0C19D8AZM3E889 Tribit stormbox micro bluetooth speaker, ip67 water-proof & dustproof transportable outdoor speaker, motorbike speakers with loud sound, advanced ti amplifier, built-in xbass, 100ft bluetooth variety, orange

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  • size-defying sound – tribit stormbox micro bluetooth speaker may be small, however it is both loud and effective, making it clearly the existence of any celebration! Regardless of the sort of tunes you play, complete-sounding mids and trebels will deliver your tune to existence.
  • fairly weighty bass – undertake exclusive built-in xbass tuning dsp era, this brilliant wi-fi speaker will praise you with extra extension bass. A resoundingly deep bass will wonder you with its versatility in dealing with exclusive genres.
  • one hundred% water-resistant – ip67 method this portable speaker has unheard of water and dust safety. Water resistant technology, plus cloth-covered exterior, will keep it secure and in excellent running order if it falls into the water, even supposing it is soapy or salty.
  • adventure-geared up – take this out of doors speaker as a really perfect associate to mountaineering, cycling or hiking, and be prepared to take your enjoy up a notch. Attach the tear-resistant silicone strap to handlebars or backpacks, it’ll keep tight every time.
  • double up, now in stereo – ready to double the fun? The wireless stereo technology permits you to pair your speaker to a second micro, pumping up your auditory enjoy with larger sound and stereo consequences.

product description

based by using a collective of sound engineers and design maestros, tribit has grow to be one of the quickest-developing audio manufacturers in north the united states. As a wi-fi audio logo, tribit hits the highs on each smashing sound nice and stunning appears. For us, the tune by no means. Ever. Stops.

tribit stormbox micro bluetooth speaker

ready to perform regardless of the occasion, adventure or climate condition, the stormbox micro bluetooth speaker packs the proper punch of rugged, indestructible reliability with a remarkably ambitious sound for its length. Capable of suit inside the palm of your hand, this powerful bluetooth speaker produces loud and clean sound with a deep bass. For last portability, you can strap it directly to a backpack, cooler, belt loop, or tree department, or even onto the handlebars of your bicycle.

  • powerful sound: surround your self with wealthy, nuanced sound.
  • designed for journey – designed to withstand falls, whether onto rock or into mud, micro is made for heavy-duty use.
  • hardcore water resistant – ip67 protection with material-protected outdoors dealing with whatever from falls to dunks in water – be it clear, soapy or salty.
  • birthday celebration mode ¨c double the sound, double the amusing.
  • don’t choose a e-book via its cowl. Once you pay attention this bluetooth speaker, you’ll see how suitable matters are available small packages. Use it interior or outdoors, and allow it fill the surrounding surroundings with mind-blowing audio strength. You might not find a more powerful speaker this length – you have got to listen it for yourself!

    injuries take place. Don’t permit that inevitability stop the song and wreck your speaker. In case you plan on being close to water, play it safe with a speaker designed to live to tell the tale just about whatever. Drop this bluetooth speaker within the pool or carry it to the wasteland without worry, since this sonic warrior is constructed to resist massive quantities of dirt and water alike.

    if your pal has a stormbox micro bluetooth speaker too, you could use your other stormbox micro bluetooth speaker in stereo mode in order that they play the identical song on the same time, but in stereo. There is no better manner to ramp up your enjoy!

    you might be keen on climbing, hiking, summer season pool events, lazy picnics, and afternoon barbecues. Or perhaps your concept of rest is being attentive to a podcast at the same time as tending the garden. The stormbox micro transportable bluetooth speaker is the precise speaker for a majority of these activities. You could even bring it to a pageant, on a backpacking journey, or with you within the canoe. Geared up with a tear-resistant strap, you could connect it to almost something, permitting you to carry the sound with you wherever you roam.

    this transportable bluetooth speaker is designed for the outdoors-y type. Whether or not you spend your amusement time at the park, on the pool, on your lawn, or on your outside manning the grill, this is the speaker for you! Surprisingly portable, this rugged speaker is the consummate travel partner for all of your out of doors tours.

    rechargeable battery lasts up to 8 hours and makes use of the most modern usb-c charging cable, so you can enjoy a full time out with friends and circle of relatives with out worrying about battery lifestyles. Cutting-edge bluetooth 5. Zero era offers a quicker and greater strong connection with your device. A built-in mic and superior 100-foot range way you may never ought to leave your telephone behind.


