0C19A5O6RGU568 Ipx7 water-proof bluetooth audio system transportable wi-fi, shower speakers with tws stereo, support tf sd aux mic, mini small outside speaker with metal hook for toilet bike boat excursion add-ons

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  • 【notable loud sound & effective battery】maximum bluetooth audio system designed for shower speakers and out of doors speakers have three-watt audio drivers. Our bt525 bluetooth speakers characteristic five-watt audio for more potent bass and higher nice sound. Bt525 wireless speaker has a excessive capability battery that can provide as much as 12 hours of endless song, even at eighty% volume! The bluetooth speakers may be recharged in just 3 hours with the covered micro usb cable! That is a whole lot faster than other outdoor wireless speakers.
  • 【ipx7 water resistant & bathe speaker】our bluetooth audio system waterproof level ipx7- can be fully immersed up to at least one meter for about half-hour underwater. Guarantees that it’ll live safe within the shower, inside the rain, on the seashore, by the pool or on a ship! Ideal for kayaking, showering, swimming, diving. No concerns approximately weather, outdoor situation and unintentional drop in water. We build our water-resistant speaker more tough to ensure that it is able to be thoroughly carried everywhere life’s adventures take you!
  • 【guide microphone & tf/sd + aux-in】while bt525 speaker is attached, it is able to additionally feature as a speakerphone for voice calls in addition to being an audio playback tool. Bt525 bluetooth support micro sd/tf card and 3. 5mm aux cable. Whilst you mow the lawn for your big garden or restore your vehicle in your storage, or your telephone is out of power, tf/sd version is more suitable for you. It received’t waste the battery power out of your clever smartphone, or dropped by using the bluetooth distance whilst enjoying your tune.
  • 【tws stereo & 33 toes connect rang】proper wireless stereo era support bt525 excessive performance full-range wireless speaker music synchronously through a bluetooth connection, form left and proper channel stereo music. 360″ surround high definition sound without any important distortion even at maximum volume, assembly outside carnival requirement. Bluetooth 5. 0 permits connection range as some distance as 33ft and guarantees strong transmission. Like minded with all bluetooth enabled devices.
  • 【metallic hook & excursion accessories】within the bathe, you will be scared by the surprising drop of the speaker which constant to the mirror by way of the suction cup. You most effective need a metallic hook in your bathe audio system. Bt525 come with a steel transportable hook, it’s far greater strong and strong than a reasonably-priced silicone suction cup. You may cling your shower speaker to sprinkler or washstand. Bt525 is likewise an ideal vacation accessories, it could be fixed on bags, suitcases, bicycle for cycling, mountain climbing, hiking, adventure ride.

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4 reviews for 0C19A5O6RGU568 Ipx7 water-proof bluetooth audio system transportable wi-fi, shower speakers with tws stereo, support tf sd aux mic, mini small outside speaker with metal hook for toilet bike boat excursion add-ons

  1. Mark Asch

    Before buying the BT525 I searched Amazon and YouTube obsessively for many hours, and I hope that my review will save you some time. I am a music teacher, composer, and musician, and I am a bit finicky about sound. I was reluctant to try any inexpensive Bluetooth speaker because I thought that the sound quality would be distractingly poor, but I am happy to say that I was wrong. The BT525 produces very good sound for the price and size, and it is cleverly designed and packed with all of the features I was looking for.I like to take speakers with me when I am on the water with my kayak or paddleboard. So, in addition to having good sound, I need the speakers to be completely waterproof, to have reliable Bluetooth connectivity, to be small enough to easily handle and stow, and to be generally robust. Also, for me, TWS is essential — music is so much better with two speakers, when you can hear all of the instruments more clearly in the space around you, and the singer or lead instrument floats in the middle. When I’m paddling with my wife or a friend, it is really nice to put the 2nd speaker in the other boat.The BT525 handles all of my requirements very well! The size, shape, and materials make the unit very easy to handle, and the included carabiner lets you hang it on all sorts of bags or equipment. It is loud enough that I can hear it easily from anywhere in my yard while gardening or washing the car. (I’m not a good dancer, and now all my neighbors know it!) The Aux port and FM tuner are wonderful bonuses that will be very useful from time to time. I have played music continuously for almost 5 hours at medium-loud levels with no problems, and the speakerphone functionality was perfect.I am very pleased with the sound quality. I constantly see speakers judged in terms of the amount of bass that they produce, which is kind of missing the point when it comes to small speakers. No matter how much money you spend, you will never hear the loud bass that you hear at a club or concert come out of a 40mm driver…but that’s okay! The BT525 manual states that the speaker can output from 120 Hz to 20 kHz. Most people can’t hear much higher than 15 kHz, so the claim about producing 20kHz doesn’t really matter. 120 Hz is certainly decent at the low end for a speaker this size, and to my ears that claim is accurate. Much more importantly, the unit produces enjoyable, balanced sound. Any kind of music that is fairly steady dynamically sounds fine. It is certainly excellent for casual listening or a small party.A few final points. If there is any chance of the unit getting wet, carefully ensure that the rubber flap covering the ports is securely closed. Point the speaker straight at you for best sound. To maximize the life of the unit (or any other speaker) I recommend that you never turn it all the way to maximum; stop at least one “click” below max, and always turn down if the sound starts distorting or clipping. If anything odd happens with the Bluetooth or TWS signals, restart the speaker and it will probably clear up.To the manufacturer, I have a few suggestions. If you could move the charge and aux ports closer together, then the rubber flap could be smaller and less likely to leak. The start-up/shut-down chimes and prompts are hideous; the speaker will feel more luxurious if you improve them. The directions are printed too small, and I suggest that you have them written by a native speaker of each language to improve clarity. It would be wonderful if a future version could have (in addition to stereo mode) a “party mode” that allowed many speakers to play the same music. Overall, I am very impressed! Thank you for a fine product!Read more

