0C19HAY94Y6798 Brookstone massive blue move excessive strength wireless indoor/outdoor transportable speaker, bluetooth, integrated qi charging pad, led birthday celebration lights, karaoke mic input, excessive-res audio, intense bass, ipx5, tap-to-hyperlink

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$211.78 $203.46

  • high-power – effective 60w speaker will surround any room with crisp sound. Begin up the party everywhere with ultra-transportable excessive-decision audio presenting 138mm subwoofers for deep bass and brilliant mids – distortion loose, at any volume.
  • easy-hyperlink – link big blue excessive electricity speakers by surely urgent the hyperlink button on both audio system to create a right and left channel, proper wi-fi stereo revel in that fills any room with severe sound. Built-in bluetooth 5. Zero technology with one-step pairing affords a seamless hassle-loose connection even as preserving treasured battery existence for added hours of listening.
  • colorful led lighting – create a club-like environment anywhere with the brookstone big blue excessive power speakers’ led lights machine. With 4 selectable lighting fixtures modes: chill, mood, birthday celebration and rancid. In birthday party mode, multi-color styles synchronize with the rhythm of the beat – the electricity and speed of the mild show suits the music mood and environment.
  • extremely-transportable – with an clean-carry cope with and flexible 2-manner upright or horizontal design, take the large blue excessive strength speaker on the pass and enjoy the same high-quality sound. Built-in qi charging pad for while your telephone or wireless-charging enabled tool runs out of juice.
  • mic-in – want an mc for the night time? Plug in any well matched microphone and start warming up the gang. Best for web hosting big events, or an impromptu karaoke night with buddies!

product description

effective sound, able to filling any area with crystal clean party-starting song.

create a club-like surroundings with built-in led lighting machine that synchronizes the strength and pace of the lights with the tune.

take the large blue party speaker on the go with the integrated smooth-bring cope with.

if your phone is jogging out of electricity, don’t fear. Just vicinity it on the birthday party speaker’s integrated qi charging mat and allow the track play on.

play track from 2 distinct bluetooth enabled gadgets following one after another.

hyperlink two party audio system to create a proper and left channel, true wi-fi stereo revel in.

grasp a mic, and be the mc for big events, or make it an impromptu karaoke night with pals!

expand the party surroundings by using adjusting bass, treble, mic and echo sound controls.

go away your device on pinnacle of the big blue party speaker and grasp a drink!




8 reviews for 0C19HAY94Y6798 Brookstone massive blue move excessive strength wireless indoor/outdoor transportable speaker, bluetooth, integrated qi charging pad, led birthday celebration lights, karaoke mic input, excessive-res audio, intense bass, ipx5, tap-to-hyperlink

  1. Cameron

    This speaker is amazing! I highly recommend it to anyone. For a party, for relaxing with family or friends. Even by yourself. Lol. The sound quality is amazing and stays that way at high volumes. The bass is very good as well. It shakes the whole house, even in different rooms. I haven’t been able to test the battery yet, but so far it’s been going at high volume for almost a whole day and I haven’t charged it yet. I put it in the shower with me. Still works, so water resistance is good too. Great product and well worth the price!Read more

  2. Mike

    I bought this speaker along with the Sony SRX SB43, I couldn’t make up my mind… The Brookstone Big Blue speaker is a powerful little speaker although a bit larger than the Sony. The Brookstone has noticeably better bass and low range sound, the led lights are cool and both have these. One handy aspect is the ability to charge your cell phone wireless with the Brookstone, it even worked through my heavy case protector. The mids, highs and vocals are noticeably sub par when compared to the Sony. All in all I like the speaker for outside around the pool or if you were going to use it for a party. The 60 watts is noticeable to the 20 that the Sony produces. It seems like a well built quality speaker, it’s nice to be able to control the bass and treble with a knob on the speaker, with the Sony you have to open an app to adjust the speaker sound. I would definitely recommend if you are going to use in a large room, otherwise the Sony for the same price point offers more refined sound in a smaller speaker for a smaller room.Read more

  3. Timothy M. Russell

    Loved this speaker sound quality and volume. I bought two because of the connection feature described with intent to use them for outdoor functions. What was not clear to me that you must have your phone (source) tethered to one of the speakers when then are connected. In other words, the bluetooth was not functional when the speakers were connected. I returned these speakers because I couldn’t use them as I intended without abandoning my phone to play music.Read more

  4. AJ

    SUPER HAPPY with the Brookstone Big Blue Go Speaker!! LOUD!! GOOD STRONG BASS!! Blows the bigger brands out of the water for the BANG you get for your BUCK$!! Wanted A speaker with good bass and I got it here!! Like someone else said on here “THIS IS THE ONE YOU WANT!!” One speaker is LOUD & THUMPS so I can only imagine that 2 speakers would really ROCK THE HOUSE!! LOVE the design too!! PERFECT SIZE!! Great for parties and excellent for taking to the park or to the beach!! Also hooked it up to a digital to analog audio converter and have it connected to my tv. It works great to give your movies and shows that extra bass and loudness.Read more

  5. James Barra

    Bought as a speaker for my 1975 corvette convertible. Didn’t want to add a nee radio head unit and car only has two small speaker in it. Figured give this a shot. Pleasantly surprised. Great sounds, plenty of Bass and battery has lasted a few long rides. Just got it but super happy so far.Read more

  6. Engels

    Excelente calidad de audio, tomen en cuenta que en la pagina dice que pesa 6 libra pero realmente pesa 18.7 libras.Read more

  7. Natron S.

    I love Brookstone products anyway. I use it to work on my DJ controller on the go!Read more

  8. Christen

    The sound is amazing!Read more

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