0C19HGKGWHU464 Sony mhc-v13 excessive electricity audio gadget with bluetooth

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  • jet bass booster for high-electricity audio
  • unfold sound with excessive-performance tweeters
  • sing along with your preferred tunes with a built-in mic enter
  • enhance your revel in with speaker mild illumination
  • everyone can be dj with birthday celebration playlist and karaoke ranking, through fiestable app
  • take the celebration everywhere with integrated deliver handles
  • enjoy more powerful sound with wi-fi birthday celebration chain

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take your events up a level

excessive power audio system with bluetooth

the compact mhc-v13 packs an outstanding sound

high-efficiency tweeters and jet bass booster unfold sound around the birthday celebration, that means your tune reaches wider and better from the front of the unit, so every body at the celebration hears wealthy, clear sound.

sing alongside on your favorite tunes

a microphone enter makes the mhc-v13 the proper companion for karaoke parties. You can additionally connect a guitar to the microphone enter and use the system as a guitar amp. Experience three modes – easy for a clean sound, overdrive for a distorted guitar sound, and bass to your bass guitar.

placed the party for your palms with fiestable

exciting, intuitive and smooth to use, the fiestable app is a a laugh characteristic that arms you over complete control of the track, lighting fixtures and extra. You could also let your visitors upload track saved of their smartphones over your wi-fi network and give every person a chance to be the dj.

run everything music middle app helps you to manage tune and sound settings proper from your cellphone. Make modifications with a flick of your wrist, way to intuitive movement manipulate.

decorate your experience with illumination

waves of multi-coloration illumination, so that you can revel in a nightclub or outdoor competition atmosphere.

take the birthday party anywhere

with the convenient handle, raise and take it to anyplace you want to birthday celebration.

enhance the birthday party with wi-fi birthday party chain

connect up to 50 well suited high-power audio systems and synchronize the music and lights.

built for partying tough

the hard the front & backside corner protectors make the system long-lasting and clean to take to events.

seamless bluetooth streaming

eliminate wi-fi connections and complicated installation sequences. Connect via bluetooth and also you’re prepared to go.

concentrate to greater with dab+

with the absolutely dab+ well suited tuner, you may take your favourite radio stations everywhere you like.

multi device connection

you and your friends can pair up to 3 smartphones with the mhc-v13 concurrently the usage of bluetooth generation.

usb port lets you plug n play

play tracks saved on a usb4 force, or make your own custom playlists with direct cd-to-usb4 recording.

product description

experience the tune with the jet bass booster and high-performance tweeters inside the all-in-one mhc-v13 home audio system. Make the birthday party yours with a speaker light, karaoke characteristic, and greater. New functions like birthday celebration playlist and karaoke ranking through sony’s fiestable app flip the birthday party right into a complete-on interactive experience for everybody in attendance.

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4.5, out, of, 5, stars, 68, ratings, 4.5, out, of, 5, stars

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September, 22, 2020

4 reviews for 0C19HGKGWHU464 Sony mhc-v13 excessive electricity audio gadget with bluetooth

  1. VegasInsider

    the MHC-V13 for its size delivers powerful audio with deep bass and notably bright highs, all of which can be adjusted using onboard EQ. There’s a lot going on button wise, but this is a fun, powerful speaker with LED lights and a mic input for parties. Lots of features – Tons of additional features including a CD player, FM radio, guitar inputs, karaoke mode, and more.High-efficiency Tweeters and strong bass sound delivered by the JET BASS BOOSTER gives you powerful sound all around. The speaker gets super loud and delivers a thunderous bass response that can be dialed back by using the downloadable app or the sound dial on top.Download the Fiestable app, is a music-based app that works with the party features of the speaker. This is where the DJ effects and lighting can be controlled… Along with the EQThere’s a built-in handle for carrying it around and is very light. The one downside is this isn’t a portable speaker that can run on a battery.Overall, this is the Bluetooth speaker built for parties, as well as for anyone who wants extra features and buttons. It also delivers powerful bass depth, good sounding tweeters and solid LED lighting effects. Can’t go wrong with this compared to other speakers I’ve tested!Read more

