0C19MGNYOLT794 Transportable wi-fi bluetooth speaker with tws function – rechargeable bluetooth speaker for iphone, android, ipod and greater – mini speaker with celebration lighting, for hiking, camping, boat

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  • small size, powerful sound – this ultra-portable wireless 3″ speaker presents clean and crisp sound because it helps four hundred watts – perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
  • bluetooth connectivity – the speaker connects in a single click on thru bluetooth for your mobile devices, mp3 participant, laptop, and extra. Really press the button, wait for the relationship popularity, and blast your favorite song!.
  • real wi-fi stereo – its tws characteristic lets in you to pair this speaker to a 2d bluetooth-enabled tws speaker. Once they may be paired, this could come up with a definitive stereo sound revel in.
  • lengthy battery existence – its integrated battery ensures up to twenty hours of non-stop tune. It recharges without problems thru usb cable – simply wait to absolutely fee and preserve being attentive to your favorite tracks!
  • amusing and colourful lights – this speaker owns a completely unique, appealing design that makes it best for show. It additionally capabilities beautiful lighting effects that complete party vibes.

Blue, Red, Silver

8 reviews for 0C19MGNYOLT794 Transportable wi-fi bluetooth speaker with tws function – rechargeable bluetooth speaker for iphone, android, ipod and greater – mini speaker with celebration lighting, for hiking, camping, boat

  1. KAY and Tray

    I love it.. so small an loud. Love the lights!!!Read more

  2. Aimer L’infini

    This speaker is perfect for my teenager to use both inside and out. She is constantly listening to music and the louder she can get something the better. This speaker makes it nice for her to listen in the bathroom or out on the deck when she’s relaxing in the sun, but doesn’t make my house shake. The size of this is perfect at 7 inches. There’s lights for when she’s in the dark or it’s nighttime too. Battery life is excellent lasting five hours on just a single charge. This is definitely going to be a go to for all future gift purchases as it’s portable and very handy!Read more

  3. The OG Elf

    I bought this for my son to take on a retreat. I didn’t want him to take any of the higher priced speakers that I have, because teenagers don’t pay attention and things tend to get broken, lost or stolen. This little speaker was the perfect price and had all of the functionality that he needed. I’m pleasantly surprised at how good the sound quality is and how loud this little thing can get. The sound is clear without any static interference. The size and handle make it very portable, which is perfect for moving around from building to building or on the bus. The built-in battery is rechargeable which also helps with its portability. Charging is a breeze with the USB cable. I’m not 100% sure how long the battery lasts, because we never let it totally drain. I do know that he used it for 8 hours 2 days in a row and it still had battery left. Pairing is simple and I had no problem connecting it to my phone or my laptop. You just press the pair button and wait for it to connect. It has a TWS function that allows you to pair this speaker to a second Bluetooth-enabled TWS speaker, but we haven’t tried that yet. It’s cool that you can listen to a FM station on it. We tried it out and the tuning was decent. Of course, my son’s favorite thing about this speaker is the lights. They add a party atmosphere to the speaker. I’m extremely pleased with this speaker’s functionality and portability.Read more

  4. Deloris P.

    Super cute, small, and it lights up. I wanted a small speaker to pair to my phone that didn’t take up much room. I love listening to music while I shower and this is just another way for me to do so.It’s only around 7 inches tall, connects via Bluetooth, and is rechargeable. One charge lasts about 5 hours. I just charge it once a week. The lights are fun and the sound is decent. Good cheaper speaker and it suits my needs.Read more

  5. Barbara CT

    My teenage daughter basically took over my personal Bluetooth speaker, so I decided to treat myself, and buy a new one for my birthday!!With so many of these on the market the decision was difficult.. I like to play music while I’m cooking, with limited counter- space, I needed some thing as Compact and powerful I could find. paired easily with my iPhone 12.This speaker is perfect for Moms!!Considering it’s size it’s packed with power, It’s louder than my old speaker, which is twice its size, it’s a little more reserved when it comes to the base.. but this was a pleasant surprise for me.The battery life is impressive, I use it daily and only have to charge once a week..The fun color changing lights are just added bonus.. my puppy actually Appreciates them more than me..I absolutely love my new speaker! Amazing price! Highly recommended!Read more

  6. Momma

    This speaker has been great for using in my sons room for his computer. His computer has zero to little sound but once we connect it with this speaker it’s easy to hear. The sound quality is amazing. I like that it is portable so we can move it from room to room along with his laptop. It’s pretty lightweight, so easy enough for my 12 year old to carry. It’s very easy to operate and it connects within seconds of the device you want to use. I love that there isn’t any extra wires or needing an outlet to use this. The sound quality is great.Read more

  7. Kate E Davis

    This is such a cute smaller speaker that has surprisingly good bass and sound quality. Very lightweight so perfect for transporting to lake, on vacation using outside etc. love the colors which are optional depending on your preference and that it works via Bluetooth, aux cable or can be used as a radio.Read more

  8. Eagle

    This is a really lightweight speaker and convenient to carry around thanks to the handle. I bought it for my daughter, who is 8 and loves listening to music. The small size is easy for her to manage and it also has an easy on/off switch. It pairs instantly to your device, after the initial connection, when powered on. It actually has really good sound and gets quite loud for such a small speaker. She loves it, especially the flashy lights. We just use it with the Bluetooth connection, but you can connect to it by USB, auxiliary port and SD as well. The battery lasts a long time, which is great because she is always forgetting to charge things.Read more

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