0C19AWWOSG7835 Bluetooth earplug headphones, mipeace neckband wi-fi earbuds earplugs-29db noise reduction keeping apart in-ear earplug earphones with mic and controls, ipx5 sweatproof, sixteen+hour battery for work safety

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  • 【great noise safety】they offer a noise discount score (nrr) of 29 decibels so as to shield your ears from risky noise in most noisy environments, with the capacity to listen to track. As it’s miles a bluetooth earplug, so that you won’t should cope with an extended cord extending on your telephone or track player.
  • 【ergonomic & light-weight neckband layout】flexible joints and a lightweight, ergonomic design make this set a at ease option that suits quite simply around your neck. Top notch lightweight, most effective weighs 23g(zero. 81oz), it leaves no strain on your neck which is useful in case you intend to put on them and experience the tune for an prolonged period at paintings.
  • 【up to 16hours long playtime】its powerful rechargeable 220mah battery presents up to 16hours of non-stop song or phone conversation with a unmarried full price which makes those earbuds extraordinarily treasured to production workers who’re on the process web site more than 8 hours a day.
  • 【superior bluetooth 5. 0 connectivity】with the brand new bluetooth five. 0 era, our bluetooth neckband headphone gives better sound transmission, quicker pairing, extra solid wi-fi connection and wider compatibility with bluetooth enabled devices. With up to 10m(33feet) of variety, you may by no means have to attain your tool over and over.
  • 【ipx5 water and sweat resistant】features with ipx5 water-proof level, it protects the bluetooth neckband wi-fi earphones from rains or sweat during excessive running that is a incredible choice for sports like landscaping, public transit, gun range, construction, gym, backyard work, air tour and lots of extra. Comes with a compact portable case, it’s very handy to hold and smooth to keep the headphone easy and secure wherever you move.

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make use of patented contour ear tips which might be anatomically designed to appropriately take a seat in the ear canal, those smooth oval silicon suggestions lessen ear fatigue in addition to offer an notable seal for high-quality noise isolation.

manage buttons on the headphones so that you can play and pause song, regulate the extent, skip tracks, answer and end calls, and activate the voice control of your phone.

comes with a compact transportable case, it’s very handy to hold and smooth to keep the headphone easy and safe. Convey your favored track around for a very good temper all through paintings.

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earplug headphones for work

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7.48, x, 5.47, x, 1.3, inches

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5.4, ounces



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1, Lithium, Polymer, batteries, required., (included)

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June, 9, 2020



8 reviews for 0C19AWWOSG7835 Bluetooth earplug headphones, mipeace neckband wi-fi earbuds earplugs-29db noise reduction keeping apart in-ear earplug earphones with mic and controls, ipx5 sweatproof, sixteen+hour battery for work safety

  1. Daniel Fernandez

    I love the battery. I worked a 13 hour shift and played music nonstop. The volume is loud and clear so i actually had it turned way down. The noise cancelling is great. They are very comfortable and do not fall out. You can just tuck the neck band in your shirt and only see the ear plugs. I definitely recommend these.Read more

  2. Ben

    Update… Used these over 10 hours under my helmet riding a motorcycle. They do well to block out wind and road noise and the audio is loud and clear. One big issue, at least under a full face helmet. After a couple hours, they really started hurting my hears. The helmet pads pull on the wires a little, enough to cause rubbing in the ear. I’m sure these would be excellent for other use, and for shorter rides. Maybe in the future I can adjust the wires for less pull. I’ll keep ’em. Bought these to use under my motorcycle helmet. The helmet fits nicely over them and doesn’t pull them out.The noise reduction is OK. Not sure of the 29 NRR but it’s comparable to similar type ear plugs.They are comfortable. I’ll wear them on an 8 hour trip soon and hope they’ll stay comfy.3 things about the neck part I don’t like. Too many buttons. One is multifunction (and power on/off) 2 are track skip/volume, and the other is a direct voice dial. I wont use these for phone calls.The neck part is very slippery and a little short. Falls off my neck sometimes. And I don’t like where the wires exit the neck part. The need to be angled up instead of straight out.The sound is very bass heavy, almost muffled, for every type of audio that I played. Almost no treble. This is easily fixed if you have a good equalizer. After I used my eq, they did sound good. Still bass heavy though. I actually turned the bass all the way down.The case that come with these headphones is excellent. There is room in it for another set of headphones. It is rigid and very protective. It’s flat like a pancake too.So I like them. If they block 70mph wind and still play music I guess I will keep themRead more

