0C19EOE4WIT417 [new upgrade] bluetooth five. 0 amplifier stereo audio amp receiver, 2 channel mini hello-fi elegance d integrated amp, for domestic passive speakers (bt20a-s)

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  • ensure this suits
  • by means of entering your version wide variety.
  • 【bluetooth 5. 0】bluetooth 5. 0 streaming variety as much as 50ft(15m), with bass and treble manage, simple compact design but realistic and powerful.
  • 【drivable】connect with your mp3/phone/pad/computer as bluetooth input, 24v four. 5a strength deliver and 100w x2@4ohm support to power 2 ohm – 8 ohm speakers.
  • 【superb chip】undertake 2 pcs traditional ti tpa3116d2 chips to get clear and clarity sound, no audible noise, dead silent whilst not anything is gambling thru it.
  • 【excessive performance】home hello-fi integrated qualcomm bluetooth five. 0 chip, exclusively designed for the customers who pursue hifi sound.
  • 【rock strong】no sparks and no audible noise, aluminum shell to positive high nice; 18-month assurance, you could touch us or return the item when you have any questions.

product description

get the listening entertainment!

  • packing listing:
  • 1*bt20a amplifier
  • 1*24v 4. 5a energy deliver
  • 2. 0 channel bluetooth stereo amplifier

  • energy adapter: 24v/four. 5a
  • dc enter variety: 12-24v
  • terminating impedance: 2 ohm – eight ohm
  • max strength output: 100w x 2
  • thd ≤ zero. 04%
  • frequency range: 20hz – 20khz (±1 db)
  • snr ≥ 98db
  • enter sensitivity ≤ 280mv
  • enter mode: bluetooth and rca
  • bluetooth transmission distance: as much as 50 feet
  • 2 channel strength amplifier series: bt10a, bt20a, tb10a, v1. Zero, tda7498e, hd-a1, bt20c
  • 2. 1 channel electricity amplifier series: bt30a, bt30c, bt30e, tb20a
  • dac collection: this fall, q5, q5 seasoned, q6, q7; dac amp: da2120a, da2120c
  • subwoofer amplifier series: tp-01, tp-02, tp-03, m02, m03
  • phono preamp: container x2; tube preamp: p1
  • tube headphone amplifier: t20, p2
  • fosi audio bt20a has dual shade management to visually see the sample of inputs for short checking. Curved edges and glossy controls intensify its unibody design. A brand new generation: extraordinary design, advanced operation.

    best if you pick separate passive speakers and preamps on your audio setup. 100 watt consistent with channel power output can pressure maximum domestic passive speakers to create mind-blowing sound. Easy to fit your audio gadget with bluetooth and rca enter.

    the antique version or different logo amplifiers sparks flying while strength deliver plugin, it’s risky. With a integrated strength safety circuit, there are not any sparks flying while you plug the electricity adapter into the amplifier. Safe to be used!

    immediately setup with telephones, pills, and nearly another bluetooth-enabled device. Bluetooth 5. 0 chip ensures your devices keep a robust, solid connection as much as 50 toes away for skip-loose tune.

    the high-performance texas units tpa3116d2 chip gives tune with rousing highs and deep lows. Even at high volumes, there’s less than zero. 04% harmonic distortion ensuing in exquisite clarity.

    not like different amplifiers come with a reasonably-priced 12v electricity deliver. Fosi audio bt20a equip with the strength-green and solid strength supply which were given authoritative certification with the aid of many protection exams, can get an superb sound.


    BT10A-S, BT20A-S

    6 reviews for 0C19EOE4WIT417 [new upgrade] bluetooth five. 0 amplifier stereo audio amp receiver, 2 channel mini hello-fi elegance d integrated amp, for domestic passive speakers (bt20a-s)

    1. verdegirl

      So I’m really enjoying this little guy. Maybe the best $60-something purchase I’ve made in some time. I listen to a wide range of music, from current pop to classic rock to Bach, medieval music, etc. And I purchased this for a small-footprint, inexpensive bedroom system, where I can stream music from a tablet, laptop, etc. to a small amp and speakers located on a dresser. This is perfect for that. Hifi purists may point out that it is a Class D amplifier — in my younger years 🙂 I both repaired and sold stereo equipment and learned that the most expensive/highest specs don’t necessarily provide the most enjoyment. So here I am, sipping coffee and listening to this little amp, paired with an “ancient” pair of Technics SB-LX10 bookshelf speaks, streaming from YouTube on the tablet I’m writing this on and thoroughly enjoying the music. Being able to go online and pick from the world’s music and stream it to the Fosi is fantastic. Yeah, I sometimes miss vinyl, but I don’t miss flipping the album every 45 minutes or so, or the space all that equipment took. So thanks guys for this little amp and keep up the good work!Read more

