0C199L4HW5Y371 Pow mo collapsible magnetic bluetooth speaker (2-%) – eight-hour playtime, 10w & 100ft range wi-fi stereo pairing, water-resistant for indoor/out of doors use click mount & pockets included [graphite]

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  • extend your sound: our patented wavebloom audio expansion technology provides crisp, excessive satisfactory audio in an without difficulty transportable package deal. Pow’s progressive layout enhances bass resonance, volume and normal frequency – so you can pass bigger, fuller and louder in a smaller shape element.
  • 2 is higher than 1 [literally]: real stereo is all however misplaced within the international of cellular speakers. Pow speakers can double up through stereo sync and unfold l/r channels for expansive true stereo, boosting amplitude and audio immersion. See stereo sync connection video.
  • at the back of the mo: four-eight hours of playtime depending on quantity and bass heavy notes after a full rate, 10w output, bluetooth four. 2 – 100ft variety, dual audio bluetooth like minded, pair with any bt enabled supply (such as iphone & android devices) see bluetooth connection video.
  • your last sound companion: extremely-portable, water-proof & magnetic – so you can attach to fridge, car frame, file cupboard and everywhere else lifestyles takes you.
  • protected accessories: pow mo speaker, established mount, click-on wallet & usb-c charging cable. Dispose of pockets and popular mount once you open the field. Use the the ahesive sponsored standard mount in places you do not have already got metallic.

audio growth technology

portability must in no way compromise strength. Put effective sound for your pocket so you can pick up the beat and usually take it with you.

authentic spatial stereo. Sync in stereo to enhance amplitude and audio immersion with left and right channels.

tabletops, walls, telephones…put it anywhere. Click it magnetically onto nearly any steel floor or pow click case. Stick it quite lots everywhere else you want to defy gravity the use of the familiar mount.

united we expand


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8 reviews for 0C199L4HW5Y371 Pow mo collapsible magnetic bluetooth speaker (2-%) – eight-hour playtime, 10w & 100ft range wi-fi stereo pairing, water-resistant for indoor/out of doors use click mount & pockets included [graphite]

  1. Bradley S. Franklin

    For the past year I’ve been searching for something like this – a truly portable, pocketable bluetooth speaker with great sound, and eureka, I’ve found it! Here is a truly unique product that I haven’t seen anywhere else in the market. We live in the age of personal devices, but aside from the tiny speakers offered in my phone, there haven’t been any options for truly personal audio. This thing is a game changer – pocketable, flexible, great balanced sound, and it plays quite loud.Pros:-It has a solid build and has some heft to it, not too much for your pocket.-It just works, pairing is super easy, no glitches-It seems like the internals are pretty heavy duty – the drivers hit impressively hard and it plays LOUD. If you put it on a hard surface and crank it, it will actually move around. If you place it on a very hard surface that is not magnetic, you might have to put a napkin or something under it to keep it from buzzing. Some surfaces can actually enhance the output.-Bass with the speaker extended is quite impressive for the size as well – bass is not as good as my JBL Link 20, but that’s a speaker that’s about 8 times the size and cost 2x as much.-Accessories are well thought out and very creative, the phone attachment is particularly interesting, as you have a super compact all-in-one speaker with great sound as well as ‘assistant’ capability (i.e. Siri, Google Assistant, etc)-Magnets for attachment are a really cool idea. I often just stick it to the fridge while I clean my kitchen.-Apparently you can pair two of these for true stereo sound and even more impressive bass. I’m thinking of getting one for my daughter to carry around, and when we go to the beach we can pair them and rock out :)Cons:-Not really a con, but it takes a couple of tries to get the hang of expanding the speaker. The trick is to not cover the vent hole with your fingers. Pull one side, and then the other, it’s pretty easy.-Its a little on the expensive side – this was probably the thing I thought about the most before pulling the trigger. But after buying it, I don’t regret the cost at all. I find myself using it much more often than any of my other bluetooth speakers, even the other portable ones I have, just because it’s so pocketable, flexible, and attachable.It’s a really innovative thing, and I’m going to buy a second one to try the pairing feature (will update this review when it comes in). If you’re looking for quality go-everywhere sound, I haven’t seen anything as good as this.Read more

  2. Alexander santos

    Got the speaker today an I’m amazed how good it is. Bought it because I saw unboxtherapy reviewed it and I know $80 is a bit to high but for a speaker this small but its well worth it. The sound is really clear at full volume. Just overall a good product in my opinion. Can’t wait to get another one to pair together.Read more

  3. Robert J. Perry

    This speaker is really amazing. Small footprint, pretty light but heft and strong. and the sound is super. Easy set up. I’ve set up a bunch of bluetooth devices and this was about the easiest. It’s a bit hard to pop open until you get the knack but once you have the movement down, very easy. And I couldn’t find the manual (neatly tucked away in great packaging!) but just looked online and had it set up in not time. I’m going to buy a second so I can have stereo! I use outside at my hot tub or on the deck. I was going to add outdoor speakers but no need with this!Read more

  4. Rich

    Sound quality and volume are amazing, and I can fit this in my pocket. The magnetism is very cool, too. I’ve got the Mo playing while stuck on my fridge now.Read more

  5. ed5656

    Bought this for the beach. Very surprised at how good the sound is considering the size. It rivals my $400 Sonos. Will be using for my backyard as well since the sound is great. Magnetic docking is ingenious and you can easily take it anywhere. Love this speaker.Read more

  6. Jakrit Limpiwong

    Holy crap! This thing is loud. I did not expect how loud this thing is.Read more

  7. Charlie Lederer

    This speaker is hands down awesome! Sound quality is worlds better than my current speaker, and much louder too. The magnets are a cool feature for traveling and bringing music with me. Thinking about getting a second one for the stereo sound pairing.Read more

  8. B. Rodriguez

    I’ve owned a few portable Bluetooth speakers and the Mo is the most surprisingly loud with quality sound. It folds down flat to take with you easily and you can magnetically mount it to the back of your phone or on a wall at whatever height you like. I had it up on my fridge at ear level all day. It filled my apt with music! Cool added value with the included accessories. It’s such an innovative product. I love it!!Read more

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