  3. Tony P

    I work a very physical job surrounded by extremely loud machinery and these are great! I’ve always had to turn the volume to max on regular earbuds to be able to hear the podcasts I listen to every day. I was killing my hearing until I bought the Ruckus Discord Bluetooth Earplug Earbuds… I thought they were ok until I broke them and bought these… These ones are much, much better! They have real buttons on them that you can feel and use with gloves on. They stay comfortably around your neck without any clips to hold them in place, even when you’re bending over past 90 degrees. The battery life is crazy! I haven’t killed the battery yet and I have used them for 15 hours many times. I don’t know about the sound quality for music. I only do podcasts and talk radio and they’re perfect for that. BTW… the noise cancelling of these is not as good as a regular pair of earplugs, not really even close to the same.Read more

  4. Tanion

    These have been great so far under my motorcycle helmet. Sound is good and loud even at 70+mph and the earplugs don’t move or fall out of my ears during the ride. Unlike other similar earphones I’ve tried.Read more

  5. Eric

    Normally I like to use my AirPods Pro for work, but some job sites don’t like workers using them since they are quite clearly earbuds. These look the part of your standard corded earplugs, and even function as them without any music playing.The key is, be aware of your surroundings. Don’t play music if you’re working around overhead loads, or anything that requires that you hear any audible warnings or signals from coworkers. Also keep your volume at a reasonable level. This is why a lot of sites ban earbuds to begin with. Be reasonable and stay safe.The build quality is actually very good, but the audio quality leaves a lot to be desired. They’re “good enough” for a cheap pair of Bluetooth earbuds.Very comfortable and I don’t find my ears getting sore. They feel just like a pair of earplugs.The battery life is easily the best feature. What’s nice is even if the battery dies, they still serve their function as proper earplugs.Read more

  6. Dave

    I’v had a few sets of noise canceling ear buds, and various types of ear earbuds/ear plugs but these are so far the best. The battery life is outstanding! It will last a 10 hour shift and offers acceptable levels of ear protection in a noisy shop. Unfortunately I have 2 differently shaped ears apparently and that causes the sound to be slightly different in each ear, one will block more ambient noise than the other but that just me. My only complaint is just that. It is difficult to get the exact same sound and noise blocking level on both left and right ears.For the cost its definitely worth picking these up!Read more

  7. Andris Rutins

    This does exactly as advertised: double duty encompassing industrial noise protection and bluetooth audio. It does not offer “active” noise cancellation, but it does a very good job of blocking external noise: to the point of not hearing someone talking to you from the next (or even the same) room. I am no audiophile, and I’d need a lot of side-by-side comparison to discern audio quality, so I can’t comment on that (hence the neutral three stars), but for what it’s meant to do, five stars! I have never drained the battery within one work day. It’s so comfortable around the neck, I sometimes forget I’ve been wearing it for hours. The in-ear comfort is not ideal, but I don’t think it ever is for this type of product.Read more

  8. Molly

    I love these ear buds. I always have difficulty with ear buds fitting but finally found Marshmallow brand ear buds – I have at least 5 pair. But my new phone doesn’t have an aux plug. I had to get Bluetooth ear buds. Bought 2 other brands before I found these. These are perfect. Very long lasting. I work an 18 hour shift, I use them for phone/Pandora and tablet/Netflix. Also use them sometimes when sleeping to block out night noise. Comfortable as any other earbud, I can’t wear them all night but the majority of the night. When they come in more colors I will order more. There was only one choice when I ordered.Read more

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