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  • via entering your model variety.
  • google wifi is a scalable, bendy mesh wifi system that blankets your home in reliable coverage and maintains buffering at bay; 1 google wifi point replaces your router and additional factors expand your network to maintain the relationship fast in each room[1]
  • google wifi gives you entire home coverage[1]; 1 p. C. Covers up to 1500 square toes and 3 p. C. Covers as much as 4500 rectangular feet; points work collectively to create a mesh network for more coverage
  • intelligently works behind the scenes to make certain your wifi remains fast, so you can stream with velocity[1]
  • simple setup in some steps; use the google domestic app to create your network and get online in mins[2]
  • parental controls permit you to control display time, limit positive varieties of grownup content, and pause wifi to unique devices in your mesh network each time you want
  • computerized safety updates help your community live secure and sound
  • easy to govern home wifi system helps you to prioritize gadgets, take a look at your community speeds, set up a guest community, and extra
  • works with all google wifi factors and can be introduced to any existing nest wifi gadget; simply add greater points in case you need greater insurance
  • please consult with the product description phase underneath for all relevant criminal disclaimers denoted through the bracketed numbers in the preceding bullet factors (e. G., [1], [2], and many others.)

from the manufacturer

a smart purchase for instant wireless.

google wifi is the easy wireless improve that’s a first rate cost. It blankets your entire domestic in fast, reliable wireless, and facilitates your network stay safe.[1]

continues buffering at bay.

circulate a 4k video in a single room and make a video name to mom from some other without disruption[1].

smooth to installation.

use the app to create your network and get online in minutes, whether you’re tech savvy or not[2].

peace of mind for mother and father.

manage on line time for the kids and block explicit content.

security and privateness.

computerized updates help keep your community secure. It won’t song the sites you visit or promote your data.

manipulate your community from everywhere.

without problems manipulate it inside the app.[3] create a guest community and percentage your password in a few faucets.

what is mesh wi-fi?

traditional routers have restricted variety. A mesh wi-fi system like google wifi uses a couple of wi-fi points collectively to create a related device that gives you a sturdy signal in the course of your home.[1] you can usually add greater points to make bigger your network and keep your connection rapid in every room.

choose the wi-fi that works for you.

google wifi

nest wifi

entire-domestic insurance[1]

as much as 1500 square ft consistent with factor[1]

complete-home coverage[1]

up to 2200 rectangular ft per router[1]

wireless connectivity

ac1200 in line with point

wi-fi connectivity

ac2200 consistent with router


works with all nest wifi and google wifi gadgets


works with all nest wifi and google wifi gadgets

ethernet ports

2 consistent with point

ethernet ports

2 in line with router

sustainable substances

outside enclosure made from forty nine% recycled material (2020 model)

sustainable materials

outside enclosure made from 45% recycled fabric (router)

product description

google wifi is an smooth-to-set-up entire-home mesh wi-fi machine. Google wifi points work together to create a mesh community that blankets your entire home in speedy, dependable wireless and gets rid of buffering in every room, on every device – with coverage up to 4500 rectangular toes.[1] it’s wireless that just works. [1] home length, materials, and layout can affect how wireless sign travels. Large houses or houses with thicker partitions or long, slender layouts can also want more wifi points for full coverage. Power and speed of signal will rely upon your net company. [2] minimum os necessities are to be had at g. Co/googlewifi/req. [3] controlling sure gadgets and functions in your own home calls for a well suited smart tool.

google wifi is an easy-to-set-up entire-home mesh wi-fi gadget. Google wifi points work collectively to create a mesh network that blankets your complete home in speedy, reliable wireless and removes buffering in each room, on each tool – with coverage as much as 4500 rectangular toes.[1] it’s wireless that simply works. [1] domestic size, substances, and layout can affect how wi-fi signal travels. Large homes or houses with thicker partitions or long, slim layouts may additionally want greater wifi factors for complete coverage. Energy and velocity of signal will rely upon your net company. [2] minimum os requirements are to be had at g. Co/googlewifi/req. [3] controlling certain devices and functions in your house calls for a well suited clever device.


