0C199X67L96477 Toshiba ty-asc50 wireless speaker system 50 watt outdoor bluetooth speaker party audio system w/rechargeable batteries & mp3 feature three. 5mm stereo earphone jack

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  • 50 watt speaker: this toshiba ty-asc50 capabilities a 50 watt speaker sytem with mp3 functionality and a stereo earphone jack
  • rechargeable batteries: the toshiba ty-asc50 functions 12 volt 4ah built in rechargeable batteries with a external ac/dc adapter
  • like minded with bluetooth: bluetooth compatibility so that you can connect it to your wi-fi tool
  • flashing dj lights: led lights that flash to the beat of the music
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product description

this toshiba ty-asc50 functions: – 50 watt speaker – 12 volt 4ah rechargeable battery – bluetooth compatibility – mp3 feature – fm stereo – 2 usb inputs for tune playback


50 Watts, 60 Watts

8 reviews for 0C199X67L96477 Toshiba ty-asc50 wireless speaker system 50 watt outdoor bluetooth speaker party audio system w/rechargeable batteries & mp3 feature three. 5mm stereo earphone jack

  1. Zone15GetEm

    Let me start off by saying I owned two awia eqos 9’s. That Aiwa was intoxicating. The dual voice coil sub woofer pumps serious sound. But the funny thing about the most superior speaker on the market is the battery gas a major flaw. You have to run searches on google to dig up a hard to find blog. I don’t have time to explain it or refer you to it. Just think about it like this. $600 and I had to scramble mentally if I wants to buy another one. Three aiwas no no no. It wasn’t the main component it’s flaw too time to find due to the fact it’s a buried complaint probably paid off false reviews but the mf aiwa tore my heart out. The sound sonically appeased my inner most primitive feelings. Pounds until six months it start shutting off. Now I was looking at jbl and damn they make you pay for a very small amount of power and capability. The water proof speakers are none worth it. Yeah they are resistant to that damage but they spend on that gimmick. The designs where too complicated and some too simple. The majority are not going to make you feel blown away and if it does your battery life will sadden your soul soon. But this big ugly Toshiba is 65 rms watts?? I mean I guess but my aiwa was 200 rms. And the 65 rms some how hits hard!!! Like its more low end bass on some notes for the aiwa but it must waste the wattage: the Tobisha has plenty enough bass to keep the bass boost off: it even has a balance that’s pretty surprising. I stalked the majority of the speaker segment. This speaker is odd. It will make you smile. It mysteriously has a loud full range sound and it is $120 I gave. I probably will be happy with the digging I went through. The odd hardly ever bought unknown tobisha isn’t going to connect to other speakers but who cares. I don’t think there is much to think about. Buy this and forget the 65 rms wattage rating. If you buy a Awia your not going to miss much of the sound going with this speaker. I don’t know how to relay this the any differently besides saying it’s just the best thing you could do if your going to trust a review trust me. I got sound quality here at $300 segment but then battery issues riddle the segment. All the $100 speakers are small. Unremarkable speakers cloned with different shapes and sometimes gimmicky approach. This is simple and understanding that simple sometimes is a mf good thing is important for you. This thing is so loud that I don’t want to believe the unit is 65 rms watts. I’m not sure how many watts it is but it’s double others or quadruples the $100 segment it exists in. It’s just going to be hard to understand. It’s going to blow you out the water. It’s too much to get from the $100 Bluetooth segment. I am never going to be mad about this loud tobisha. It’s just not a possibility.Read more

  2. Greed the avaricious

    Great speaker for my outside area, it truly does have plenty of bass for its size. Lights are cool and has a feature to flash along with low frequencies so it would always go crazy when the bass drops.Read more

  3. MasterDon

    Good speakers for price. Very Good sound and the bass response is clean. Highs and midrange are decent. Very loud speakers. Will not distort at high levels. I bought 2 speakers together. Connectivity is spot on. All the features work flawlessly. Had them for few month and everything is working good except one of the speakers won’t hold a charge for more than 30 mins. Not really happy with that, but at least it has pass through charging. Unfortunately, you will have to be tethered to a wall outlet. Not sure if this is covered under warranty.Read more

  4. D12Love

    It’s a very nice speakerRead more

  5. James Versemann

    This speaker sounds great, has plenty of punch, and has s decent battery life for it’s size (3-4 hours).My wife also really likes the mic inputs with the gain knob, because she can use Chordify to play music through the speaker, while simultaneously using the speaker as an amp for her ukelele. So, we basically have a portable amp now, which also does FM and Bluetooth.My only two critiques are that the speaker doesn’t have a water resistance rating, and that there is no built in cord storage. These are literally the only two things that kept me from giving it five stars.Read more

  6. Emmy’s Mom

    This was a great speaker when it worked. We have had the speaker 4 months and it has stopped working. The speaker Is plugged in and the green light says it is charging; however, it will not stay on longer than a minute. We have let it change for multiple days and still not working.Read more

  7. S. Chamberland

    I originally got a soundbar for my home gym in my basement, sound was good but too directional. Got this and the sound spread is much better. Not audiophile quality but better than i expected at this price point. The bass boost is a little too muddy for my liking so i keep it on the rock setting and it works well. Have used it for a couple campfires so far as well, volume is much better for gatherings than the previously used bose or oontz angle 3 and battery held up well for 4hrs, could have kept going but haven’t tried, i think it’s rated for 6Read more

  8. NLDcupcakes

    This speaker is by far the best! Sound is AWESOME!!!!! I can’t believe how long I can play music without it turning off. This holds a long charge. I love that you can move this around without the hassle of unplugging and plugging it. Best purchase ever! Worth every penny!Read more

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