robust construct, our portable wireless bluetooth speaker is best for all your journeys, travels, and outdoor activities to bring you sound that satisfies and bass the booms
  • usb rechargeable battery: prepared with a built-in rechargeable battery, our small bluetooth speaker offers up to 6 hours of interrupted track! It could be recharged via any usb outlet including laptops, wall stores, power banks, and greater
  • just pair & play: we use bluetooth generation to maintain a strong connection up to one hundred ft with none distortions. You could pair this bluetooth speaker with nearly any cellphone, tablet, computer, laptop, and so on. It’s like minded with both android and ios gadgets

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8 reviews for 0C19NXT5AR2637 Altec lansing baby increase xl transportable bluetooth speaker, water resistant transportable speaker with deep bass and loud sound, a hundred feet bluetooth variety for journey, sports activities, domestic, parties outside… (blue)

  1. EEMF

    This mini Bluetooth speaker is mighty! Charge it up via USB. Then it’s easy to pair with a smartphone or laptop, and it plays loudly with super clarity! It will play for up to 6 continuous hours. It has a little carrying handle at the top, so my grandson can take it from one place to another. It’s also waterproof, so he can take it to the pool or beach.Read more

  2. SalBev

    I was disappointed that the unit did not have a connection port to an external source. This would have increased the play time of the speaker by hours vs using the Bluetooth connection. I have purchased other Altec portable speakers which have included this feature. It would be helpful if the advertisement would have mentioned this or should a picture of the connection points. The speaker is compact, light weight, and the sound is very good so if you don’t want the option of a wired connection to a source, I would highly recommend this speaker.Read more

  3. Eagle

    This is an amazing speaker at a really great price. One could easily spend the same for a set of computer speakers or mini sound bar, that doesn’t have nearly the sound quality. On top of superb sound quality, it is also has it’s own internal battery so it can be used completely wireless, and it is waterproof. It isn’t just splash proof, it is IPX-7 rated so it is completely submersible. This is a really practical speaker that I can use anywhere. My son is using it on his cluttered desk as a sound bar right now. The sound quality for games is really clear and the bass for his battles is nice and full sounding. I have had much larger and more expensive speakers that didn’t sound nearly as good. Great, portable speaker for general use at home, or on the go. Something I could easily toss in a beach or pool bag. For the person who complained that this doesn’t have an auxiliary jack, I can only assume it would decrease the IPX rating. It does of course have a covered port for USB charging, but every open, powered port is a place water could potentially get in. One of their speakers that isn’t meant to be submerged might have that option for them.Read more

  4. Deloris P.

    One of our nephews had a birthday recently and he had been wanting a Bluetooth speaker for some time now. I wanted to find something good quality, but was small. He shares a room with his brother and they only each have a small area for personal things.This little speaker is 6 x 3 x 2 inches. Does come with a lanyard, so it can be carried on a wrist, but it’s so small it fits in a pocket.It’s waterproof, snowproof, dirt proof, etc. It even floats in the water.It’s rechargeable…one charge gets about 5.5 to 6 hours of play.The Bluetooth can connect up to 100 feet.The sound is way better than I anticipated. It has volume, bass, and clarity.This was the right sized speaker for him and I’m glad my hubby found it.Read more

  5. Sara Davis

    This fits my needs perfectly, it’s the 2nd one I’ve purchased (while using one the other is charging). When I’m cleaning house or working outside I can leave my iPhone in the house & turn on a podcast/music, clip it to my waist & listen anywhere. I couldn’t find ear buds in my price range that were comfortable. I’m a little hard hearing & the speaker on my iPhone isn’t loud enough when watching videos, this really improves doing quality too. It is rugged & cute, one is pink & the other is aqua. The first one I bought in a store & the second on Amazon.Read more

  6. Paul V.

    I really wanted to love this little speaker… for the first 15-20 minutes it sounded great especially given its small size. Unfortunately that didn’t last long – in less than an hour at 1/2-2/3 volume the speaker was rattling and garbled – sounds like a blown speaker.I may not have high expectations for such a small and inexpensive speaker – but from Altec Lansing I expect better. I followed the instructions in the package… sent in an email to support and got an email bounce. Tried to call the number on the package and the wait time was forever, submitted a support request on the website and haven’t heard back.I’ll likely be sending this thing back for something else.Read more

  7. Ritchie Hernandez

    Works perfect for the bathroom and kitchen. That was exactly why it was purchased. Podcast and music sound clear and is reasonably loud. This is an excellent value for the money. I’ve trusted Altec Lansing since 2000 when they had the biege 3 pc speaker set for pc’s. Very durable products.Read more

  8. Jacob Walls

    This is my third one in 2 years I work construction and if I didn’t lose the first 2 I’m sure I’d still be using it! Absolutely love this productRead more

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