0C19CER943W136 Rocksteady portable bluetooth audio system (2 audio system bluetooth speakers outdoors speakers a hundred toes bluetooth range sixteen hour lengthy battery lifestyles immersive sound

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  • play track in its clearest shape, immersing listeners in a home concert like experience. Proposing bambu tech’s a. I. Audio authoring platform, awsm on rocksteady stadium bluetooth audio system.
  • join an unlimited wide variety of bluetooth speakers and effortlessly set each speaker as a left, proper or with dual audio channels and revel in the quality sound indoors & exterior.
  • rediscover the original clarity of your favourite songs without the want to down load 0. 33 birthday celebration apps or even depend upon risky wifi connections. Simplest with rocksteady portable bluetooth speakers.
  • clearly the first-class sounding, maximum versatile transportable bluetooth speaker for any price range.
  • concentrate to your favored tune in this bluetooth speaker with long lasting battery life of up to sixteen hours and a range of as much as 100ft.

product description

rocksteady stadium speakers – revel in your track the manner it was supposed to be heard

splendid simple manage panel, without difficulty pair for your tune source and to an unlimited quantity of different rocksteady stadium bluetooth speakers. One contact controls for every essential function. Pairing and listening become by no means this easy.

fill any space with top fine sound. Use every speaker as a left, right or both channel source and enjoy your song like never earlier than. With the rocksteady stadium bluetooth portable sound machine, pay attention what you’ve got been missing.

rocksteady stadium speakers are powered via bambu tech’s awsm, an ai-powered audio authoring platform. The sound is so proper and clean, you’ll listen your favorite music again as if for the primary time.

bring the soundtrack in your life anywhere

the rocksteady stadium portable sound system allows you to deliver the rich immersive sound of a live performance with you anywhere you pass. With a sixteen hour all day battery life, a 100ft bluetooth 5. Zero range, and the potential to pair an infinite quantity of speakers to a single source effortlessly, the electricity of tune can observe you anywhere.

bluetooth audio system transportable bluetooth audio system outdoors black bluetooth speakers 100 toes bluetooth variety 18 hour long battery life immersive sound

smooth to use controls

controlling your sound has by no means been this clean. Rocksteady stadium speakers are incredible easy to use. One contact pairing to your telephone or song supply, one button pairing of additional audio system (as many as you want), clean manage of your music choice and extent manage and the capability to without problems toggle among left, right or each speaker sound with the switch of a toggle.

bluetooth speakers transportable bluetooth audio system outdoors audio system one hundred ft bluetooth range long battery lifestyles control the sound to your space the use of a limiteless wide variety of rocksteady stadium audio system. Extended range allows a unmarried source to fill your complete space with the contact of a button. Set each speaker to either left, proper or each stereos sound in addition to personally manage volume tiers to create the precise surroundings of sound in your space. Pick out full immersion sound or a stereophonic revel in and pay attention to how track become intended to be heard.

bluetooth audio system portable bluetooth speakers exterior black bluetooth audio system a hundred feet bluetooth range long battery existence area with sound

the rocksteady stadium speaker 2-p. C. Will immerse your space in sound. It’s going to fill your complete space with stereophonic sound using the left/right channel selector at the back of the speaker. The fee in step with speaker is likewise discounted when you buy two or more.

bluetooth speakers portable bluetooth speakers outdoors black bluetooth speakers one hundred ft bluetooth variety 18 hour lengthy battery lifestyles space with sound

the 4-p. C. Of rocksteady stadium speakers will blow you away. You will be capable of installation the speakers in a directional or stadium sound association to fill your whole area with sound. When you buy a 4-%, you may also get a discounted fee in line with speaker with the intention to depart you looking greater.

bluetooth speakers portable bluetooth audio system outside speakers one hundred feet bluetooth range 18 hour lengthy battery life immersive sound

fill your space with sound

a single rocksteady stadium speaker will deliver the clearest sounding experience you’ve ever heard from a speaker. The sound is splendid, more suitable through ai generation to supply the revel in that the artist intended once they recorded it.

bluetooth speakers transportable bluetooth speakers exterior audio system 100 ft bluetooth variety long battery existence area with sound

no matter how you observe those audio system, the rocksteady stadium listening revel in is what is going to blow you away.

bluetooth speakers transportable bluetooth speakers exterior black bluetooth audio system one hundred feet bluetooth range lengthy battery existence immersive sound

two speaker set

four speaker set

rocksteady stadium

4 sides

carry your rocksteady stadiums everywhere

rocksteady stadium portable sound gadget audio system can be brought anyplace you go with our handy journey bag. The carry bag has wallet for cables or different non-public results and is derived with a padded deal with and shoulder strap. The perfect addition to help deliver your stadium audio system everywhere. The bag is black and is designed to hold 4 audio system.

bring your rocksteady stadiums everywhere

the handy leather-based carry straps are flawlessly designed to hold your rocksteady stadium portable sound machine speakers wherever you move. The leather-based straps are available in black, purple, orange or darkish inexperienced and have an anodized aluminum toggle to lock the straps to the speaker.

deliver your rocksteady stadiums everywhere

those rugged woven bring straps are designed to help shipping your rocksteady stadium portable sound device speakers wherever you cross. The black vinyl straps come with charcoal, gold, silver or pink embroidery. All straps also have an anodized aluminum toggle to lock the straps to the speaker.

