0C19CCZ4XER549 Comiso bluetooth speaker waterproof ipx7 (improve) 25w wireless transportable loud surround sound robust bass stereo pairing 36 hours playtime, bluetooth five. Zero constructed in mic for calls office black

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  • extra higher crystal clean sound : distinct mids and highs from our two precision acoustic drivers promises outstanding stereo sound and better bass from our proprietary passive bass radiator design
  • louder volume more bass: distortion-loose at maximum volume; room filling sound, ideal for home, dorm room, kitchen, rest room, car, events; streaming track or net radio offerings consisting of pandora and spotify from your phone, iphone, or audio device
  • ipx7 one hundred% waterproof: water-resistant bluetooth speaker can be fully submerged up to 1 m for 30 minutes underwater. Washed under walking tap with out disturbing. Pool events? Virtually. Singing inside the bathe? You wager! Hiking, biking, kayaking, tenting, no matter rain day? Cool! This water-proof speaker is ideal for all sorts of outside and indoor activities.
  • true wi-fi stereo feature: thanks to tws characteristic, pair any two comiso audio system, you may acquire authentic wi-fi bluetooth gambling for left and right channels separated of sbode blutooth audio system. Simply manage the tws master device, then audio may be performed in sync on each gadgets with double more desirable stereo sound
  • amazing 36h playtime: it maintains going, and going, and going. A one of the best 6000mah rechargeable li-ion battery boasts an unbeatable 36 hours of non-stop playtime.
  • can 2 of them e paired to one tool?
  • can 2 of them e paired to at least one tool?

  • water-resistant or water-proof?
  • waterproof or water-proof?

  • how does this compare to a comiso x26
  • how does this compare to a comiso x26

  • what are the instructions to set it up?
  • what are the instructions to set it up?


    Black, Blue, Purple, Rose Gold, Teal, White

    8 reviews for 0C19CCZ4XER549 Comiso bluetooth speaker waterproof ipx7 (improve) 25w wireless transportable loud surround sound robust bass stereo pairing 36 hours playtime, bluetooth five. Zero constructed in mic for calls office black

    1. Lisa Ahumada

      Great speaker. Good sound. Love the colorRead more


      I wanted A GOOD SOUNDING, 360degree relatively small set of TWS capable bluetooths. I bought 3,and sent back,pair of speakers before these showed up. I got this letter asking me to give my honest opinion of these speakers. I didn’t want to forfeit size to sound but if I was going to carry two speakers for TWS around with me they couldn’t be too big. Enter COMISO 360.Stout, attractive, sound from an aluminum frame with a light band around the top. The band tells you when it’s searching for a source and when you have locked on it and it is paired. It turns red when charging, blinking blue/searching and solid blue when it has secured its source.I’ve impressed everyone that has seen and heard these little giants. COMISO really figured out how to recreate amazing sound quality in these 6” tall 21/2” cylindrical behemoths. I say that because I still have trouble believing these speakers can deliver the sound they produce: and I’m still in the “breaking them in”mode. As the speaker cones flex the sound will get richer and sharper. I can already tell that is happening. I’ve had these about 5 days now and am proud of myself for not settling on TWS capable speakers. These are it. You’ll want to spread them apart to get their killer stereo sound. I’m not going to “see” if these little devils are truly waterproof like other owners have done. Why test something that really shouldn’t be to close to H2O. Hey, just keep them away from water sources and you’ll stay happy.You can tell I’m very pleased. I am because I won out on this TWS arrangement I wanted to own and carry around in my man bag pack.I paid full retail, folks so don’t even hint that I am working for COMISO. I just a music lover and these guys deliveredHave fun out there!SkipRead more

    3. threefoldtheory

      Bought this to replace another one that was starting to malfunction. Never tried this brand before but it was on sale and the specs looked good.This is a great sounding speaker for the price! There seems to be a touch too much high end (treble) for me, but it’s not so bad as to ruin the listening experience.My only gripe is that the controls seem a bit limited. But overall, we’re happy with this thing. It gets very loud and will be great for playing music by the pool, or listening to podcasts while cleaning the house!Read more

    4. Amazon Customer

      I Really hate the recharge times on most devices. This one is no Exception. But for a speaker at this price you’re getting full sound in a portable speaker with good bass. Sound is also clear at top setting and its fairly loud. Buetooth also paired quickly.The real complaint here come with the Mic. On a phone call I can hear the caller very well but the mic inside the speaker makes the sound from your voice feel Distant. Sadly, I never found a work-around.Pairing to a second speaker created some confusion because you’re using specific sounds to verify your pairing. You”ll just need to remember the 2 ques. A display would be best.Read more

    5. CatsMeowMomma

      Like it has weight and feels substantial in the hand. (A little too big for a car cup holder). It will not fall over in a breeze (or wind!). Has rubber loop at top to pick up and carry /hang on a hook. Unique style. Well thought out, but simple features. The rubber cover on back, for the charging port and audio jack in is stiff, and should hold up well. (It will be outside alot, so this is good) power button on top is easy to press once for Bluetooth. A light ring around speaker flashes, to indicate ready. A second press tells it to use audio cable. Light stops flashing. Sound quality is excellent and better than any portable speaker I’ve owned in past. Sounds great for Pop/dance music, tv shows and audio books. Piano ballads sound clear and distinct. (Think ruth b, lost boys) Did not test the hands free phone, but booklet indicated will do phone calls. This has great features and good sound. Its a gift for a teen and I think it will be well used, and hold up well to the outside use it will get.Read more

    6. Impulse Shopper

      I bought this so I would have a better music speaker for traveling since I’ve been using my phone before this. I really like the design – it stands up vertically rather than horizontally which my last one did. Also has a strap on it in case you want to strap it to your backpack on a hike! The speaker power was decent enough for me. The only thing that I disliked that the bottom of the speaker said 6000 mah battery life instead of the 8000 mah that was described. I contacted the seller and they will look into it and correct.Read more

    7. Linda

      Admittedly I bought this speaker for the color. I had read the reviews pertaining to battery life and sound quality so I thought I would give it a try. This speaker lives up to its reputation. I use it while I work all day at home. I charge it about every other day have never run the battery out. It does have a clear sound. My only thing is I do wish it had just a little more bass but it stll sounds great ! I do have a Bose bluetooth speaker that I paid twice as nuch for and I find myself using this one more. I can’t comment on the waterproof feature as I havent tested it for that. For the price and the sound quality and the battery life I highly recommend this speaker !Read more

    8. Razor Cola

      I bought this for work meetings, and to be able to walk around my house without a set of head phones on, and use for the bathroom (during showers). The speaker is good, works like the other bluetooth speakers I have. What I was hoping for in this product, was clear audio to be able to have a full-duplex conversation through the device. I’m told when I use the speaker, I sound like I’m in a distant tunnel. The audio mic feature is a disappointment.Update: when using the device with the audio plug, the sound is better, however, the device starts beeping after a while, for some unknown reason. I have the USB 3 plug, plugged in, for power, if that was the issue, but it’s not apparent what exactly is inspiring the beeps, during online meetings.Read more

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