0C19LZ75MNW608 Bluetooth speaker vanzon climber-z 30w portable ipx7 waterproof speaker bluetooth v5. Zero with high-quality effective bass-3-d mode,suitable for birthday celebration,tour,home&exterior

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  • 【30w superior sound】the middle chip adopts superior wave sound mothod and runs state-of-the-art bambu set of rules, so it is able to substantially restore the near-perfect sound best, even as the product special 3d mode – excellent bass mode.
  • 【tenacious adaptability】with ipx7-rated structural waterproofing and much like an insulated mug the proper size, you can find this bluetooth speaker remarkable irrespective of what state of affairs you are in (such as outdoor sports, seashore celebration, street performance, office sports).
  • 【birthday celebration-friend】any speaker can join 200+ same speakers-the track rhythm is synchronized, and the speakers in every person’s hands may be adjusted by themselves in phrases of mode and extent.
  • 【flexible settings】 ①pinnacle dial button for brief volume adjustment, as well as pause or play. ②committed buttons for 3-d mode and birthday party-pal mode for easy access. ③aux-jack: suitable for numerous gadgets.(built-in mic supported call feature) ④type c port:fast charging – huge battery capability(as much as 13+ hours of runtime)
  • 【observe】if there are any consulting desires about this bluetooth speaker, please experience unfastened to contact us, we are able to give you a quality solution inside 24 hours.

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  • does this speaker suit in a popular motorbike water bottle cage?
  • does this speaker healthy in a preferred bike water bottle cage?

  • does this speaker connect with the alexa echo dot
  • does this speaker hook up with the alexa echo dot

  • hoe lengthy does it take to rate the speaker?
  • perhaps a couple hrs . I’ve never really timed . What i generally do is placed it at the charger at night after which it’s geared up to move in the morning and that i go away it plugged in until i am going outside . Be conscious if you switch it up loud a lot like i do it looses its charge faster however if your at home it’s no massive deal to position it lower back inside the charger and it starts to paintings again proper away . The sound is pretty first rate for what it’s miles and that i think it’s worth it . See less

  • ought to you plug in microphone to this ?
  • should you plug in microphone to this ?

    Package Dimensions

    8.46, x, 3.54, x, 3.46, inches

    Item Weight

    1.76, pounds



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    1, Lithium, ion, batteries, required., (included)

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    4.8, out, of, 5, stars, 415, ratings, 4.8, out, of, 5, stars

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    #418, in, Portable, Bluetooth, Speakers, #3, 619, in, MP3, &, MP4, Player, Accessories

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    October, 9, 2020


    Vanzon, Sounds

    8 reviews for 0C19LZ75MNW608 Bluetooth speaker vanzon climber-z 30w portable ipx7 waterproof speaker bluetooth v5. Zero with high-quality effective bass-3-d mode,suitable for birthday celebration,tour,home&exterior

    1. Shakib A. Hikmat

      I’m really digging this speaker. The bass is surprisingly good considering the price of the speaker and I’m LOVING the circular volume control button at the top because it’s so much easier and faster to spin that as opposed to pressing a volume up/down button repeatedly. The bluetooth connected to my MacBook painlessly (which was awesome). The cylindrical design of the speaker allows for enjoyment of music at almost any angle. At first I was turned off by the placement of cord to hang the speaker as it hangs over the buttons (as you can hear me talk about in my video), but considering those buttons will get seldom used, and considering that portion will be at the back facing away from me, I don’t mind it anymore, and actually appreciate only seeing the speaker up front. I definitely recommend this speaker for the sound quality, the bass, and the overall slick design.Read more

    2. PeaceThruMusic

      So far fantastic in every way.I just bought another on for my daughter.Only drawback and its seems a little thing but proving to be an item to consider. It uses a special power connector to charge. Not special but not the common one we all use for everything now. I have them all over the house. But this speaker requires type C charging cable. I dont know what the name of the common one is we all use but its not type c.I dropped a star from the review because its that much of a pain.This speaker is good for audiobooks and podcasts due to the lack of power saving features that dont work by cutting off the first word of each sentence. Dont know what that feture is called but its why i bought a new Bluetooth speaker.The manual big dial on top the speaker is genius. It has annoying over base if selected for those who enjoy that sort of thing.Sketchy seller. They will try to buy a 5 star review from you.Nothing to do with the manufacturer.Good product bad seller. Typical.One feature to correct and a more honest seller and perfection is met.Read more

    3. Fukahara

      I have always been buying brand named speakers like Sony or Bose etc. I have been looking forward to get one I can use while I am taking showers and found this one which is supposed to be water proof. I didn’t place it in the shower but outside of it because I am getting good sound from it even it’s outside so I don’t know if it’s really 100% waterproof but the sound quality I can say is not significantly worse than my Bose.Read more

    4. Lackosleep

      I didn’t know of this brand, and we all know bluetooth speakers run the gamut of really lousy sounding, to good, to great. But there’s no way to know by looking at them, or even by the limited specs published. You have to rely to a great extent on user reviews. Well, if it helps, I took a chance on this brand unknown to me for music on my boat, and this thing turned out to be every bit as good or better sounding than my Sony SRS-XBs, at 30% less, and it doesn’t have the annoying quirk of shutting off randomly like my Sony ones do! I like this Climber-Z so much, I’m about to order another to replace one of my Sony speakers that’s annoyed me one too many times! Take a chance… I’m pretty sure you’ll love this speaker.Read more

    5. Kimberly Whitewater

      Makes for nice surround sounds movies when hooked up to my projector in the van. It has a good charge life and the sound is good enough for what in need it for. Haven’t tested the waterproof aspect, nor do I truly intend to, but I have been known to leave things out in the rain.Read more

    6. RR Campbell

      This speaker really packs a punch for its size and I love the way the controls are laid out, especially the large volume dial on top that also serves as a very handy pause button. I haven’t used it enough yet to comment on the battery life or the effectiveness of the waterproofing.One star was deducted because this speaker does NOT have an SD card slot, even though the seller themselves specifically said it does in answer to several questions on the Amazon site. This was actually one of the reasons I chose this speaker. Apparently this was included in a previous or different model and the seller (and Amazon) included answers to questions about that speaker with this one.Read more

    7. Jim Newman

      I bought this as a step up from my other small portable speakers. I tend to lose or torture small speakers since I work on a farm and in construction. The more rugged construction and easy-to-carry width makes this a great go anywhere speaker. The bass response is nice to have; the bottom speaker is a clever design with the rubber feet allowing sound to come out but it’s also a disadvantage when placed on sand, sawdust, or grass. The top volume control is little funky to use. I can’t adjust it quickly as the latency is a little slow but it’s better than trying to press tiny buttons. It doesn’t distort yet at full volume which is huge. I haven’t dipped it in water so I can’t speak for that but it’s been fine in rain. A good buy.Read more

    8. God’sRose

      Came earlier than expected. Great sound quality. Love the bass feature. The buttons and dial are easy, user- friendly. I can hear my music clearly from other rooms. I’m satisfied with my purchase. Tip for those worried about it not having an auto shut-off feature: I use an app called “sleep timer” or you can enable a similar function on Spotify and set the timer to turn off Bluetooth after a certain amount of time. Once disconnected from Bluetooth, the speaker turns off. Charging time from 10% battery has been less than 3hrs for me, and you can use any type C charging cable (I’ve used the one in the box and my phone charger, both work great). My first time purchasing a speaker so I don’t have anything else to compare it to but all in all a great powerful speaker.Read more

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