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    3 reviews for 0C19D8AZM3E889 Tribit stormbox micro bluetooth speaker, ip67 water-proof & dustproof transportable outdoor speaker, motorbike speakers with loud sound, advanced ti amplifier, built-in xbass, 100ft bluetooth variety, orange

    1. Joms

      I dont write reviews, but when something shows incredible value and would help others I try to take the time to do so.Short version : this is a great speaker, an upgrade to the Bose micro in my opinion.Long version:I own a few bluetooth speakers, with the Bose micro as one of my favorites. Its portable, sounds great and easy to travel with.I have to admit tho, this is a great upgrade, an update so to speak to the Bose micro due to its USB-C charging port. I personally dont like the silicone material used on the Bose micro, and prefer the material on the Stormbox micro.The big question, does it sound as good? Let me make this clear: sound is subjective. What sound profile I prefer might be different from what you like or dislike. Another thing to keep in mind that this is meant to be used as a personal speaker, and not meant for a big party room.The Bose micro, compared to its other speakers in my opinion, has been subpar to their other speakers. I have the mini, the revolve and even the soundwear, but for some reason, the Bose micro sounds muffled.The Stormbox micro, on the other hand sounds clear and robust, and if you didnt tell me, I’d think this was the Bose speaker in a blind test, given its sound profile similarly found in the other models.There are bass ports located at the back, and hasn’t distorted at high volumes.I mentioned the Bose micro sounding muffled, and with it laying flat on a table to utilize the bass ports makes it worse. On the other hand the Stormbox micro retains its clarity, almost similar to an omnidirectional speaker.This isn’t a JBL flip 4 or 5, but it’s also not as heavy or as big. There lies its strength, portability without sacrificing sound quality. Tribit did an exceptional job, similar to what Cambridge Soundworks did with their speakers back in its day.This is an exceptional speaker at an exceptional price.*edited to include comment i posted*just for reference, the other two speakers pictured are clockwiseJBL Clip 3- this was a purchase for my son, who loves his flip 4. This one was somewhat of an accessory. Soundwise, its clear, but bass was nonexistent, especially disappointing coming from the JBL family, who are known for their bass heavy speakers.Ihome IBT137-a buy on a whim, from bed bath and beyond, again for my kid. A toy to be sunk into the tub, but played pretty well for what it was. if you dont expect much, you wont be disappointed as much either. bass is lacking.Bose Micro-Of course, the Bose micro is on the bottom right, which ive indicated my thoughts in the review. one bonus tho is that their native app, once installed, can turn on the speaker even when on standby via bluetooth. this is to be the same for the revolve, and the soundwear. sadly the soundlink mini 2 does not use the app.JBL Go2.- Dont. just hard pass. i have this one too, but man, not worth it. even for its mobility.By the way, as of June 2020, there is a coupon floating around on the web, which makes this amazingly worth the price. i bought it full MSRP, but saw it afterwards. i cant get two unfortunately, Big boss declined. =)Edited 10/06/20Finally got a second one for 40 clams, and definitely at this point, this is a steal. on its own, its still one of the best portable speakers i carry around, both at work and out and about if needed. Setero or party mode, it was great and just added a great investment.I also recently bought the Tribit Surf, i already have a xsound go, but man, this is still the best one IMO. I love the USB-C connectivity, but the sound profile on this is definitely worth the price (especially at discounts around 40 bucks).I look forward to trying out the JBL Go 2 and Clip 5, but this is still my favorite speaker.Edit 10/13/2020Its the final hours of prime day, this was the first thing I bought, with the $10 coupon off, and some $10 prime day money to spend.I got the orange one and was hoping to love it. It’s my favorite color, but expected more of a fall, maple leaf burnt orange, but this was about 2 shades brighter. Like a Sunkist orange soda.Another thing to point out was the fabric. Unlike the standard photos it doesn’t reveal how prominent the speaker holes are, and how thin the fabric felt. Nothing like the grey or black one. Plus the beige was a bit hmm… laminate flooring kind? Sorry, just wasn’t what I expected.My son commandeered my first one, now wanted the orange one. Good thing this was a good bargain.Stick with grey if you can. Photos attached for reference.FWIW, I am glad my reviews are helping people. This is one of the very few I did, but its because I truly believe this is a spectacular speaker.Read more

