0C19G4HSI70365 My puppy command 50ft long range anti barking device, vehicle ultrasonic canine bark deterrent, dual speaker waterproof for out of doors use adjustable ultrasonic stage manage, bonus schooling whistle

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  • secure ,humane,easy to use and set up! An ultrasonic anti barking tool with 3 distance level levels as much as 50ft. Truly put this canine bark control gadget in any outside putting where immoderate barking takes place. The unit will automatically stumble on canine’s barking sounds with its touchy microphone feature up to 50 ft away and emit a safe ultrasonic sound that simplest dogs can listen to deter and educate your or yours neighbour’s canine to prevent barking!!
  • absolutely automated anti bark fowl residence controller. Uses standard 9v battery (provided),sensitive microphone to pick any dog barking sounds as much as 50 feet away with three distance adjustable settings (15-50 toes) with dual speaker output to fit your kind of dog and environment.
  • waterproof (ipx4 ) made to be used for outside. Comes with a convenient mounting screw provision allowing you to mount it on any fence or put up or with placing lanyard rope tool!!
  • works for all sizes and breeds of dogs: we have designed this anti barking control device as a way to assist your canine forestall barking humanely, irrespective of what length or breed (now not beneficial for puppies which can be deaf or listening to impaired). Pleasant is confident, but if you encounter any trouble along with your object, please do no longer hesitate to touch us by e-mail or cellphone, we can continually be right here solve the problem via our customer support providing you with peace & quiet. First-rate guaranteed with 12-month guarantee
  • consists of (1) auto anti-bark controller (1) lanyard/hanging rope (1)mounting screw (1) 9v battery (1) bonus ultrasonic training whistle (1) complete guide and instructions. Strive it out and contact us for any assist or recommendation

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product description

do you’ve got worrying puppies that bark excessively ? Do you’ve got neighbours puppies that worsen you with immoderate barking in particular when you are attempting to sleep at night time? Do you need a easy and smooth safe and humane manner to control puppies barking giving you peace and quiet? Do you need to assure that your canine won’t annoy your neighbours while you are away? My puppy command’s auto ultrasonic no bark stopper is the best smooth schooling resource and training device to help you this bark chook residence addresses all problems with this high great controller including: water resistant for out of doors use, clean and easy to use, three distance settings to choose from 15ft, 30ft and up to 50 feet, twin speaker output, check mode setup with led indicator and occasional battery purple led indicator making it visually clean to see while your battery desires replacementour bark deterrent is definitely portable, take it anywhere or location it in permanent role! An anti-bark controller for out of doors environments with its ipx4 weather score. Clearly dangle it in your garden fence, put up or tree with the furnished putting rope lanyard or use the screw to mount/dangle with the mounting screw provision. Region it on tree or put up for outdoor use. Comes with following featuresipx4 weather rated appropriate for outdoor environments3 distance level variety settings for 15, 30 and 50 ft with a check mode setupdual speaker output in contrast to 1 speaker output fashions 9v battery blanketed. Really replace the battery as requiredbonus ultrasonic training whistlemounting screw provision (dangle it or attach it in which you want) as well as lanyard rope suppliedit’s the simplest antibark sonic controller you should consider for all your anti-barking wishes. See for your self the distinction among my puppy command’s newest model and the competition. Buy today with self assurance way to on the spot customer service assist and 12-month assurance.

8 reviews for 0C19G4HSI70365 My puppy command 50ft long range anti barking device, vehicle ultrasonic canine bark deterrent, dual speaker waterproof for out of doors use adjustable ultrasonic stage manage, bonus schooling whistle

  1. Daisy

    I had a German Shepherd she loves to bark and it annoys the neighbors. And my guide dog does not like it my other two dogs there are pretty chill. What I did not like is the flimsy string that does not actually clip on to the birdhouse it falls off. It’s just made out of thin plastic and two little bitty L-shaped pieces that go underneath the side of the roof on each side no way to keep it attached but gravity. Dog knocks it off birdhouse and strings gone just got a new privacy fence didn’t want to put holes in it to use the screw screw is very short. The birdhouse does work I do not know on the battery life yet because I just got it but I do not think it’s waterproof due to the back door the battery pops off very easily. That’s why I didn’t order another product again because once the water got in there it was ruined also there was no mentions in the product reviews about how cold you could use this product. I probably would’ve gave it a five star rating if the birdhouse actually had clipped on that string to make it secure at the battery door was more seal proof and worked below 40°. Now the free whistle real dog whistles you do not hear it whistle it is silence this was so makes and annoying noise. You could go get one of the cheap dog whistles or should I say kid whistles that they like to blow can it be compromisable. If they were to correct all this I would’ve gave it five stars inside my house it does stop my dogs barking but it does punish the ones that are not barking.Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    We purchased this item because our neighbor next-door got a yippie dog that is driving us crazy. The device completely made this dog stop barking within three days! It is so wonderful, we would recommend it to anybody!Read more

  3. AnneMarie Simeone

    Bought for my 2 dogs, they bark at everything, so wanted to give this a try. It does work on the one dog, but not on the other. I think because it is new, spo wil update if the other stops also.Read more

  4. Darryl R.

    Ok, ive never done a product review before but feel i have to.Ive called the police twice on my neighbor that lets her dogs out for hours to bark at trees or butterflies in texas (i live in Louisiana). She has NO respect for her neighbors.Anyway, this anti bark box is awesome. I put it out and hung it on my boat (put there to deflect barks). She let them out, they came a running to their microphone (corner of the fence), barked one time and i havent heard anything for hours!!!! Best money ive ever spent!Read more

  5. Sara

    The product worked great for the first couple weeks. I’m hoping we just need to change the battery already, because it has been a life saver. Our little Yorkie doesn’t bark anymore, but our little Javanese poodle has started barking. I don’t know if it’s bc of a weight difference (Yorkie is 20 lbs and Havanese mix is 6 lbs). But, the Yorkie is the worst of the two. Like I said it’s been great and just hoping we need to change the battery.Read more

  6. Deborah Szczypinski

    Noise sensor was too sensitive. Went off at normal voices and sounds drove my dog to run away.Read more

  7. MizMary

    I only set this out when I want to be in my backyard. It takes a while for the big neighbor dogs to be bothered by it enough to reduce the barking at me. But they eventually switch to just growling. They hadn’t done that before.Read more

  8. Donna Babcock

    Does not work on neighbors dogs. Save your money.Read more

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