0C19ND3X9XW489 Voice amplifier huge capacity 45w 4000mah microphone headset amplifier mini microphone speaker clip on for instructors outdoorelderly school room meetings

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  • amplifys your voice and saves your throat. The sound is obvious, crisp, no noise and no distortion. The max forty five watts sound can cover about 25000 sq. Ft (2300 ㎡), loud enough to cover a large room.
  • compact length : (three. 5 x 1. Five x four inches) and mild weight (zero. 6 lb.). You can use the returned clip to restoration it on your belt or pocket. You may additionally use waistbelt to tie it around your waist or hold it on your neck.
  • lengthy battery autonomy : you can revel in the functionality of our multipurpose voice amplifier for lots hours as it’s far geared up with a powerful 4000mah rechargeable lithium battery. It is able to withstand up to twenty hours in use and it takes simplest 4-6 hours to completely charge, the use of a usb adapter and cable.
  • light weight electricity field : this transportable bluetooth amplifiers is a transportable public deal with machine. You may take it to multiple places consisting of classrooms, bingo calling and exterior. A large assist in talking to a thousand+ individuals in your organization
  • helps song playing : tf (micro sd) card playing & usb flash pressure gambling. You could repeat unmarried tune, loop all tune and transfer songs. Helping 3. 5mm aux audio enter (mic port may be used as aux port), easy to apply as a stressed speaker.
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K600, APRO

8 reviews for 0C19ND3X9XW489 Voice amplifier huge capacity 45w 4000mah microphone headset amplifier mini microphone speaker clip on for instructors outdoorelderly school room meetings

  1. Richard Kissick

    My girl asked for an amplified speaker with microphone to talk to her hearing impaired group. Clips perfectly to a belt around the waist, and has really nice volume, microphone is very understandable, even at the highest volume. , There is also no feedback at the level of the microphone, and I just love how she can connect her BT enabled android phone where it is nice that it can pipe music out of it too. So far, it has ran all day without charging where it charges fast, and stays charged too. No cons, works great, very happy with the purchase.Read more

  2. Carrie Rael

    Game changer! I am a kindergarten teacher teaching in person during Covid. I wear a mask when I teach and it is sometimes difficult for the kids to hear me. Some of our teaching is also done outside where it can be very noisy. Sometimes I have to shout to be heard. It is exhausting! This has made it soooo much easier for me to get the children’s attention. I can whisper and they can still hear me!! Highly recommend.Read more

  3. M. Adams

    I have been using this for 2 weeks in the classroom non stop. I love it. Students can hear me through my mask. It is comfortable. (I use the strap around my waist, not my neck.) It lasts through the school day. Many teachers have asked me if I like it and where to get it. We will see how well it lasts throughout the rest of the year.Read more

  4. Bacon Maldito

    Definitely effective: can’t really talk through a respirator, so this helps do the job. It is LOUD. Has a bit of a radio quality to the speaker itself, but no problem for me. Mic is VERY unidirectional (meaning it only picks up sound in one direction). Only problem is you have to place it far from the speaker: even through the respirator it will sometimes give loud feedback.Read more

  5. MlM

    I am very hard of hearing & forseveral reasons I cannot usehearing aid devices. So I boughtthis for my adult daughter. Likemany people she thinks that Ican hear simply through volume.This device works beautifully forcommunicating with me. But inmy case I still need to face theperson speaking in good light.If they turn their back or off tothe side or speak at night in thecar or in dim light at home thisinstrument is not useful. For other purposes like speaking toan audience this microphone gets a 5☆ rating. (Also if she turns the volume up load enoughfor me to hear–she gets the squeal of audio feedback).Read more

  6. Shesta K

    I am an educator and needed a way to amplify my voice when speaking with a group of students. After much research, I happened upon this voice amplifier. It is compact, comfortable, and was a great price. I was surprised at how much volume this little thing gadget gave. I now, don’t have to “yell” when I am teaching. I speak normally and that has saved my voice tremendously, as well as made my job easier.Read more

  7. Jennifer Watson

    Working in a senior living center during the pandemic we are all trying to figure out ways to keep people entertained. We started doing hallway BINGO and it has been a huge hit. This has been a great way to get people interacting while social distancing. The voice amplifier has been great for the ability to call numbers for the residents there. The sound is clear and amplifies well. The headset is comfortable. This was a great solution.Read more

  8. Melody Mason

    I like to use this voice amplifier at work. I work in a day care and this amplifier saves my voice. I usually talk very soft so it is very hard to get the kids’ attention. With the amplifier I can easily get kids’ attention. Will continue to use it at work.Read more

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