0C19N27ILWA324 Polk audio react sound bar, dolby & dts digital surround sound, subsequent gen alexa voice engine with calling and messaging integrated — a licensed for people device

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  • a low-profile soundbar with huge, certain domestic audio sound – 3-d digital surround sound, multiroom tune and a narrow low-profile layout that does not block your tv or remote’s sensor, the new polk react sound bar brings out the first-class out of your current television
  • super sound for sincerely any tv – presenting a 6-driving force array with (2) three. Eight” x 2. 7″ mid-variety drivers, (2) 1″ tweeters and (2) four. Three” x three. 9″ passive radiators, experience room-filling, immersive dolby & dts virtual surround sound without any additional speakers
  • large alexa integration – play the equal song across rooms, or special ones on every device, with complete voice-control compatibility. Control clever home devices. Use alexa calling and messaging to us, canada and mexico – all from your sound bar
  • clear & crisp dialogues – polk’s proprietary voice adjust generation adjusts the voice tiers from the sound bar, so that you hear each word, loud and clear. For sound optimized by using content-type, use the one-button presets for movie, tune and night mode
  • stream limitless tune – join your smartphone, tablet or different well suited devices for direct streaming or use popular streaming offerings like spotify, pandora, tunein, and extra to experience infinite hours of song and videos for your liking
  • versatile compatibility – features (1) hdmi arc output, (1) optical audio enter, and (1) usb-a to play music from numerous resources. The setup is simple and frustration-free so you can begin playing your track out of the container
  • construct a five. 1 channel sound machine with the total react family – for big, bold and impactful sound, add the non-obligatory sr2 wireless surround audio system and/or polk react wireless sub with this sound bar to create a well-rounded domestic setup – no extra wires wanted

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from the manufacturer

in collaboration with amazon, we’ve developed an alexa sound bar that offers no longer simplest the pleasant sound, however also the most comprehensive alexa integration. Paul belanger – technical class director

manipulate your television sound

use alexa to adjust the extent or trade sound modes

amazon multiroom music

pair the polk react with other alexa gadgets and experience tune in the course of the residence

alexa calling and messaging

attain friends and family within the us, canada, and mexico from your sound bar – at no cost.

usually gaining knowledge of

over-the-air software updates make certain that react learns new alexa services and sound bar capabilities

hear each phrase

regulate the vocal levels from the sound bar with polk alter generation for clear, clean-to-apprehend communicate

first rate sound for definitely any tv

massive, distinctive domestic theater audio and virtual surround sound advanced by using polk’s mythical speaker designers

low profile, wall-mountable design

a narrow, low profile layout that won’t block your television or your television’s faraway sensor. Supplying bendy placement options, react can without problems be wall established with the protected wall-mounting template

movie, track and night mode

one-button, preset sound modes for films and tune optimize your sound revel in and night time mode lowers the bass and increases voice modify so that you don’t wake own family or acquaintances

enlarge to complete 5. 1 sound

unharness proper surround sound by way of adding polk sr2 wi-fi audio system (offered one after the other). Push your bass over the top by way of attaching the wireless polk react subwoofer (additionally offered separately)

Product Dimensions

34.02, x, 4.76, x, 2.2, inches

Item Weight

9.58, pounds


Polk, Audio



Item model number

Polk, React


2, AA, batteries, required., (included)

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4.2, out, of, 5, stars, 64, ratings, 4.2, out, of, 5, stars

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January, 25, 2021

5 reviews for 0C19N27ILWA324 Polk audio react sound bar, dolby & dts digital surround sound, subsequent gen alexa voice engine with calling and messaging integrated — a licensed for people device

