0C19H5X4I39132 Famous person projector,galaxy projector,night time light projector with led galaxy ocean wave projector bluetooth track speaker for toddler bedroom,sport rooms,birthday party,home theatre,night mild environment

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  • star projector & led nebula cloud wave projector: distinct from different merchandise with handiest one colour. Star projector with 10 colour mixtures for nebula cloud and 44 lighting results for starry lights. You can alter its speed, colours, and brightness to create your dream galaxy room(patent protection)
  • improve star projector: star projector features sound-activated flicker function. As long as there’s song or clapping your arms, the light will flick in line with the track rhythm, which developing a starry sky projection. Bluetooth speakers.
  • bluetooth speakers & timers: you can choose your favourite track through bluetooth or usb. Extremely good music and starry sky projections create a romantic and soothing ecosystem in the night time sky. The timer alternative is extra power-efficient, you can also forged all night time light.
  • multi projection results: the lamp project a colourful starry sky onto the walls and ceiling of children’ room, that could achieve a feel for bodily and intellectual enjoyable impact and do top to sleep at the night. It additionally works by sparking your children into imagination, thereby making them fell relaxed. Such ambitious and bright colors can’t be achieved by means of imitations.
  • items for own family & youngsters : the maximum exposure variety of the night time light of the famous person projector reaches an wonderful 1400 square ft, which could without difficulty meet birthdays, birthday party, wedding, room decor, kid’s day, christmas, anniversary presents, it creates a awesome and starry surroundings assist kids stimulate their interest, imagination, creativity. Additionally perfects for indoor ornament as an ocean wave projector, romantic mood light, night time lamp, and bedside lamp.

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8 reviews for 0C19H5X4I39132 Famous person projector,galaxy projector,night time light projector with led galaxy ocean wave projector bluetooth track speaker for toddler bedroom,sport rooms,birthday party,home theatre,night mild environment

  1. Yunru Wu

    This is the most amazing thing ever!!! I hung it in my bedroom and I love it! It is so beautiful and relaxing! I love that it has a remote so I can turn it on and off without having to get out of bed! My room looks like space!! It is super easy to use and easy to connect to your bluetooth device! I love the variety of colors and settings!I also have plans to use it at my next haloween party as it has a setting where it blinks in time with the music it is playing! Perfect party material!With 3 kids my room is my escape room! I love using this while I meditate, it just adds to ambiance and makes it so much more relaxing!!I highly recommend this star projector to anyone and everyone! You will love it!!Read more

  2. neatski

    We bought this light for my daughters room to help with her nighttime fears. The light is so calming, and the effects are beautiful. We like the ocean effect with the stars (see our video) but you can customize the colors and the speed with which the waves and lasers move. We connected an old iPad to the Bluetooth speaker and use it to play soft music. It transforms her room into a calming spa every night. It was worth every penny for us. Also- the seller’s customer service is exceptional!! I had a small issue with the remote control and they resolved it immediately, no questions asked! I highly recommend this product and seller. It is definitely worth the extra few dollars over some of the other products on here.Read more

  3. Dulce Garza

    I absolutely love this product ! I bought it because my friend took one I had but it was nothing like this one, and it’s a speaker as well! This is beautiful and peaceful 🥰🌍Read more

  4. Ruth

    I absolutely love this thing!! My boyfriend ordered it for our room & it’s so cool. So many different options of room vibes!In my opinion, the lights don’t change to the music like I expected, but it’s still so much fun to use it with music for social gatherings & parties !! 12/10 recommendRead more

  5. megan

    The light moved and projected the waves clearly and isn’t loud at all, you can barely hear when it’s on which is great for falling asleep to! The component is a good size and all the settings / adjustments you can make are perfect and as specified in its description. The music function to Bluetooth works really well too, with a decent sounding system for a machine that’s not specifically made to be a speaker. Overall, it’s a great price for what it can do as a small compact star light projector.Read more

  6. Biz6684

    Updated to 5 stars* This is my new favorite thing but I am going to return it because of a noise it makes. Hopefully it’s just this one because I would like another. *I was able to return it and they sent me a new one, I think I got that before they received the return, new one is perfect.* Things to note: the plug is in the front (at least if you are going to use the remote) I couldn’t figure out why the remote wasn’t working, I had the plug turned to the back but the remote needs to point at the infrared censor on the plug side.Pros: beautiful, so many options, you can mix 2 colors, you can do just stars, ocean waves, 2 kinds of fades, add music via Bluetooth, dimmable, automatically turns off after 4 hours, it’s not just for kids but Parker of all ages who enjoy fun happy lightingCons: plug is in the front, placement doesn’t really make sense, be careful when you are walking by, don’t want a laser in the eyeDefinitely will make a great gift, get one for yourself too.Read more

  7. Sam

    Did exactly as advertised. I bought this to have a camp night indoors. The night sky was beautiful and they have different color settings. I didn’t realize that it was a speaker too when I ordered. It’s not the best sound quality but can get surprisingly loud for the size. The remote is okay, but you have to get a bit redundantly near for it to work. We’ve used the night sky about 4 times and the speaker 3 times since August and it’s been fine. The timer was convenient as well. Overall decent product for the price.Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    It is a cool item and works well, but the room has to be pretty dark, and not that big, but still pretty cool.Read more

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