0C19E25GRYE326 Sharper photo soundhaven wi-fi earbuds, bluetooth 5. 0 with qi wi-fi charging, earphones with 4 mics, 16 hr playtime, ergonomic layout, 5 ear tip sizes

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  • crystal clean audio: take the sharper picture soundhaven wi-fi earbuds with you anywhere! They are designed to offer top class sound best with crystal clean audio to give the person the best experience possible.
  • all-round wireless: move cordless without any wires within the manner. Those earbuds charge wirelessly with qi technology and pair together with your tool via bluetooth 5. Zero connectivity. They’re also ipx4 sweatproof and water-resistant — so take them on-the-move.
  • up to 16 hours of playtime: stream for longer! Play song and watch videos for four hours on one fee, then pop them back within the case for a re-price: as much as 16 hours of overall playtime.
  • perfect for home, office, or tour: every earbud has 2 microphones built in, allowing you to be heard crystal clean while making smartphone calls.
  • remodeled layout: the 2020 version of the wireless earbuds are leaps and boundaries ahead of any preceding designs. We centered on generating crystal clear sound pleasant to offer the person with a phenomenal, unmatched musical enjoy.
  • i got mine these days and that i’m noticing that it plays only one ear pod instead of each. Why is it doing that?
  • i were given mine today and that i’m noticing that it plays handiest one ear pod as opposed to each. Why is it doing that?

  • i have a pair of those and searching to shop for a cover to put on the charging case , is there any with a purpose to in shape them ?
  • i’ve a couple of these and looking to shop for a cover to place on the charging case , is there any a good way to suit them ?

  • are those ipx4 or ipx7? There are images claiming both on this add.
  • are those ipx4 or ipx7? There are photos claiming each in this upload.

  • what’s the variety of the sign?
  • what is the range of the signal?



    8 reviews for 0C19E25GRYE326 Sharper photo soundhaven wi-fi earbuds, bluetooth 5. 0 with qi wi-fi charging, earphones with 4 mics, 16 hr playtime, ergonomic layout, 5 ear tip sizes

    1. Go Red Sox

      I’ve had the Apple AirPods for about two years and was having problems. The right ear bud has low volume and I get less than an hour on a charge now.So, I was looking for replacements and chose to try these. The thought of shelling out over $200 for a new pair from Apple…Once I received them I was anxious to connect them to my phone, but the instructions call for a full charge first. I’m impatient waiting like that but they charged from zero very quickly.Fitting them next, I tried using a couple of the ear canal adaptors until I found one that was comfortable, which was easy to do. They are nice and fit well in my ears, I felt comfortable that they will stay in even while exercising.Connecting them to my phone was completely uneventful, as you’d hope it would be. Typical Bluetooth connection we are all comfortable with now.Of course the sound quality is probably the most important attribute and these really perform. Since they fit better in my ear, there is good isolation from what’s happening around the house. Good loudness and it seems to me that the bass is fuller than my AirPods, but mine are in a diminished state so that’s not a fair comparison.I think the microphones are equally important and those folks that I’ve called considered the quality on their end as very good.My only feedback to Sharper Image is that the case should have a more rounded design. I’m always in the go with ear buds in pocket. The case is a bit ‘chunkier’ than I’d prefer.All-in-all, and especially considering the nice price, a terrific buy.Read more

    2. Eddie_W2

      These are by far the best wireless earbuds I have ever used. Highly recommended. Excellent for gift givingRead more

    3. Billy K. Colson

      The Sharper Image wireless earbuds will be a good spare set to utilize in case of emergency. Sound quality is very good, but they just don’t match the highest volume of my Apple EarPods Pro. Great value for the price though! The extra ear cushions are really nice too. Buy 2, get a 3rd set free is also an excellent offer which I took advantage of.Read more

    4. Mei

      A total waste of money. The ear pieces don’t have on/off control. If they don’t turn on / off on their own, then I need to put them back in the case with hope they turn on when I pull them out again. You need to control volume in your phone which is not so convenient. It’s really difficult to pull the ear pieces out of the case – it’s a really dumb design. One ear piece doesn’t charge properly – it doesn’t fit in the case well for proper charge. I can’t believe this is a sharper image for Product. I now have less confidence in SI products. Seriously Don’t waste money on this product.Read more

    5. MoMO

      The product does not function properly. The headphone functions activated by pressing on the headphone itself, do not work and it is quite frustrating. I will request to return them, but I am traveling til mid November and I hope I can still return the unitRead more

    6. jesse garcia

      They were OK as long as I was listening to music and I had both of them in my ear which didn’t allow me to hear anything else. But if I wanted to keep them off I just use them when someone called me they would not connect to my iPhone I would have to pull out my phone and connect to Bluetooth over and over, the most frustrating thing! Not good for me!Read more

    7. Troy Schnack

      These earbuds are very comfortable and when connected, work very well for listening to music and also for conversations with VoIP or video conferences. However, they have an extremely poor range and connection stability. Anything outside 3-4 feet from computers tablets or phones disconnects. Other times you hear “powering off”, then a few seconds go by and “powering on”. The consistency is maddening.Read more

    8. Steve R

      Pluses. Very comfortable and sound fine. Was given a new pair and the sounds skips when walking. Decided to buy another pair as I liked the feel and it skips less but still does. Also, periodically the left earbud just turns off for no reason. They need to figure out the issues. I’ll return one setRead more

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