0C19INX0CYD417 Soundcore with the aid of anker lifestyles q30 hybrid energetic noise cancelling headphones with multiple modes, hi-res sound, custom eq through app, 40h playtime, at ease match, bluetooth headphones, connect to 2 devices

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  • hello-res certified track: pay attention each element of your preferred songs way to existence q30’s 40mm drivers. The surprisingly-flexible silk diaphragms reproduce thumping bass and crisp treble that extends up to 40khz for progressed readability.
  • superior noise cancellation technology: keep your attention with lifestyles q30’s hybrid energetic noise cancellation. Twin noise-detecting microphones pick up and clear out as much as ninety five% of low-frequency ambient sound to make certain nothing distracts you from your song.
  • final noise cancellation revel in: customize life q30’s noise cancellation with 3 modes—transport minimizes plane engine noise, out of doors reduces visitors and wind, and indoor dampens the sound of busy offices with humans speakme inside the history.
  • 40-hour playtime: life q30 energetic noise cancelling headphones play as much as 40 hours of tune in noise cancelling mode. Standard mode extends the playtime to 60 hours, whilst a quick five-minute fee gives you 4 hours of listening.
  • stress-loose consolation: existence q30 active noise cancelling headphones have ultra-tender protein leather-based earcups with reminiscence foam padding to fit snugly over your ears. The lightweight build also guarantees they’re comfortable for lengthy listening periods.

product description

multi-mode noise cancelling

believe the roar of takeoff and the endless drone during a flight—and then consider it’s long gone. Existence q30’s delivery mode cancels out as much as 95% of engine noise to offer you a extra restful adventure.

song out the chaotic soundtrack of the metropolis streets as you walk. Out of doors mode reduces the din of vehicles driving past and blocks out the noise of the wind to make sure nothing stops your track from sounding its exceptional.

you’re looking to awareness, however the air conditioner is whirring, people are speakme in the heritage, and a coffee machine is grinding. Switch to indoor mode to regulate existence q30’s noise cancelling to in shape quieter locations at the same time as nonetheless blocking off out distracting sounds.

allow the sounds of the sector into your personal space via urgent the proper earcup for 1-2 seconds to prompt transparency mode. Perfect for while you want to speak to humans or want to pay attention traffic.

select a noise cancellation mode, pick out from 22 eq presets or customize your own, and tailor your very own white noise soundscape for when you need to rest.

existence q30 lively noise cancelling headphones are like minded with nfc pairing, just faucet your android smartphone on the right earcup to connect.

enjoy all-day consolation thanks to the reminiscence foam earcups and headscarf, plus a lightweight body weighing simply 9oz (260g). For a at ease match, lifestyles q30 lively noise cancelling headphones have earcups that modify through up to fifteen°.

connect with two bluetooth gadgets at the identical time to switch between calls, video conferencing, being attentive to tune, and more with no need to reconnect.

keep lifestyles q30 energetic noise cancelling headphones covered towards daily wear and tear with the aid of storing them within the covered travel case.

observe: we are currently upgrading existence q30’s tour case from the bigger square model to a greater compact, area-saving oval model. You may get hold of both model.

a way to shop lifestyles q30

extremely good sound loved by means of 20 million+ humans

model variety: a3028

key features


in step with regulations, the maximum volume of headphones have to not exceed 100db. In order to guard your hearing, lifestyles q30’s most extent has been set to round 95db. It is encouraged that you do no longer listen to excessively loud volumes for long intervals of time.

for the pleasant sound fine, noise cancellation, and speak to experience, make sure the left and proper earcups are worn on the ideal facets and they devise a good seal around your ears.

playtime varies consistent with volume and audio content.

this product is compliant with cp65, rohs, and attain necessities. However, certain human beings may increase skin irritation because of allergies or sensitivities. To lessen the chance of pores and skin irritation: clean your tool regularly; keep away from the usage of lotions or other products under the quantities of the tool that touch your skin; do now not wear over injured skin; where applicable, tighten the adjustment until cushty, however now not uncomfortably tight; in case your pores and skin becomes irritated, stop the usage of device. If symptoms are severe or persist, seek advice from your doctor.


impedance: 16Ω

motive force (full range): 2 × 40mm

frequency response: 16hz – 40khz

variety: 15 m / forty nine. 21 ft

what’s in the field

soundcore lifestyles q30 lively noise cancelling headphones

usb-c cable

3. 5mm aux cable

travel case

person manual


Black, Blue, Pink

3 reviews for 0C19INX0CYD417 Soundcore with the aid of anker lifestyles q30 hybrid energetic noise cancelling headphones with multiple modes, hi-res sound, custom eq through app, 40h playtime, at ease match, bluetooth headphones, connect to 2 devices