    2. Sic’Em 2001

      I first came across Tribit when I purchased the original StormBox speaker, which produces a well balanced sound with punchy bass. So when I received an email from Tribit announcing the upcoming release of it’s little brother StormBox Micro, I took the initiative to reserve one on Amazon before it was released as a replacement for my JBL Clip 3. Based on my experience with its big bro, I was hoping the Micro would provide a more balanced sound spectrum, and unlike the Clip 3, at least some inkling of bass. While that’s usually a tough task for a small speaker, the Micro’s nine-watt driver coupled with a passive radiator allow this little guy to dish out some impressive, size-defying sound–my JBL could only hang its head in disbelief. From the highs to the lows, the audio is vibrant, clear, and well-balanced even at high volumes. Better yet, the bass spectrum produces a satisfying thump well beyond its size. Though not long after placing my order, Tribit issued a coupon for 20-percent off the purchase of a StormBox Micro. I always want to save a few bucks when I can, so I hesitantly decided to just buy one more at the lower price and then return the undiscounted speaker when I received it. However, my curiosity intervened, and I couldn’t help but see what these tiny guys could do as a team in tandem. While it was easy to pair the two speakers, is was hard to fathom how amazing they sounded in sync–let’s just say that I won’t be returning either one. So to make a long review even longer, the StormBox Micro is a solid choice for anyone who wants a portable, mountable, great-sounding speaker that’s far more affordable than the competition, and twice as nice in stereo.Read more

    3. RJM

      I purchased all 3 Tribit products, StormBox Micro, Stormbox and Maxsound Plus for my own personal self-testing. I wanted to see if all the good review were true.In comparison to the other two higher end models, this speaker is a little kick in the ass. It has a 1, 2 punch (for its size) and the sound comes off very clean. I played all different types of music racing from classical, instrumental, pop, hip-hop, rap, bass and rock.Songs played:* Dinah Jane – Bottled Up• Ed Sheeran (Camila Cabello & Cardi B) – South of the Border• Maroon 5 – Memories• Conkarah – Banana* George Winston – Variations on the Canon• Hilary Stagg – Easy Days• Guns n ‘ Roses – Sweet child of mine• Yiruma – River flows in you• Post Malone – Wow• Beyonce – Love on top• Cardi B – Bodak Yellow• Matisyahu – One Day• Lil Wayne – How to love• Notorious BIG – Hypnotize• Lil Waye – A Milli• Brennan Savage – To the MoonI didn’t play it at 100% but at 75% it still sound clean and the speakers didn’t sound like it was gonna pop. It plays more of the mids but that’s fine. This is not a surround sound movie theater speaker. Although I’d love to test two of these paired up. Songs played at 75% were Sweet Child of Mine, Bottled Up and Variations on Canon. All CLEAN sounds not popping sounds.I thought I could pair up any other Tribit bluetooth speaker, but that didn’t work. After several attempts It didn’t pair up to the StormBox or MaxSound Plus. Another thing about the bluetooth is that I was able to control the song being played on the StormBox Micro through another Tribit speaker. When I pressed the circle on the Stormbox or the triangle on the MaxSound Plus twice, whatever song is up next in the que started playing. Sometimes also, when I play songs on the MaxSound Plus it would automatically switch other to the Micro on its own. That’s why I gave it a 4 instead of 5. When I press those buttons once the current song would be played on the speaker which I just pressed the button on. That feature I thought was neat.This product is light enough in weight that I feel my child could handle it. I’d love to stick a pair on her bike and one on my scooter to test out around the neighborhood and see how far we can hear each others speakers. Especially with the outside noise.I tried playing all 3 speakers while my neighbors kids were playing in their above ground pool. They were loud, but you could still hear the song clearly at 50%.Battery seems to be good on the StormBox Micro. It has an auto shut off feature if it hasn’t been playing any sounds. This is also for the case for the Stormbox. That one frequently turns itself off and I have to keep pairing. After about 20 minutes of not playing anything the MaxSound Plus is still synced while this StormBox Micro is still playing songs. The MaxSound Plus shuts off around 30 minutes of not being used.For the price and convenient small travel size I would say this is a good speaker. I will have to update how it’ll sound while attached to a bike, if I get a second pair. I’d also like to test two speakers while watching an movie on the iPad outdoors. It would be convenient to have on opposite ends of the pool while the movie is up on the wall.Although, the StormBox sounds great as well, I would most likely keep this, StormBox Micro or the MaxSound Plus since I experienced bluetooth and power issues with the StormBox. The StormBox Micro is good enough for a quick day trip.Read more

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