0C19I6G3Q28509 Taotronics bluetooth headset with microphone, wireless headset with usb adapter for pc, noise cancel mic, on ear headphone bluetooth five. 0 34h for trucker domestic workplace on-line elegance name center skype zoom

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product description

how to join headset together with your computer:

2. The indicator at the dongle will flash fast in blue indicating it’s miles in pairing mode.

3. Earlier than pairing, please disable the bluetooth feature to your smartphone/computer formerly related with tt-bh041.

4. Press and keep the multifunction button on tt-bh041 for three seconds until led indicator flashing blue and pink alternately.

5. Dongle will hook up with the headset automatically while the indicator at the dongle will stay strong on blue. The indicator on the headset will flash blue.

6. Tt-bh041 can do not forget the dongle paired formerly. After paired efficiently for the first time, make certain the bluetooth dongle is plugged inside the laptop first after which turn on tt-bh041.

the use of headset with dongle and phone/computer for calls

your tt-bh041 headset can be used with dongle and your phone/laptop at a time.

1. Make certain the dongle is plugged in and the bluetooth function on your smartphone/ computer is enabled before turning on tt-bh041.

2. Tune could be played through the dongle. Your cellphone/pc is for calls.

taotronics, a flagship emblem under the sunvalley organization, is devoted to offering advanced-nice, moderately priced digital merchandise that improve the lives of our customers. We try to increase, innovate and recognition on making use of the contemporary era with easy-to-use devices.

taotronics tt-bh041 enterprise bluetooth headset with usb adapter and ai powered mic

taotronics bh041’s microphone comes with ai noise discount era to clear out external noises round you by up to 40db. Take arms-free calls with impeccable clarity – even in noisy environments like a name center, construction website, or anyplace lifestyles takes you.

  • ai-powered noise cancelling tech for clearer speech
  • comes with a usb dongle for computer without bluetooth
  • bluetooth 5. 0: fast & strong transmission
  • mute button: mute your voice when you want
  • long playtime: 34 hours
  • charging time: 2 hours
  • battery potential: 400mah
  • bluetooth variety: as much as 10m/33ft
  • with plug and play adapter, connect to your pc quick. No different driving force needed. Superior qualcomm qcc3020 chipset fast & stable signal transmission and as much as 10m/33ft distance between your device.

    support laptops without bluetooth characteristic.

    easy to mute your voice with the mute button; multifunction button to redial/answer/reject/cease/transfer a name.

    this bluetooth headset is best for multiple devices. Connect perfectly to cellular telephone, pc, and pill, with fingers-free bluetooth era. Paintings flawlessly for skype, zoom, webex, facetime, google meeting, cisco webex, and softphone communication structures. Deliver convenience for far flung assembly or on line teaching.

    taotronics continually committed to developing headsets with consumer-pleasant capabilities; the earpad is so comfortable that no strain can be felt; tested over hundreds of instances, our adjustable headband and anti-slip pad can first-rate in shape unique humans.

    with as much as 34 hours of non-stop calls, this bluetooth headset allows you make wi-fi calls throughout entire day on a unmarried fee; provide you with enough freedom to do what you want and in which to move.

    featuring overvoltage & esd protection, your headset may be absolutely charged via your automobile’s usb port within 2 hours.



    4 reviews for 0C19I6G3Q28509 Taotronics bluetooth headset with microphone, wireless headset with usb adapter for pc, noise cancel mic, on ear headphone bluetooth five. 0 34h for trucker domestic workplace on-line elegance name center skype zoom