bring your rocksteady stadiums anywhere

there is a great mix of transportation options available on your rocksteady stadium transportable sound device audio system. The convenient journey bag and leather or woven deliver straps. And a exceptional tool to help you carry the final track experience with you wherever you move.

tour bag

leather straps

woven straps



1 Speaker, 2 Speakers, 4 Speakers

5 reviews for 0C19CER943W136 Rocksteady portable bluetooth audio system (2 audio system bluetooth speakers outdoors speakers a hundred toes bluetooth range sixteen hour lengthy battery lifestyles immersive sound

  1. Brent S.

    I received the Rocksteady Stadium 4 speaker pack a little over a week ago, and have put them through the test playing my favorite music from the 50’s to the present. The user manual is simplicity at it’s best, with pictures and short paragraphs that are easy to read and follow. Bluetooth pairing was simple on my iphone, and as suggested I sharpie’d the 4-digit code on the bottom of speakers. I really enjoyed the different ways I could set up the speakers to enjoy the sound I was looking for. Each speaker has an auto channel selector switch for left channel, right channel, or both, that lets you really fine tune your listening experience. I played the four speaker together in the garage while wrenching on my toys, and was happy to see that after 8 hrs of playtime I still had half the battery charge left. I highly suggest getting the optional carrying straps, they are well made leather straps, that securely fasten to the speaker, and have the embossed Rocksteady logo. These speakers are as advertised, and am very pleased with my purchase of the 4 pack! Would like to see a subwoofer added to collection for a truly Epic listening experience bringing in more bass, with that awesome sound clarity!Read more

  2. Andrew

    I’m typically a big audiophile and when I purchased a single speaker from Rocksteady, I was instantly delighted by the immersive quality of the sound, and the transparency of the audio when I listened to various tracks through the speaker. The weight of the speaker by itself is also satisfactory, since it isn’t flimsy or cheaply made. All of the components were of good quality, and I also really appreciated the fact that the speaker included a ready to hang hook in the back for easy wall mounting. I haven’t listened to the speaker yet as a wall mounting – but in terms of studio playback, I was pleased.I think as far as a consumer level speaker goes, this one is a strong contender, and offers excellent playback and quality – and at a reasonable price point, without compromising the integrity of the sound or the quality of the manufacturing itself.I’d definitely recommend, and I already have my father in-law ordering a pair for himself for his home setup!Read more

  3. Mark D Howmann

    I was impressed from the beginning as I opened the product. The packaging is high quality and well thought out. There is an easy to read booklet that gives you all the information you need to set up the speaker, but I wanted to see if I could set it up without the booklet, and within a minute or so, I had it working with very little effort. The blue tooth connection was simple and quick. There is also a cable provided for direct connection to a device if preferred.When I began listening, I was immediately amazed by the sound clarity and as I listened to it for the next couple of hours, I found myself really listening to the music rather that just having it as background. These were songs I had heard many times before but now it was as if I was hearing them for the first time. The speaker is very portable, so I am able to take it wherever I am. I can now see how it would be better to buy multiple speakers and set these up throughout your home or office and I plan on getting a 4-pack next.Read more

  4. nestor ciprian

    I am impressed after several months. I was in the process of buying Sonos Wireless speakers, and I had tried them out at the store. Out of curiosity, that same day I saw these here on Amazon, and there was something about the speakers so I bought them. After receiving these I researched Rocksteady because the first time I turn them on, I was pleasantly surprised. After a couple of months of usage all around the house, and outside of the house trying them out, I must confess that THESE ARE THE BEST SPEAKERS EVER!!!Here is the deal about the Rocksteady Stadium Speakers; the great sound, the easy connectivity, the portability, the richness of the stream, and if you are lucky enough like me to have two of them, you will have a great musical experience with connecting/pairing as two speakers will be playing your party beats simultaneously.If you need a speaker, or two, or three to have around the house, or to bring them along with you wherever you are going, it doesn’t get better than these Rocksteady Stadium bad boys. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! BUY THEM TODAY!!!Read more

  5. Israel

    Very frustrating experience with these Bluetooth speakers.The design is great, well finished, and also made of a high quality material.The integration between speakers makes a true sound immersion experience.But here’s the thing… I JUST CAN’T LISTEN TO ANYTHING WITHOUT THE SOUND GETTING CUT!Primarily I thought I received a damaged pair of speakers when I first got it in the mail, but I’ve sent them back and asked for a replacement. After getting the replacements the issue was still there!!! Audio keeps getting cut and keeps dropping non stop!I’ve tested the speakers on my iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPad Pro, MacBook Air 2020, and the issue repeats on all of them. I thought maybe these speakers don’t work well with apple devices, but it doesn’t make any sense, since apple devices are used by most of people in the US.I’ve tried to find a solution, but the manual doesn’t say anything about this issue, also I didn’t find any solution on the internet. There’s basically no discussion on the internet about these speakers.I don’t understand why such an expensive product just cannot work proper!!!For this reason, I’m giving only one star, because it makes no sense for a pair of speakers be well built but doesn’t do what it is supposed to do, play sound correctly!!*I put a video showing how the sound gets cut while playing sound.Read more

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