0C19AC7WT22655 Klipsch cinema 600 sound bar three. 1 domestic theater device with hdmi-arc for easy set-up, black

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  • 45 inches 3. 1 soundbar with eight inches wireless subwoofer
  • exceptional-in-magnificence 600w peak electricity
  • hdmi-arc: single cable, single far off manipulate
  • 5. 1 decoding for virtualized surround sound

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50, x, 20, x, 17, inches

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46.9, pounds





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2, AA, batteries, required.

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July, 15, 2020

7 reviews for 0C19AC7WT22655 Klipsch cinema 600 sound bar three. 1 domestic theater device with hdmi-arc for easy set-up, black

  1. M. Knutson

    Crisp dialog, expansive sound field, thundering bass. I have been through two other soundbars at or just below this price range, one with wifi, another with virtual-atmos, all promising deep bass with 6 or 7 inch subwoofers. Forget about it, muddled dialog and wimpy bass. . This one finally delivers. 7 speakers in the bar, center channel treble and bass from dialog is obvious and clear without having to turn on the “dialog” mode. Surround effects feel real (I’ll add the surround 3 speakers soon), and more importantly — subwoofer. Other systems with the sub on max volume could not make you ‘feel’ bass in any way, or even know it is on. This one the 10 inch sub, in a large wooden cabinet as it should be (still on max subwoofer volume) — does indeed make you feel it. And if that is not enough — this is the only one I saw that has a separate sub-out rca jack if you want to add a second powered sub. The cone is down firing, not of spun copper like other Klipsch front firing speakers, but the cabinet is very much like my full Klipsch surround system in another room.The CONS — yes there are some. The front-facing display is a sequence of LEDs to show input source by color, and volume by number of while LEDs. Other information like surround mode, dialog, night, etc, are on a display on top — where no one would ever normally see. This is ok I think as I intend to keep it in the same mode all the time. Still, who would ever see this on top?Finally — unique to me perhaps, is the remote conflicts with my Insignia 4k UHD Fire TV. The Klipsch remote LED button for example, also changes TV inputs. The volume buttons, control rewind and fast forward on the TV. Again, I have it set where I want it and will leave it there. HDMI ARC CEC is able to power the system off and on with TV remote and control volume with TV remote with no programming needed. The soundbar has SUR on, set to TV (HDMI) input — and stays there. No worries, awesome sound.Also, this does not decode DTS or Atmos — but in my online streaming service experience (or SAT/CABLE), the Dolby Digital decode plus SUR feature and the incredible Klipsch speaker/sub experience is way more valuable and rich in sound. Want more — the cinema 800 can do it but far more dollars too.For 5-stars… for me, I would still like a bit more bass — I want to have to turn it down, not run on max. So I may add a second sub. This is far far better than others with a smaller size sub, seriously. I am also not a fan of the remote IR signal conflict with the TV — first time ever coming across that.Alright — one more comment. Look at the box this thing comes in. It is DOUBLE the size of the others I tried. Note the HEAVY sticker. Yes, heavy, impactful sound, lives up to Klipsch reference reputation. Enjoy, hope this helps in some way, and add comments if you feel differently :-). Cheers!Read more

  2. J. B

    I picked this soundbar up for the current price of $299 and it is a steal. The bass is excellent and the soundbar with a dedicated center channel sounds awesome for both TV and Movies. I tested the bluetooth and it works as expected and music sounds great. I have done plenty of research on soundbars trying to decide between atmos or a 5.1 system. I decided to go with better sound quality instead of picking up a atmos soundbar with the limited atmos content that is currently out. I will add the surrounds soon to complete the 5.1 setup.Only complaint is the remote is somehow changing items on my Vizio M8 TV. So I have to change settings before watching anything to prevent it from changing the source or going in the TV menu. To get around this I used the manual to program my TV remote to also change the volume of the soundbar.Again to sum it up, great buy and I doubt any soundbar on the market at 299 will even come close to a 10 inch sub and 45 inch soundbar with 3.1 and potential to expand to 5.1.Read more

  3. Patrick

    I had been looking for a soundbar for the tv in my office for a couple of months. I use it mostly for breaks during the day and playing some ps4 with my friends. I had thought about getting a less expensive atmos bar, but even those are around $500. I saw Andrew Robinson review this on YouTube, and I added it to my Amazon wish list. The next day it went on sale for $300, and I pulled the trigger. I’m not disappointed in the least bit! This soundbar is a TREMENDOUS value, even at $500.This is not going to compete with a traditional home theatre setup. You’re not going to get the stereo separation and soundstage that you would with a 3.1 loud speaker setup. You’re just not. BUT, this soundbar comes very close! The dialogue on tv content is fantastic. The mids and highs don’t get muddled, and the subwoofer is amazing. I suggest not turning the subwoofer up all the way if you’re on a second floor or on an elevated foundation. I have a 3500 sq ft house and it shook it during a loud scene.Music playback is good, and it is good enough for 99% of people. Like I said above regarding the separation and soundstage, but music still sounds fantastic. The Andrew Robinson review got it right: if you’re primarily using this for a tv, and you want to ALSO use it for music, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better option at this price point. If your primary use case is music, something like the Klipsch The Fives are probably a better option.Read more

  4. A. Johnson

    First off, if you try to use e-arc hdmi and can’t get it to work, check your cable. I had an old HDMI cable that didn’t support ARC, swapping the cable made it work immediately.The sound is really really bright. If you have a really soft room this will absolutely overcome the deadness of the room. However if you have a room with a lot of hard surfaces you made need to add some soft items to make it a little less “sharp”.The sounds is so crisp it’s unbelievable. I’m hearing things in tracks that I’ve never heard or noticed before. The horns are truly amazing at reproducing the highs and the sub @ 10”s effortless produces the lows. The crossover seems set perfect as I cant Distinguish any rollover.This is simple, incredibly well built, and truly worth the money.Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    JUNK!!! I just ordered my 3rd Cinema 600 soundbar and hope I get one that works. The first two I received were defective. The first one I ordered the subwoofer made a constant humming noise. I sent that one back and ordered another. The second one I received the subwoofer would not even power on. Klipsch use to be my go to brand for home audio but it looks like the quality of this brand is not there anymore.Read more

  6. Shashank Raina

    This is the only sound system I have experienced that can compete with Bose. In fact it might be better than Bose. Its a complete steal for $299 for me. Amazing sound, thundering bass and excellent resolution. The perfectly balanced sound for your TV. You cannot go wrong with this product.Read more

  7. Stuart Garner

    You can’t ask for better sound for the price. My blue tooth sub is about 20ft from the unit under the tvRead more

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