0C19MQDK90M103 Bluetooth speaker, bugani m118 portable bluetooth speakers with 50w of outstanding electricity, a hundred feet wi-fi variety, rapid charging, microphone enter, suitable for celebration, journey, singing, orange

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  • how to fast fee the tool
  • the way to quickly fee the device

  • this bluetooth speaker seems to be charging in reality rapid
  • this bluetooth speaker appears to be charging virtually speedy

  • may also i ask why it turns off itself whilst it is connected to a tool however no longer gambling?
  • may also i ask why it turns off itself whilst it is related to a tool however now not playing?

  • might this guide a 6. 35mm headphone jack? I’ve mics which might be bluetooth capable- but the jack plug is 6. 36mm.
  • might this guide a 6. 35mm headphone jack? I’ve two mics which are bluetooth succesful- but the jack plug is 6. 36mm.


    C-2, C-3

    7 reviews for 0C19MQDK90M103 Bluetooth speaker, bugani m118 portable bluetooth speakers with 50w of outstanding electricity, a hundred feet wi-fi variety, rapid charging, microphone enter, suitable for celebration, journey, singing, orange

    1. R4LDZ ✅

      I needed a Bluetooth speaker that I can use for tailgate barbeque parties, and this 50W speakers looks good with a promising power. I was amazed how this speaker sounds.The packaging was nice with elegant yet modern pictures and branding. Inside the box are the speaker, a USB C charging cable, aux cable, and user guide. At first touch, I can easily tell how premium this product is, it feels solid and elegant with a matte black and orange finish. Operation is easy, as soon as the system is turned on, it goes into pairing mode, and just connect your device from Bluetooth settings. This speaker works with different Bluetooth media devices. If you need to connect to a new device, just make sure the previous Bluetooth device is turned off or out of reach before pairing to a new device. The sound on this speaker is amazingly loud, it can fill a moderately sized backyard. The sound clarity on this speaker is also great, at mid level volume the highs and mids are emphasized, but when the volume is turned up, it gives a strong immersive bass. I like putting the volume level on around 80%, it gives a very good sound balance on all frequencies. This speaker also has a mic input at the back, I plugged a microphone and I can play Youtube karaoke video music and sing along with them, just like a mini karaoke machine, well this is actually a karaoke machine if it came with a mic. The mic input was unexpected, and I can say I got more for what I paid for, this speaker gives more fun than just playing regular music. I also used a mini projector and connected it via the aux cable to this speaker to watch movies, it sounds great and feels immersive. With regards to battery life, I have this playing music the entire day yesterday and the battery level on my iPad says this speaker still has more than half capacity battery, that’s more than enough for a whole day of music. Charging this speaker is quick also using the USB C port, I have a 65 watt USB C PD charger and it charges pretty fast. But another great thing about this speaker is that it can charge your mobile devices via USB A, good to have in case of emergency.Overall, I love this speaker, the orange accent gives it a modern look, and the sound quality is amazing. This speaker brings a lot of fun and very versatile, can be used for music, movies, karaoke, electric guitar, etc. Highly recommended.Read more

    2. Dennis

      This thing can get really loud. I wanted to see if there are static on max volume but it was really loud so I only stayed there for a few seconds. I didn’t hear any static and the sound is great. The blue tooth volume seems to stack on top of my iphones volume. So the max can go up much further than normal.It came with a usb c charging cable and seems to charge fast. The battery also last quite a long time. I’ve only had to charge it twice so far and that’s with daily playing. The color is bold and reminds me of the 90s boom box that you carry on your shoulder. Pretty slick.Read more

    3. Sam

      * A blast of a sound from a portable speaker. I already have a smaller speaker from Bugani so I like this brand very much. A very good speaker brand with multiple choice for speakers on a budget price.* This one is a bigger baby for a great party sound.* Lightweight and easy to carry. My 2 year old can carry this and run with it as she does in our backyard if we not play her songs.* Rubber grip around the speakers to avoid small drops & shocks.* Type C chargeable and also comes with a USB port to charge your phone with this.* Long battery life. Easily work for few days. Standby battery life is months as my previous experience with older models of Bugani.** On the latest Android mobile I can pair 2 of these and can play songs on both of them. A great speaker for house parties or outdoor picnics.Read more

    4. Bob Flisser

      I’ve had several “boom box” type Bluetooth speakers, and this one is the best by far. The sound quality is excellent with a lot of range, it goes as loud as I need, and I have no idea how long the battery lasts because it hasn’t run out on me, yet. It connected to my iPhone right away, and the Bluetooth connection doesn’t cut out. The range is at least 30 feet. Keep in mind it uses a USB-C type connector. It comes with a short cable, so you might want to buy a longer one.Read more

    5. Lexie

      I hooked it up to my phone in the matter of seconds no issue pairing. Button are easy to use no issues there sound is incredibly loud. Good low range and the Bass is awesome for a speaker this size. No it is not a BOSE but then it also is pumping out 50 watts and it doesn’t cost as much. Haven’t had it out in the rain so i don’t know about that option battery life is good it is my new favorite blue tooth speaker. Will follow up after a few more weeks and let you know if anything changes is on it. I would say it is way above my 40 watt Tronsmart from amazon. Sound quality is excellent no distortion at max volume!Read more

    6. Sphinx9000

      I have quite a few speakers, ranging from cheap Logitech UE to Bowers and Wilkins premium bookshelves. I’ll be comparing this to only the Bluetooth speakers in its class or price range.This speaker makes for a wonderful beach companion, the sound is a lot louder than a similarly priced JBL flip, while there is lots of bass, the mids are a little boxy and the highs are okay. There is not much distortion at all volume levels, but the sound stage is kinda narrow and boxy, as visible in the boxy design. Other than that, it is a lot of speaker especially for the money with great battery life and portability. I’ve purchased this to be used at the beach and outdoors and the sound quality is good enough for the beach or a block party.Read more

    7. Marie

      I just got this speaker so I’ve only been using it for a couple of hours but my first initial reaction is that I love it! I’ve always had UE Boom speakers and, although I like them, I think the battery life on them is not what they used to be. They seem to die on me after just a few hours of use now. Hence why I was on the market for a new speaker. I have not been able to truly test the battery life on the Bugani so that will have to come to test later. As far as sound quality goes I do think the UE Booms have slightly better sound quality but not by a long shot. However the Bass on the Bugani is incredible! Who knew a portable speaker could have such good bass? And it does get pretty loud. Overall I think I’m going to like this speaker a lot but I still do need to put it to the test as far as battery life and phone range. But so far I would definitely recommendRead more

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