  1. B-rad

    I’ve been rocking wireless earbuds for a few years now and love them. But lately, I’ve been craving some more isolation and something that doesn’t become uncomfortable after a couple of hours. Enter noise canceling over ear wireless headphones. I did some research and discovered the freshly released Anker Soundcore Q30s.These aren’t my first pair of wireless noise-canceling headphones. I recently owned a pair of Beats Solo Pros but had to return them because of horrible comfort for prolonged listening. My other pair, that I intended the Beats to replace, are some Sony WH-CH700s. Both headphones set the bar for ANC wireless headphones for me, and the Soundcore Q30 absolutely delivers. However, there are some catches you should know about.The sound is very heavy on bass. Music sounds good but a little muddy, depending on the song and if you’re the type that will notice. Overall, these provide a quality listening experience. If the bass is too much for you, simply create a custom equalizer in the intuitive and well thought out app.Look, the engineering that went into these proves that Soundcore’s product team put a lot of effort into the little things. These charge at seven watts. Seven. Watts. That’s immense for headphones and means you’ll be rarely charging its incredibly long-lasting battery. The middle volume down button on the right side has a tactile bump to differentiate it from the volume up, and the play/pause is smaller than the volume buttons so you know them by feel. The noise-canceling includes 3 distinct modes for 3 different environments that you’re likely to use. Each ANC mode specifies different ranges of the audio spectrum that the noise canceling will attempt to attenuate. And it works a treat. It’s all very smart.At least, it all seems very smart except for one baffling oversight. Any time you cycle between the three audio modes (which are noise canceling, transparency, or normal) a robotic voice announces what mode you’re switching to add an unacceptable volume. I mean achingly loud. I ripped them off my head when I first heard that voice in my ears because it genuinely alarmed me. And that robot voice doesn’t just come on when you’re cycling modes with the button or the app, it also announces transparency mode is being activated when you cover the right ear cup to hear people- a gimmick for these headphones utterly ruined.Unfortunately, I’m not the type of person who enjoys taking off my headphones every time I want to adjust what mode they’re in so my ears don’t get blasted the bits, so it’s disappointing, to say the least. They took a few weeks to arrive, too, so I’m not eager to shun them.UPDATE: Anker refunded me 15% of my purchase and claimed to communicate my criticisms to the team responsible for the Q30s so they can consider what I’ve said. Please email Anker at Service @ Soundcore .Com and let them know the mode tone is too loud if you want it changed and agree with my review. I added a star for how they handled my case.Read more

  2. Michael Plourde

    The prod does not pair with iOS devices. The company did not disclose this apparent omission until the problem is disclosed on page 7 of the quick start guide.Read more

  3. Ryan

    UPDATE: Anker Support reached out and spent some time with me to try to fix the mic problem. They really take this stuff seriously, and I was happy to have someone to work with (thanks, Sunny!). They swapped in a new Q30 headset that seems to have a better mic than my original. They also gave me some steps to take on my Windows 10 PC to help get the most out of Bluetooth (this made a big difference). I personally don’t think the mic on the Q30 is quite as good as my Q20, but it’s definitely good enough that people can hear me and I’m no longer getting complaints for my co-workers. That’s a win and I’m upgrading my star rating accordingly. Buy with confidence.———ORIGINAL REVIEW———–I own two Q10 sets, one Q20 set, and now one Q30 set of headphones. I jumped on the new model after being reasonably satisfied with my Q20, and seeing that several upgrades had been made, including a much-needed move from micro-USB to USB-C. There’s never been a “perfect pair of headphones,” no matter your manufacturer, but I did expect Soundcore to do better or at least as well in every category. Unfortunately, this is not the case.SHORT REVIEW: Though they feel great, sound great, and will last for days, ultimately what caused me to give them 3 stars out of 5 is the call quality. The microphone has some real problems. I spent some time with co-workers comparing what I sound like using my Q20 versus my Q30, and they all told me I sound like I’m “in a box” when using my Q30s. They’re “too quiet,” “muffled,” “weird,” and “unnatural sounding” compared with the Q20. As I’m using these for work, and a lot of what I do involves videoconferencing, the quality of my mic is very important to me. As such, I’ve gone back to my Q20 for daily work. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with my Q30 yet.Read more

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