    2. Alex

      Really good sound, pushing Paradigm Monitor Atoms, I’m more than impressed! I have larger Paradigms in the other room powered by a high end Marantz… and I’m not sure it sounds as good. I find myself just playing track after track with this little amp. The Treble and Bass pots are more than enough control to dial in your exact preference. Cranked up they add a ton of volume. I’d buy this again in a heartbeat.**update, the Bluetooth loses signal intermittently, not sure why with the huge antenna but that could be improved.Read more

    3. brainstaples

      So, I got this box because of how inexpensive it was. It was an impulse buy. I hooked it up to replace a 30+ year old Onkyo receiver which didn’t do bluetooth (having recently setup a paid Spotify account). I was just going to use it as an interim bluetooth amplifier while I considered something more expensive/full feature. I am so pleasantly surprised by how well the Fosi box works! This $80 amp is an eye opener. For more info – I am driving a small Boston Acoustics Satellite speaker (which I got with the Onkyo receiver mentioned earlier), the corresponding Boston Acoustics passive subwoofer and an MK S150 center channel speaker (the two other MK’s are with the home theater setup). My music sounds better than I thought was possible. I just ordered two KEF Q350’s – I’m very optimistic about the sound I’ll be enjoying over Christmas.Read more

    4. Brian

      Except for those aspects of long term quality that only time will reveal I can make a long story short and just say go ahead and purchase this device.I love the sound generated by this device. I am very happy with this purchase.I needed to find a replacement / alternative for a RIP old school (18 years / Panasonic) receiver that was serving double duty for music and home theatre. The Panasonic was driving 2 quality front speakers and a decent center speaker in a 12 X 20 room. Overall the sound quality was very good with the exception of dialog for some movies and TV shows. While exploring alternatives for a replacement receiver and possible upgrade for the center speaker I became aware of a mini Bluetooth Amplifier as a possible alternative for music. I did look at full sized A/V receivers, but eventually decided on a sound bar for home theatre and this amplifier for my orphan speakers.The almost 2 decade longevity of the previous device left me unfamiliar with current offerings, but I envisioned and expected something compact and powerful with Bluetooth and connectivity for a wired device like my IPOD.On my second try I came across the FOSI BT20A-S mini Bluetooth Amplifier.I love the sound generated by this device. I am very happy with this purchase.When I connected this amp I was very pleased. The sound was exceptional and especially impressive to me as previous experience had only been with devices that were so much larger. There are pro and con debates over the merits of different classes of amps as well as the quality of digital music; I can only say that with a quality set of speakers the music originating from my phone and passing through this amplifier via Bluetooth was excellent. Same for IPOD via wired Line-In. With no active source there is no sound from the speakers at all. When turned up louder than I will ever listen to it (12 X 20 room) there was no distortion and no cut out. I listened to a range of different music genres as well as spoken word podcasts. I love this amplifier and was very pleasantly surprised that this tiny device at this relatively low price could deliver such a satisfying experience.I found a video review of this device where the reviewer opened the case to appraise the components inside (he pointed out Texas Instruments and Qualcomm) and to highlight that the amplifier chips were under a heat sink that was very much larger than the chip itself. This is key as the 1st amplifier I tried (one of the ‘also very small white oval front red aluminum body’ ones) had a heat sink only just covering the chip and the device became so hot I could not touch it and it was returned despite also generating excellent sound. In the video review of this Fosi amp the reviewer was concerned about heat from such a small and powerful device and measured the temperature (inside and out / before operation and after an hour) with moderate change in temperature and well within the published specifications of the chip.Again completely satisfied with the sound I would only say this second one is not quite as loud at max volume as the one I returned (but plenty loud.) I am at an age where clarity is more important than volume and in that context IMO the volume at about 60% is more than enough for my room and would easily suffice for an open room double the size. Most importantly to me after having to return the first device was that after playing for 2 hours at a volume higher than I need the case was just the slightest bit warmer than when I first turned it on.Read more

    5. JJM

      Added this to my newest third computer/screen on my desk for WFH. Needed a small footprint for a crowded three system setup where this new 3rd system was a dedicated Zoom set up. Its paired with a small foot print pair of 4″ Boston Acoustic speakers media theater speakers off an old system. I mainly use this for Zoom meetings partnered with a Logitech 920 camera, and it works great–no Feedback. But for the occasional music break, this amp cranks, and sound is very good despite the low cost. I got the BT20A. The Blue tooth works great, but I subsequently hardwired it to pluggable docking station. Might get another for my basement workshop. Great little amp.Read more

    6. A. Leuthard

      Does what one would expect. I’m able to bluetooth to an Amazon Echo device and stream music to 2 pairs of 50W outdoor speakers to keep my backyard full of Disney music while my kids play (or rock out while my wife and I and friends play). Easy setup, consistent bluetooth connection, crystal clear output at moderate volumes. The speakers crackle at higher volumes, but this amp wasn’t designed to drive 4 speakers, and I don’t need my neighbors to hear my music.Only con in my book is the big black power brick. It’s larger than the amp and defeats the purpose of having a smaller device.All in all, a good purchase.Read more

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