0C19C6OKDY7275 Speaker wall mount and ceiling mount for sonos one sl, one – swivel & tilt adjustable mounting brackets for sonos one, one sl speaker mounts, black

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  • 2 in 1 layout: this mount isn’t always simplest as a wall mount however additionally as a ceiling mount. And it is designed for sonos one gen 2 / one sl speaker
  • a couple of modifications course: via loosened and tightened the facet screw to reap tilt & swivel adjustable (swivel +90° to -90° (left to right) and tilt of +90° up, -90° down), after the facet screw tightened,the mount’s path is fixed and can’t adjust.
  • length adjustable design: this bracket can modify the period by way of installing or casting off wall poles. The lengthy kind can better as a ceiling mount, the quick kind can better as a wall mount.
  • greater stunning design: the screws are hidden under a small cowl after installation the mount to the wall or ceiling, the general appearance appears greater lovely. (other’s will see the screws, the general look seems unsightly)
  • smooth to put in: simply want short while to install it properly in line with the user guide and hardware kit. The package deal included 1 x wall mount (black), 1 x person manual, 1 x mounting hardware kit

product description

wall and ceiling mount for sonos one / one sl speaker tilt/swivel adjustable mounting bracket for sonos one

merchandise capabilities and specs:

● most effective suit for sonos one, one sl speaker, not in shape for sonos play:1

● 2 in 1 design, not best help wall established however additionally guide ceiling set up

● more than one modifications direction, thru loosened and tightened the aspect screw to aid tilt & swivel 180°adjustable (90° up and ninety° down) & (ninety° right and ninety° left) adjustment

● length adjustable layout, the quick period kind more suit for wall mount, the long duration kind more fit for ceiling mount

● greater beautiful design, the screws are be hidden with a small cover, the overall look seems greater stunning

● crafted from excessive-energy metallic and easy to install it

● smooth installation

1. Please loosen the facet screw a touch bit earlier than adjust the route, due to the fact when the aspect screw is tightened the mount can’t adjust the course.

2. After adjust the direction, you’d better tighten the screws again to avoid the speaker drop off.

bundle consists of:

  • 1 x wall speaker mount (black)
  • 1 x person manual
  • 1 x mounting hardware kit
  • touch us:

    if you have any questions, please feel unfastened to contact us earlier than leaving comments, we can do our best to remedy it for you, thanks.


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    8 reviews for 0C19C6OKDY7275 Speaker wall mount and ceiling mount for sonos one sl, one – swivel & tilt adjustable mounting brackets for sonos one, one sl speaker mounts, black

    1. Jason L Mavencamp

      I purchased these mounts to hang my Sonos One speakers under my kitchen cabinets. First off, if you don’t want to drill into a surface, 2 of the 5 pound command strips will secure this in place of screws.Now for the units themselves. I purchased 2 and both of them I had to modify to make them work. One of them the pieces wouldnt line up properly so I had to file the holes larger so that the screws could line up with the bracket holes.The other, the brackets wouldn’t lock into each other because the grooves weren’t cut deep enough and they applied way too much paint. Also there isn’t enough compression to lock the brackets because the screws are about .100 longer than they should be. Because of this the speaker kept dropping down instead of staying pointed horizontally like I want. So removing the excess paint and file the locking grooves deeper made the second mount functional but not as secure as I would like.I would also recommend getting some stick down rubber or foam for the contact points of the speaker because you hear a lot of vibration/rattling of the speaker against the metal mount.Luckily I am a mechanical engineer and was able to problem solve to make these functional even though I’m not satisfied with them but to anyone else, save yourself the headache and get something that is made by/sold directly through Sonos.Read more

    2. Andrade

      Works for my very high ceiling (14.5 FT) loft. BUT – I had to “MacGyver” this a bit with some support using fish line (check out pics)! That said, this is the only affordable solution I could find for mounting a Sonos One onto a ceiling (lots of stuff for walls, just not ceilings). I could not get myself to fork over the $150 for the only other solution I found by Flexon.Two main issues with this mount:(1) TILT DOESN’T LOCK WELL: the pieces used for the adjustable tilt do not interlock well, and are susceptible to wear down (E.g., if you tilt while the pieces are loosely coupled), which makes it hard for the speaker to stay locked in position (it won’t fall, but it can tilt down) AND(2) SPEAKER HOLDERS COULD USE SOME PADDING there’s a machine shop type, first-ironman-in-the-cave-type construction to that makes it feel like my very precious Sonos speakers are caged without some padding for movement (as another reviewer points out).The second point, I can live with, but the first was causing issues of the speaker tilting down after a couple of days, giving in to the heavy weight of the Sonos speaker. After a couple of times going up the ladder and readjusting, I finally thought of giving it some support that wouldn’t be visible from the group. I used a fish line, and so far, working great!Overall, I wanted to find a way to take advantage of my high ceilings, mounting them on the ceiling versus the wall and, at a very reasonable price point, this does the job. I might adjust later since it might sound better lower to the ground, but I really like the look of the ceiling mount right now. Will update my review if the experience improves and worsens. A note to YIWAN: I would not mind paying another few bucks for a mount design that fixes the two issues above.When searching, I couldn’t find many looking to mount their Sonos to a ceiling. Hope this helps someone out there!!Read more

    3. Jbrewco

      This mount may be better suited for a wall mount. Used the extension and mounted from ceiling. The weight of the speaker keeps pulling the speaker to a pointing down position. The screw that is supposed hold the speaker in position along with mount does not have enough holding power to keep the speaker in position. I have tightened the screw with an impact drill and it still does hold the position.Read more

    4. Daniel R. Welch

      This mount fits the speaker perfectly. Allows you to still get at the controls on the top of the speaker. I put the long extension on it to get it a bit further from the wall. The swivel is hard to get tight enough to support the weight of the speaker. They should have made it bigger.I’ll probably remove the extension and it may solve that problem.Overall, I’m very pleased with the mount.Read more

    5. Amazon Customer

      I used this product to ceiling mount my rear surround speakers. The material is made from decent material, and it’s easy to install. The biggest problem, and reason I do not recommend buying this product is the adjustable mounts are not strong enough to hold the weight of the speaker, so it just falls facing down instead of out into the room. There are teeth that mesh together to allow you to adjust the bracket, but the teeth are almost smooth and tightening the screw is not enough to hold the speaker. I bought these back in November, but just now installed them. They have been installed for 3 days, and I already have to look for new ones. Waste of money.Read more

    6. Gary Anderson

      I can see why some people say the speaker is too heavy and it points down – You have to get the rotating piece of the mount into the correct groves and then really tighten the screw. I bought 2 and they both work fine. 6 steps to install but not much detailRead more

    7. Manohar Reddy Ravula

      It doesn’t hold in position that I want. It always slips and slides down. Very in happy with purchase.Read more

    8. Andrew Becker

      Good speaker mount. Only thing I would change is adding foam into the top and bottom parts where the speaker sits into.Read more

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