  1. Tristan

    If you have no plans to connect to wifi and use voice control, move on to another soundbar. You MUST connect to wifi in order to not have to be pestered by the soundbar repeatedly telling you that it is not connected.First up, the HUGE, blinking LED across the top front is really annoying. For something that goes right under your TV, it’s right in your field of vision and ALWAYS on. ALWAYS blinking or pulsing or moving. It turns different colors to tell you what mode it is in, but other than that, this huge rail of LED is completely overkill and super annoying. And I confirmed with Polk tech support that you cannot turn it off. Others are saying put black tap over it, but know that there is speaker cloth over the front of it, so not a great surface to stick tape to (moreover, why should I have to do that?)Second, EVERY command or mode change on the remote comes with a loud voice prompt from the speaker. I have no idea why I need the speaker to tell me “music mode” when I just pressed it on the remote, but there you have it. If you turn the volume up, the voice prompt gets louder. If the music / movie stops and you have not turned down the volume, the voice prompt is super loud. Again, really pointless feature, and I confirmed with Polk tech support that you cannot turn the voice prompt off.Third, the remote is terrible, especially the volume buttons. I was 3 feet away from the speaker, pointing right at it and found that the buttons are really hard to press—you have to get quite surgical with your finger to get it to work. They are this uni-molded design; not standalone buttons or mechanic buttons. Just dips in the rubbery plastic that you have to press into the remote further.Sound is okay. Does not blow away my ancient Yamaha YAS-103 by any means, and the bass is just barely okay. Music had some small added details to it over the YAS-103, but not enough to overlook all the other glaring issues with this.And tech support for Polk was really slow to respond—took about 5 days to get an answer, and when I did get an answer they completely sidestepped my questions and gave a canned response that wasn’t even close. I replied with clarified questions, and they simply said I have to connect the wifi and that the voice prompt is part of the feature set and cannot be turned off.I STRONGLY advise skipping this soundbar, even if you are going to hook it up to wifi. It’s just super annoying and needy.Read more

  2. JustSomeGuy

    I own several Alexa devices and this is the first sound bar I’ve bought with Alexa built-in, and man is it cool! The first cool thing is that it automatically connected to my home network and signed into my Amazon account. Alexa was ready to use in about 60 seconds after plugging it in. I didn’t have to open an app on my phone, sign into anything or type any passwords. It just connected!Second is the sound. I’ve owned a few sound bars over the years, but nothing that sounds as good at this thing. I didn’t have to make any adjustments out of the box. I could hear what everyone was clearly saying while watching the news and the overall sound from such a compact speaker is amazing. It sounds like it is way bigger than it actually is.For music I just asked Alexa to play my favorites playlist and was instantly blown away by the sound quality. Great bass from just a sound bar. I’ll see how it goes, but I might purchase the optional sub once I get a change to watch some more movies and maybe even the surround speakers for movies. Highly recommended!Read more

  3. Bryan Hryszkanich

    I just received this sound bar which I installed in my living room. For the price the sound quality is pretty good (I paid around $180). It was easy to setup using the arc HDMI port on my Roku tv. The Roku tv remote now controls the sound bar which is convenient. The built in Alexa works just like any other Alexa device and was simple to setup and add to my speaker groups. Overall, so far I would recommend this sound bar. My only complaint would be I have yet to find a wall mount for this unit yet, Polk should either provide one or at least recommend one.Edit: I learned that you just use screws to mount this sound bar. No mount required.Read more

  4. jonathan abramowitz

    took the plunge and bought this after seeing no reviews, just press releases.so far, after several hours of usage:dialogue sounds nice and clear. easy to pair alexa with the phone .bass sounds pretty good, and overall the sound is way better then you’d find on TVSpeakers.You can adjust the EQ in the app too, just low mids and highs.my only two complaints, and i haven’t read the manual yet regarding fixes;alexa light comes on a lot, its in the front of the speaker. can that be turned off? happens even when not talking to alexa.audio that’s playing on soundbar stops while talking to alexa.* EDIT- soundstage has been pretty impressive… you can hear the depth and sound elements in their mix pretty clearlyRead more

  5. Rick C

    ProI purchased both React Sound bar and SR2 surround speakers on 2/25/2021, but held off buying the subwoofer. I set this up in my bedroom with a Sony Bravia 4k TV using HDMI ARC. Setup was fairly simple, and I was so impressed with the sound that I decided I don’t need the subwoofer. At least not in a bedroom. The Alexa microphone(s) don’t pick up voices as well as my other Alexa devices but well enough. I especially like the movie, music, volume and balance controls on the remote for the surround speakers.Con At 3 am on 4/22/2021 I woke to a loud clicking and popping static coming from the left side of the sound bar. I unplugged it and later that day I tried trouble shooting, but nothing worked. I called Polk Audio and spoke with a tech named Larry. He listened to the sound over the phone and he seemed to immediately recognize that it needed to be replaced. After a week of not hearing back, I called Polk Audio and again, spoke with Larry, and while I was on hold he arranged to have a new sound bar sent to me.The new React sound bar arrived yesterday 5/07/2021. I set it up last night and all was good until 2:30 am when once again I woke to a loud clicking and popping static coming from the left side of the new sound bar. WTF??? The first React sound bar took almost 8 weeks to malfunction but this one only took 6 hours.Read more

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