0C19IWYX7LW555 Besign bk06 bluetooth 5. Zero in automobile speakerphone with visor clip, wireless car package for handsfree talking, motion vehicle on, siri google assistant guide, dual 2w audio system, black

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  • bluetooth v5. Zero and long working time: the today’s bluetooth five. 0+edr generation gives lower strength consumption and wider compatibility.
  • integrated motion sensor for car energy on: start using without delay as this bluetooth hands-unfastened vehicle kit switches to auto strength and connects along with your phone while automobile door is opened. 1000mah battery:buit-in rechargeable 1000mah battery, you could experience your smart smartphone music or handsfree calling up to 20 hours for a unmarried full rate.
  • dual speakers: twin 2 watts audio system for the better sound quality and louder calling volume. You could experience your hands-loose calling even in very noisy highway.
  • hook up with 2 telephones: with the multipoint technology, the besign bk06 bluetooth automobile package can connect to 2 devices at the equal time.
  • siri or voice command: one button to set off the siri or voice command within the standby mode, press the siri button for two seconds to spark off the voice command feature on andriod or ios gadgets.

product description

besign bk06 bluetooth five. 0 in-automobile speakerphone for hands-free speakme & music streaming

inside the box

  • besign bk06 bluetooth car package
  • usb charging cable
  • sun visor clip
  • person manual
  • color_name

    Black, Metal Grey

    5 reviews for 0C19IWYX7LW555 Besign bk06 bluetooth 5. Zero in automobile speakerphone with visor clip, wireless car package for handsfree talking, motion vehicle on, siri google assistant guide, dual 2w audio system, black

    1. Kenneth Moyle

      I needed a speaker for my car so I could hear people I am speaking to on a call. My stereo in the car does not work, so products that use that, were not an option. Many of the speakers I looked at had reviews that said they were not loud enough. I settled on this one, because it had two speakers and seemed that it would be louder than many of the others. In addition, it had a feature that would automatically turn it on and off when the car door opened. That sounded good, as well.It was easy to get it up and running. The sound is usually quite good on both ends of the call and definitely loud enough. Sometimes it’s too loud. As for the automatic on and off. That feature is essentially useless. I must flip the switch to turn the whole unit off when leaving the car and on when entering. If the unit is on, when you enter, it will automatically connect to your phone. That works fine. The problem arrises when leaving the car. If you simply leave, the unit will most likely stay on and stay connected to your phone. Then, when you are in your house, all audio will still be routed to the speaker in the car and you won’t hear anything from your phone. If you push the button on the unit to disconnect, but leave the unit on (so it will automatically connect the next time you enter) it wil disconnect, but will re-connect when you close the car door and then stay connected. What they need to add is a timer that will delay re-connection for 10-15 seconds so you can close the door without activating the autoconnect and re-connecting. Becuase of this, I have to turn the unit completely off when exiting and then turn it on when I enter the car. The auto-connect feature also sometimes disconnects the speaker from the phone when you go over a bump in the road. Usually, it will re-connect soon afterwards, but that is also not great. They either need to improve the feature or drop it. As currently implemented, it is a negative, rather than a positive for the unit.As long as you don’t mind flipping a switch each time you enter or exit the car, it is quite a good speaker.Read more

    2. Amy K. Parker

      I got this for my husband who is in his car a LOT driving to different job sites. His android phone has the “speaker phone” option but he always sounded too faint / far away and background noise was a problem. This clips to the visor above his head and I can hear him crystal clear now. It synced easily to his phone. The only thing he said would do differently would be to have an LED light that shows that it’s activated or turned off when it shuts down and maybe flashes when it needs charging. His clients (and I) appreciate phone conversations that aren’t peppered with “can you repeat that?”. Signing up for the warranty on the web site was easy as well. Nice email asking for feedback tells me that they care about a quality product. So far we are very pleased with the purchase (we’ve had it less than a week).Read more

    3. George Boase

      There’s a wide choice of products that do the exact same thing, and all of them cost more. The sound quality is excellent. The mic performance is better than expected. A lot of time when you try to cut costs, you get what you pay for in reduced quality. This is not the case here. It’s as good or better than the rest. Battery life is amazing. It went for two weeks before I had to recharge it, and recharge is fast (about two hours). The visor clip holds tight, and pairing is totally painless. It connects every time when you get in the car, and using it is effortless. My wife is not a tech person and she has NO trouble using it and loves it!Read more

    4. Sirocco

      I had an issue with settings on the android phone, since there are 4 different volume settings on my phone and I didn’t know this at first, since the phone is new too, and the default setting for Bluetooth volume on my phone is “off” so it seemed the speaker wasn’t working. Couldn’t resolve this while driving so I took it inside and still nothing. I was actually going to return it – had it boxed and ready to ship back, but I was experimenting with another Bluetooth speaker, which worked immediately, without any tinkering with settings, so I thought I’d try the Besign BK06 again…and it worked. BUT if I want to use the phones loudspeaker and not the Bluetooth speaker, if the Besign speaker is turned ON, NEITHER the Besign or my phone’s speaker work. Turns out the speaker settings for GoogleMaps need to be just so, AND the “Do Not disturb” feature of the android phone turned OFF, for this Bluetooth speaker to work. You’d think all these settings could be simplified. What’s funny is that I had the Besign BK06 out for a test drive last week and everything worked fine without the need to tinker as on my subsequent test drive with GoogleMaps and the turn-by-turn directions.Read more

    5. Clint

      This is a great hands free unit. The ease of operating along with the clarity of sound make this a very effective device. The price is well under that of other devices. I highly recommend for those without bluetooth in their older vehicles. Thank You!Read more

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