0C19ALUTU4H612 Harman kardon onyx studio 6 wi-fi bluetooth speaker – ipx7 water-resistant more bass sound system with rechargeable battery and integrated microphone – black

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  • 8 hours of playtime: this harman kardon onyx studio 6 speaker functions a rechargeable battery that helps up to 8 hours of playtime.
  • ipx7 water-resistant: use this wi-fi portable speaker at any region inside the domestic without annoying, like with the aid of the kitchen sink.
  • wireless bluetooth streaming: move track wirelessly thru bluetooth to experience room-filling sound. Join up to two clever gadgets on the equal time and take turns playing track.
  • top class substances: the top rate wi-fi speaker is crafted in a completely unique aluminum and material finish for a truly stylish look and feel.
  • top rate sound & more bass: this harman kardon speaker has 50w rated strength – woofer 1 x 120mm, tweeter 1 x 25mm

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product description

harman onyx studio 6 black

Product Dimensions

11.45, x, 5, x, 11.18, inches

Item Weight

8, pounds


Harman, Kardon



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1, Lithium, ion, batteries, required.

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4.8, out, of, 5, stars, 1, 064, ratings, 4.8, out, of, 5, stars

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#347, in, Portable, Bluetooth, Speakers, #3, 041, in, MP3, &, MP4, Player, Accessories

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June, 2, 2020

8 reviews for 0C19ALUTU4H612 Harman kardon onyx studio 6 wi-fi bluetooth speaker – ipx7 water-resistant more bass sound system with rechargeable battery and integrated microphone – black

  1. Shan

    I made the mistake of purchasing through the “other buy” options , where you can buy a product that’s new but has been returned and is now discounted… I will never do that again. For starters I got my speaker and when I opened the box they didn’t even bother to repackage it correctly to ensure there was no damage upon delivery. The speaker was upside down in the box and the cord just thrown in there…. I plugged the speaker in and tried to connect my phone using blue tooth . It legitimately took at least two hours and some google research to connect my phone because it just did NOT want to connect . Then over the course of three days the speaker would turn on all by its self and i would hear it beeping all hours of the night . and on day four the speaker stopped working entirely! I’ve always liked the whole “buy used” option because I’ve gotten some decent deals but I feel like the electronics need to be vetted better and tested to ensure they are working properly. Not returned and then shipped back out on the next order which what I feel was the case for this. I will be purchasing another speaker but not from who ever this seller was and not through amazon. I am extremely disappointed.Read more

  2. student

    This came brand new in the box, exactly as it would come from Harman Kardon’s own website. The sound quality is immaculate. If you’re choosing between speakers, remember that this is not a “smart” speaker, so this is the perfect speaker for you if you value sound quality over having a speaker with Alexa. The sound quality is incredible and it surpasses speakers in the $150-$250 price range. This speaker has a woofer, which makes the bass incredible (most comparable $200 speakers don’t have a woofer). I put the speaker under my desk in an 11″ cubby to keep it out of the way while still having access to an outlet and that works perfectly for me.Shipping was fast and I have no complaints whatsoever! In the box, there were chargers for different countries which is perfect if you’re not from North America or if you travel. Everything was completely new, sealed, and unopened. I would recommend this speaker to anyone!Read more

  3. dc45

    I never knew something so small and compact could provide so much power, clarity and full surround sound. This item is on the pricey side, but well worth the investment for home or outdoor use. If you live in an apartment or closed space, play at low volume as this is more suited for detached home/unit living.Read more

  4. Ryan

    This speaker has superb sound quality for the price. The speaker is a little heavy on the bass, but this is preferable for an outdoor setting, since most bass is lost to the wind. For this reason, the speaker sounds well balanced in an outdoor environment.The speaker has already received many compliments from strangers who appreciate its design. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but most beholders consider this speaker beautiful.I tested this speaker against the JBL Xtreme 2, and there isn’t much comparison when in comes to sound quality. The Xtreme 2 sounded exceptionally bright, which might be good for casual music listeners who don’t give much attention to music, but for me, it was a deal breaker.The battery life is rated at 8 hours. I personally haven’t managed to expend the battery on a full charge yet, so I cannot attest to this rating. While the JBL Xtreme 2 is rated at 15 hours (significantly better), I feel as though 8 hours is enough to get you through the day. Although, I must admit, it would be nice if the battery life was better.Read more

  5. Carrie O.

    I wasn’t going to keep this speaker because it didn’t show up on time for what I wanted it for. So, after I got it I decided to put it through some extreme testing. First off if someone can’t swim, don’t throw them a life perserver throw the onyx. I threw this sucker in the pool so many times and not even a 300lb man could get it to stay under water. Sound quality is great. It sounds better inside then outside. It has greater sound when it’s pluged in. The onyx is clear and crisp with great bass. Unfortunately those of us who only listen to music as loud as we can have to keep it plugged in. Full volume kills the battery life. I don’t understand why sometimes it will just shut off for some apparent reason??? But all in all its a great little speaker, beyond water proof and at the listed price now… 2…..I paid double $$Read more

  6. Kathy Craven

    I wish I had been able to locate another Harmon Kardon Studio 2 which has a richer more symphonic sound quality. The 6 has a flatter sound in comparison.Read more

  7. SLAYER88

    Love the sound. Mids could use a bit more. Bass is killer. The asthetics I find to be quite pleasing especially over the extreme JBL.Read more

  8. WP Texas

    Nice sound. Yes bass is heavy, but it is crisp and clear — and when playing it outside it really pays off. Impressed by how clear and loud it gets.HK Box was not in great shape when I removed it from Amazon box. Thought it looked pre-opened. Everything inside seemed to work well. If your iPhone does not connect initially, try rebooting your phone and then it works.Read more

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