  2. J M

    It’s not as loud as I thought. The jet bass booster is obviously a marketing gimmick. Bass was not good at all. The sound would have this “hiccups” when connected through Bluetooth. The “party lights” are really pathetic. They don’t even synchronize with the music. Not a good value for the money. I returned it to get something better. Maybe a JBL party box.Read more

  3. pete c

    I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest opinion through the Insiders.When I first opened the box to this Sony speaker I was like whoa. I mainly wanted to play music from my phone through Bluetooth and that was an easy setup. Once everything was set up I was disappointed by the quality of the sound. The base wasn’t quite as punchy as I had hoped the mids were fine and the highs were kind of flat. So then I discovered there was an app that should allow you to tweak these things. It does allow to tweak these things and I was able to get a very good sound, a sound that has punch and carries but doesn’t disturb the neighbors around our pool. The app isn’t quite intuitive and it kind of bugs me that I need the app to get a good sound. Now that I have the sound I like it’s a very excellent speaker with just a few downsides. One downside is the fact that it doesn’t have a battery and needs to be plugged in. A lot of other speakers at this price have a built-in battery so this is a slight disappointment. It’s not like I didn’t know this ahead of time but at this price it would be nice. Probably the biggest downside was the fact that when you first get the unit and it’s off it goes into demo mode which the instructions don’t tell you how to turn demo mode off. There’s a little sticker on top of the unit but that didn’t help me at all. I ended up googling how to do it and it turns out you need the remote which you almost never use otherwise! I have to give it to Sony for making a very good looking and stylish speaker. The styling is second to none. Also the lighting is very cool, easy to adjust and turn off if need be. The speaker has a ton of inputs for music, be it CD or USB or line in or Bluetooth or it can act as an amp for a microphone or a guitar. The CD seems kind of dated but I’m sure there’s people who still use that. And as long as you have a CD on the unit you might as well have FM which this does which is a nice touch actually. As long as you remember the antenna that is which is included but you have to install it. My kids were giving me a hard time about getting the speaker because they thought my small Bluetooth speaker sounded just as good until I sent them to the other side of the pool where they barely hurt the small Bluetooth speaker yet they heard the Sony speaker clear as day.Read more

  4. Michael C. Rockwell

    We needed a way to provide music for our outdoor setting this summer. I am here to report that the Sony MHC-V13 brings it in the best way. This speaker provides so many ways to bring the music; Bluetooth, FM Tuner, CD, USB, ¼ Jack, and mini jack. Let us connect up and take them in order. First connect up your cell phone to the speaker via Bluetooth. At this point you will be able to stream music from your cell phone or service. But I would recommend that the next thing that you do is to download the Sony Music Center application. The speaker can be controlled with on device buttons, and the remote that comes with it, but the real beauty of control comes with the Music Center Application and its companion Party Application called Fiestable. With the app you get access to the library of music on your cell phone, CD, USB, FM Tuner, and access to the services on you phone like Spotify, Amazon Music, Audacy, SiriusXM, etc. If you do not see your favorite App show up automatically, you can easily add it. The FM Tuner was an unexpected surprise. The first thing that you will want to do is add your favorite FM stations to the Preset list which has 20 slots. The tuner does an auto seek to the next station signal, so it is easy to find all the available stations. The CD player is important for not only being able to play standard CD’s, but also for karaoke, many karaoke backing tracks and score come on CD and this CD works with the Fiestable Karaoke app to enable to display of the score, control of the microphone and music levels. There is a Mic/Guitar ¼ input jack on the top and associated volume and echo controls. There is also a convenient pull-out microphone holder. The ability to play music off of a USB is brilliant, the speaker and app work together to display all of the folders and track information in the app. This speaker has color lights that synch with the music or the illumination can be manually set in the Fiestable app. There is so many more capabilities to discover.The most important question is, how is the sound? It is amazing! It is so rich, full spectrum, due to the three well placed speakers. There are also several sound field modes and a Mega Bass. I will leave it up to the listener to select the mode that suits the music and mood. We are very happy with this speaker.Read more

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