  2. J. C. Lindy

    I bought this as a Shower Speaker- pluses: Connected quickly and easily to my phone and tablet, seems sturdy. the sound is good too. I will have to test if it holds up in the shower over time. Minus: I was looking forward to listening to my favorite FM station in the shower, but unlike the description, the model I was sent does not have the FM radio function. I will contact the manufacturer to see if they can replace mine with the model that had FM. If it does not, they should take this out of the product description.Update: If you buy this product, look inside for an offer to send you another free speaker for reviewing this product. I emailed them with the review (above) and my order number, and the free one they sent me DID have the FM function, but the tuner is very, very weak. I could not get any good reception for any local stations. However, I decided for two speakers that function well with Bluetooth and the microSD card modes, it was worth it. I will just have to pair my local station’s live audio stream app from my phone with Bluetooth instead.Read more

  3. Andrew Sachen

    Pros:CheapDecent bluetooth rangeGood battery (Discharges to 20% before a voice warns “Low Batt’ry, Please Charge” [in case you don’t know, batteries last a lot longer if you only discharge 80% per cycle instead of 100% per cycle, sometimes over double the number of cycles over the battery’s lifetime for lithium, for example])Clear, loud alerts about mode changes, the battery, and volume min/max.Pairable for stereo playbackLoudLow frequency audio through rear of deviceSnug rubber coveringCons:Occasional “hiccups” during playback (especially if blocked by a person, a wall, or furniture)350ms delay (NOT SUITABLE FOR VIDEO WITHOUT MANUAL OFFSET ADJUSTMENT)Stereo mode drains one battery twice as quickly as the otherSome minor ambient humPretty bad signal to noise ratio as volume increasesOther comments:These speakers are a bit larger than one would expect, but still fairly small (pocketable for cargo pants, not so much for jeans), and can produce a decent amount of volume at a reasonable quality, especially for the price. The mesh seems sturdy, the rubber seems held in place well and designed to last a reasonable amount of time, though I’m not going to use the clips, as the rubber to hold them is entirely lacking in reinforcement.The audio quality will probably bug anyone that pays attention to that sort of thing past about 40%, but that’s already pretty loud for indoor use, and if you’re outdoors, chances are you won’t hear imperfections as clearly. A happy medium between cost and quality. The charging/active light is a bit hard to see except when looking directly at it (there’s a covering with a hole in between the light and the mesh, and on one of the two I purchased, it’s slightly more covered than the other, making it even harder to see), and both the red and blue state lights will turn on at once if you use it while plugged in, making the light purple.The ability to add a MicroSD card full of music sealed in with the other plugs means you can take these on walks or hikes, go swimming, bike riding, or whatever else you want and not have to use your phone’s battery (or even bring your phone with you!) or worry about the bluetooth signal not reaching the speaker if they get too far apart from each other. Please note that this device does not read NTFS. Instead, you’ll have to use ExFAT or FAT32 when you format the card. Also note that a 128 GB card appears to be the maximum supported size; the device didn’t even recognize a card was inserted when testing it with a 256 GB card. Still, 128 GB can hold about 50,000 MP3s, as an example.Essentially, if you need some more volume for a portable device, this is a cheap way to achieve that without sacrificing sound quality.Read more

  4. Madrid Morenita

    I needed a Bluetooth speaker for poolside. I was pleasantly surprised at how loud this speaker gets. I’ve yet to try it in water but water has splashed on it at the beach and it is just fine. For the price it is admin good as the more expensive waterproof speakers. This speaker uses a usb android charger so no batteries needed. Even better! Once connected to my iPhone it stays connected. I like that because when I am watching my Pastor on YouTube then I have the extra sound power automatically!!!!When visiting a clients home for massages I can take this little light weight speaker and play smooth sounding music! I take it outside when working out in my yard, doing yoga, I mean it’s perfect! I highly recommend you try it.Read more

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