Google Wifi (2020 model) 1 Pack, Google Wifi (2020 model) 3 Pack

8 reviews for 0C19HHC0O06792 Google wifi – ac1200 – mesh wifi gadget – wifi router – 1500 sq. Feet coverage – 1 %

  1. Otis C.

    I was very excited to receive three of these beautiful WiFi extenders only to find out that my WiFi speed was even lest than before I installed them! I talked to a Google tech support person only to find out that my modem/router (supplied by AT&T) is not compatible with the Google WiFi. In order to take advantage of the Google WiFi performance features, I need to get a new modem that would be compatible with Google WiFi. (I was told that ARIS SB8200 would work.) So if your are an AT&T internet subscribers, be aware! As for me, I simply returned the item and continue to look for another solution.Read more

  2. Beth S

    I did a bit of research before buying and felt this would save me from having to massively upgrade my internet speed which is currently around 200 mbps. Once I released my Verizon Fios IP, connecting the Google mesh system was a breeze and took about 5-10 minutes. Just remember to download the Google Home app on your phone before you release the IP and it walks you through all the steps easily. We’ve been up and running for 2 days and love it so far. Our streaming Roku devices are much sharper and aren’t buffering in the slightest. We are now able to get full strength in the house everywhere (about 3,000 sq ft spread among 2 floors) and we get a really decent signal at our backyard firepit now. Due to storms, we’ve lost power twice since we set up the mesh system and the wi-fi restarts so fast we barely notice it was down. I was scared about the investment but if you are permanently teleworking, this will get paid off in about 4 months based on the internet speed upgrade costs in our area.Read more

  3. dator643

    As an IT tech, I have to say I’m impressed! The setup is quite literally the easiest I have ever seen on a consumer product. Myself and my coworkers have been recommending these for employees working remotely to improve their WiFi signal and stability in their homes. We have several success stories and zero complaints.For those that may have ethernet cabling already present from previous hardware, simply connect the ethernet to the WAN port after activation and it will use the ethernet as the backhaul instead of wireless and the speeds will be far better. The documentation on this particular feature is a little hazy.Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    The installations instructions via the Google Home app are woefully inadequate. For example, the meaning of different colored lights and different light pulsing speeds is important but not explained until you go down a rabbit hole of blog-like support pages. Even worse, you have to dig deep into support blogs to find out how/when to hardwire (via Ethernet) the wifi points, and even then you get conflicting information. If you want to connect some devices (desktop, TVs) to the internet via Ethernet, you will need a switch, but the instructions for how to add a switch are super hard to find. And Google Home, the recommended install app thinks you have a Google NEST WiFi system rather than Google WiFi. The GOOGLE WiFi app is the better choice, but that is not what you are instructed to use. After four super frustrating hours, I dug deeper into the support blog chain and found a way to get a call back from Google. A smart young woman called me in a minute and we had it up and running in an hour. Now that it is installed, it works fine, not great. Upload speeds are 10-15% of download speeds, based on SpeedTest. Overall, I wish I had called out home tech support guy to install a different system.Read more

  5. Edward Schroeder

    I made the mistake of buying a cheaper brand mesh system. Returned it and bought this. It just works and consistently gives me good speeds and signal. Pay the extra for the better chipset, it makes a difference.Read more

  6. T. Carter

    This works great for a large house. I was having all kinds of spotty connections or drop connections in my home. I finally purchased a different mesh system that I found here on sale and it worked but my connections were still not as fast as it should. Apparently it would not always connect to the 5G signal even when I was 10 feet from a node. I sent it back and purchased this 3 pack system. It works every single time. I was even able to wire two of them together to get a backhaul signal that help me maintain the fastest internet speed no matter where I was. If you don’t backhaul it, your top speed for the satellites seem to be 1/2 of the main node’s speed. That is fine as long as the signal is strong.I dropped it one star because of the interface. The system I sent back allowed you to see what devices were connected to which point. That gave me an idea as to the spacing and management of the nodes. You don’t have much control over this system which is fine for an everyday user/household.Read more

  7. Terrell

    The most important element is that the system is working perfectly covering a wider range than our previous router.They should use a standard AC plug, the current design’s housing is so large it takes up 2 outlets on a power strip.You are connecting a router, they tell you to connect it, then download the Home App, you can’t download anything unless you have a cell phone and a data plan. Once you have thw App it’s extremely simplyRead more

  8. TexasKid747

    WiFi was always a pain to get coverage in my home. I purchased a D-Link router and it did not cover all the rooms and seemed to be limited to about 50 connections. When the Google WiFi 3-pack went on sale I bought and now I wished I’d bought much earlier! Thirty minutes of setup. Simply plug the first one into the Modem and boot your HOME APP program on your phone. Hit the ADD button and let it do its thing. Follow the easy on -screen directions. So simple and now I have coverage all over. I can expand the system later to cover the outdoor spaces too!Read more

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