    1. Jef

      So I love headphones. Cheap, expensive, in-ear, on-ear… doesn’t matter. I love headphones. As such, i’ve been through several pairs over the years and a few tend to stand out. This is one of those sets.Now, they aren’t perfect. But they’re very, very close. The styling is modeled very similarly to the Bose QC35’s which I’ve wanted for years. The protein leather cushions are supple and silky, and the memory foam filling them is magnificent. I’ve done a side-by-side comparison with the QC35’s and I have to say, if I hadn’t already familiarized myself with the name brand, I’d be fooled. The Bose cushions have a little more give and are overall a little lighter, but the ANC capabilities of the Tao headphones has got to be within 90% of the QuietComforts – enough to notice if you’re listening critically but not really different enough to justify paying more than $250 more to get the extra 10% of noise cancellation.That being said, once you get past the great build quality, fantastic long-wear comfort, terrific packaging and accessories (that hard case is something), there are a few minor gripes. The Bluetooth, while strong and broad in its’ connection and distance, has this weird habit of switching between remembered devices without any sort of prompt. Fine if you’re out and about, but not so great if you’re home and you have two computers and a phone you’ve paired it to. It’s a rare occurance, though. Secondly, the Bluetooth disconnects completely when they charge. Again, minor gripe as the battery lasts almost a full 24 hours that I’ve seen. But the last bit is a little more of a personal thing: the low end on these headphones is just a tad lacking. Not weak by any means – the stereo field is GREAT and the clarity is definitely on par with pricier sets, but I do push my cans a little harder when it comes to bass. Beats by Dre are a guilty pleasure. These are not quite so beefy, more “nicely balanced.” If you need more bass these are probably not for you.All of that aside i’ve Been using these in a less-than-conventional fashion: upwards of 9 hours per day as a call center headset. Sure, there’s no boom mic or anything but the mic is still plenty clear and the noise cancellation and perfect fit makes it a comfortable, distraction-free daily driver for my home office.At this price, that’s About as close to perfect as I need.Read more

    2. NSB

      Amazing buy Bose quiet comfort is the gold standard for headphones, but who wants to spend $350. ? After loads of research these headhones kept coming up as an incredible buy I figured if these were so good that I would by one of their more expensive models and they should be a lot better. This cheaper model is better than the one I spent 80 on also taotronicsThese get louder also1. Noise cancelling helps a bit but not amazing2 sound sound very good and get louder than the more expensive taotronicsLoud enough to hear things like YouTube videos that weren’t recorded with good sound etc3. Comfort AMAZING. I tried on 30 different pairs of headphones all different prices at Best Buy and only the bose quiet comfort felt as good this was an important feature to me and I could not be more happy. The song on the ears is as soft as those QuietComfort and it’s amazingly comfortable.4 battery life Bluetooth connectivity phone calls Etc ease-of-use all good to very goodI would pay a hundred for these and still be very satisfiedRead more

    3. John

      This TaoTronics bluetooth headset is exactly was I was looking for! Ever since teleworking has become the new normal, i’ve found myself spending a lot more time on conference calls using my laptop. I was provided a corded USB headset which was good but I knew there was better options. It fits comfortably on my head and can be worn on the left or right ear. Set up was super easy. Turned on bluetooth from my laptop>powered on the headset>turned on pairing on the headset>then looked for “TaoTronics TT-BH021” on the laptop to finish the pairing process. Once connected, my skype was able to recognize the headset as my default audio device. Sound quality is good. Microphone clarity seems to be great from what i’m told. Buttons are easy to use. The one feature that would be nice to have is the ability to tell how much power is left. However, it’s not a must. This headset seems to have really good battery life. Probably have used it for a total of 10 hours and still hasnt given me any signs of low battery. Would definitely recommend.Read more

    4. 1080p

      Someone else said it right. These are the poor mans Bose Headphones. I have high stabdards as I’m comparing this to my $400 pair of Bose QC Bluetooth headphones, but unfortunate my dad “borrowed” those and I know I won’t be getting them back lol.The overall sound on these I’d say is 80% of the Bose. Greats highs, great lows (plenty of bass) overall great sound but just not quite the same rich sound as my Bose.Sound canceling is wonderful. Not sure what people’s expectations are for the sound cancellation, it works great on its own and especially with any amount of music playing. Turned on the dryer with some dryer balls and couldn’t hear a thing.Comfort is spot on. They didn’t cheap out here. The material is very soft and plush like memory foam, actually appears more durable than my Bose which I like. These seem overall more durable than my Bose and just solid overall.Only draw back? I’m a sheep and If I’m on the plan or in public I’d prefer to look like the cool kid with the $400 Bose headphones. These are great headphones for the price but I feel like they look a little goofy and nobody’s ever hear of this brand. I’m fine with value products but there’s just certain things it’s kinda nice to have the real genuine product and join the rat race and have the brand name.If you’re fine not having the brand name, then these are an excellent set of headphones. Near as good as my $400 Bose and easily outperforms my non-noise cancelling $150 Bose.Can’t go wrong on these guys.Read more

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