0C19EOUYZDU434 Bluetooth speakerphone – luna computer speakers with microphone w/superior noise discount algorithm, daisy chain, w/dongle usb speakerphone for home workplace, 360° voice pickup for eight human beings black

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  • new heritage noise reducting generation & speech enhancement – emeet luna bluetooth speakerphone capabilities different up to date voiceia generation, getting rid of heritage noise inclusive of air con noise, keyboard clicks, & wellknown historical past noise. With the automobile-vocal-growth feature, this usb convention speakerphone is capable of pick out the gap of the sound supply, routinely regulate the sound volume to comprehend self-quantity stability, and offer a smooth and clean call experience.
  • daisy chain for as much as 12 attendees – with emeet cascading cable, you are capable of daisy chain luna usb speakerphone with every other luna speakerphone to amplify the effective assembly area. The cascading characteristic makes luna convention microphone and speaker greater flexible to without problems work properly for small meetings (under eight attendees) to medium and big conferences (as much as 12 or greater contributors). (note: daisy chain cable desires to buy one by one.)
  • multi-microphone array & 360 ° pickup – three microphone array prepared with self-evolved voiceia set of rules technology to comprehend 360 ° unfastened pickup and the most volume of the speaker changed into increased to 80db making luna bluetooth conference speaker clean to apply to a larger convention room. This convention microphone and speaker turned into made to be complete-duplex making sure your remote convention call will no longer be interrupted and assist you experience easy calling experience.
  • diverse connection mode & robust compatibility – usb, bluetooth, aux, dongle connection are all your alternatives to attach luna convention speaker along with your devices. With the dongle, luna speaker cellphone may be paired robotically pairing computers and resolve the trouble of bluetooth compatibility of computer to make sure stable connection. No motive force needed, plug and play. It’s also like minded with numerous systems, inclusive of zoom, skype for business, webex, and so on. Regardless of win or mac could be without difficulty connected.
  • fashionable & intimate design – emeet luna conference speaker followed superior sandblasting procedure making complete-metal and matte shade shell in order that luna bluetooth speakerphone could more integrate with your office layout or domestic workplace. Dongle slot and transportable layout will let you convey luna usb speakerphone all spherical and hold a assembly everywhere you want with out dropping the dongle. Whether you are within the office, at home, or on a commercial enterprise ride, luna speakerphone allows you satisfy a easy calling.
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  • what is the amazon element wide variety for the emeet cascading daisy chain cable?
  • what is the amazon element quantity for the emeet cascading daisy chain cable?

  • dose it paintings with microsoft groups?
  • dose it work with microsoft groups?

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  • dear purchaser,
    version of bluetooth is 4. 2
    if you have any in addition questions, please call us at【tel:8889595320】【electronic mail: assist@emeet. Ai】
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    6 reviews for 0C19EOUYZDU434 Bluetooth speakerphone – luna computer speakers with microphone w/superior noise discount algorithm, daisy chain, w/dongle usb speakerphone for home workplace, 360° voice pickup for eight human beings black

    1. David Wood

      With the recent stay at home orders and need for more conference calling on Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts, I needed a cost effective way to provide technology to my office that was good quality and cost effective. Last year I purchased an eMeet M2 unit which I was very impressed with, so I was quite excited when I found that eMeet had introduced the Lunu to their line up. At a lower price point it was hard to pass up. My testing is as follows:Desktop: Ubuntu 20.04 via included dongleTested: Microsoft Teams and Google HangoutsSound quality: very goodMicrophone: recipients noted that they could hear us very clearly. Additionally, we were in a room where the A/C was very loud however, the Luna did a very nice job of cancelling out the noise.Note: Ubuntu easily recognized the device without the need to download and install any additional drivers and was recognized the instant the dongle was plugged in and the Luna was turned on.iPhone 11 via bluetoothTested: regular voice calling and Microsoft TeamsSound quality: very goodMicrophone: recipients noted that they could hear us very clearly.Note: the iPhone paired very easily with the Luna via bluetooth.Desktop: Windows 10 via built in bluetoothTested: Microsoft Teams and Google HangoutsSound quality: very goodMicrophone: recipients noted that they could hear us very clearly.Note: Windows 10 paired very easily with the Luna via bluetooth.Additional note on the microphone – recipients could hear us very well upto 8 feet away (or so).Additional note on the speaker – when playing music through it only the left channel was present. Not really a concern as I did not buy it to play music however, the sound quality of the music was rather nice.In the attached pictures, the Luna is on the left and the M2 on the right.Conclusion: the Luna has the price point and quality that will be hard to beat by competitive products.Read more

    2. Ben

      I’m very happy with this eMeet product. This Luna speakerphone has excellent sound quality and so far the microphone is very clear is what I get as feedback. The design is compact and nice and the device is easy to operate (Bluetooth, VoiceIA, Volume buttons, battery). I have used it now for one-on-one call meetings and music listening and for both, the Luna is very satisfying. I expect it will do well for group meetings too. I have been using the eMeet USB speakerphone before and that has never disappointed me, but now hearing the sound quality of the Luna, its definitely an improvement. On top of that the Luna works excellent with the Bluetooth. There are 3 different ways to connect the speaker; USB cable, USB dongle and BT. All work very well and no worries loosing the dongle as it fits in the back of the speaker. Battery life when it’s connected to BT looks good, after few meetings totaling over 2hrs of conversations is still 3/4 full.Read more

    3. Force773

      I needed a better quality, louder speakerphone capability for my iPhone for extended conference calls. This unit is well-made, packaged nicely, and connected to my phone in seconds with BlueTooth. I also tested connecting it to a laptop with equal success. The package includes the cables and connectors shown above, so you can connect with USB, BlueTooth, or wired connection (as described). For the money this is an outstanding value.Read more

    4. dprice7

      Been using this product non-stop for the past week and couldn’t be happier. People can’t tell that I’m on a speakerphone and they come through crystal clear. I use it more than my AirPods now. I also have it hooked up to my computer for the same purposes.Read more

    5. James and Audrey

      Just received and set this up since I really need a full-duplex speakerphone and didn’t want to spend a ton of money. I was previously using the eMeet M1 and had great support from for any questions I had. Playing music on the Luna is much better than the M1, but I mainly use it for calls and conference calls. I have tested calling from my computer and from my phone over bluetooth which are connected at the same time, no issues. Will be using a lot during the week for work so I will update this review later in the week based on those experiences.Read more

    6. Peter

      I’ve used the predecessor product eMeet2 before and liked it. This one works even better: the microphone picks up conversations very well, but background noise is suppressed even better. It’s easy to connect (I use it via Bluetooth and directly via USB cable) and works with my Nextiva app, Zoom and Skype. A nice upgrade!Read more

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