0C199HNRQDR768 Ipx7 water-resistant bluetooth speaker, transportable wi-fi outdoor speaker with stereo sound, superior bass, built in mic, aux/sd/tf card play, 12h playtime, bluetooth speaker for shower, home, seaside, pool

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  • 【excellent battery existence】 2500mah large-ability battery can make sure the speaker to paintings for up to 12 hours. Portable bluetooth speaker can absolutely free your with out fear about out of energy when tour.
  • 【ipx7 water-resistant speaker for outside and bathe】ipx7 guarantees dustproof and water-proof. But, it isn’t advocated to immerse immediately in water. Be aware: please close the rubber plug at the charging interface whilst using make sure the tightness of the product.
  • 【tws characteristic and friendly layout】pair any wireless speakers together to acquire genuine stereo sound, deliver you wonderful and comfy entertainment whenever everywhere. It actually have a carabiner that permits you easy to cling on anywhere such as bathe, out of doors etc . You may use it in diverse scenes exterior and indoors.
  • 【strong bluetooth connectivity and excessive compatibility】the use of the state-of-the-art bluetooth five. Zero technology, in comparison to different bluetooth audio system, it has a solid signal and high transmission price within fifty five toes, even seamless connection. Bluetooth audio system are universally well suited with any device through bluetooth or aux lines together with iphone, ipad, samsung, pc, macbook etc, additionally with sd/tf card support.
  • 【what we provide】lezii bluetooth water-resistant speakers, hook, cables, consumer manual, thank you card*1, 24h friendly customer service and electronic mail assist, if the product has any query, please experience unfastened to contact us.

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0.35, x, 0.33, x, 0.13, inches

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11.2, ounces





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1, Lithium, ion, batteries, required., (included)

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4.5, out, of, 5, stars, 461, ratings, 4.5, out, of, 5, stars

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#1, 301, in, Portable, Bluetooth, Speakers, #11, 215, in, MP3, &, MP4, Player, Accessories

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May, 12, 2020

4 reviews for 0C199HNRQDR768 Ipx7 water-resistant bluetooth speaker, transportable wi-fi outdoor speaker with stereo sound, superior bass, built in mic, aux/sd/tf card play, 12h playtime, bluetooth speaker for shower, home, seaside, pool

  1. MediaBoxEnt

    Great crystal clear sound from this awesomely small speaker! this speaker is light weight, very strong and comes with a great hook to hang from my backpack or even my bike! this speaker has incredible sound as you can hear in our video! I love the small and modern design of this wireless outdoor speaker with excellent stereo sound! this speaker is great to take from one place to the other as well as gifting! gifting the power of great sound at such small size and price!Read more

  2. Jupiter Floros

    Well, you read the reviews, that thing is phenomenal so I won’t repeat what the others are saying. Instead, I will talk about the most sensitive area for small speakers, which is of course the bass.I’ll tell you this, I am that person who visits bestbuy or Walmart or mediamarkt (in Europe) and connects his phone on all the Bluetooth speakers for sale to play Psy trance at full volume (momentarily). Yeah, customers are looking and I bet quietly judging the musical preferences of a 40yo man. I am not only interested in deep bass, but also in finding out if the speaker has a bass cut off kicking in at the last 3 top clicks of the volume range. Many small speakers have that to avoid low frequency distortion at full volume (jbls, bose, ultimate ears, Logitech). So, having established my self as a serious basshead, I’ll give you my rating regarding the bass on that lil speaker9 out of 10.It would be a straight 10 if some distortion at max volume on very bass heavy tracks wasn’t present. You see there is no volume cut off, that’s why. (But, it would have been 8 or even 7 if there was a cut off.)It sounds brilliant, buy with confidence.Read more

  3. A Customer

    I was looking for a simple radio, preferably one I could listen to in the shower, and came across this on Amazon. After reading tons of reviews and comparing with other products (although to be honest, this is the ONLY one I came across that had both bluetooth and FM radio, well, at least at such a reasonable price as this, there may have been others, but probably 4 or 5 times the price, if I remember right) I decided to give this one a try. I was definitely looking forward to getting it. When I first opened the package, I like the way it looked, I like that it has the “carabiner” clip so I can hopefully hang it somewhere in or near the shower to listen to music while I shower, and do stuff in the bathroom in the morning. I was reading the instructions and saw that it mentioned there were 2 different models of this radio, the BT525 (without FM radio) and the BT525-FM (with FM radio). I looked on my unit and it said BT525, so, needless to say, I was starting to feel great disappointment as one of the major reasons I wanted it was for the radio, but having bluetooth capability at the same time would just be icing on the cake, I thought, so I was actually going through the mental calculations of when I would need to return it, etc. Anyways, I charged it up to at least listen to it to see how it sounded and how it worked, etc. Once it was charged up and I had a basic idea of how to work it, I turned it on and paired it with my phone, and imagine my surprise and hopeful anticipation when it showed up on my phone as BT525-FM!!! Woohoo!!!!! I played some instrumental music I had on my phone, and it sounded OK, perhaps a little bit of distortion at higher sound levels. Then, I read the instructions of how to access the FM radio capability (you double click the round button in the middle (there’s only 3 buttons, the round one and volume up and volume down) until it says “FM mode”, then, when in “FM mode”, you triple click on the round middle button and it starts to find all your local channels and puts them in memory. (A tip when you do this, turn the volume down before it starts, because if it’s up all the way or near there, the volume of the radio is actually REALLY loud and can kind of hurt your ears!!! That is the truth!!!) Once it has found all your channels, you can long press either the plus or the minus buttons (volume up and volume down) to move from channel to channel. Pretty simple, but it works!!! So that’s basically how it works. For some reason the radio sounds better to me than the music I was playing on my phone, not sure why exactly, maybe I didn’t have my phone volume up enough? I don’t really know. But the radio was very important to me, so I’m very happy! So now, I have a radio that is waterproof (or at least quite water resistant, I haven’t tried it yet to test it out, but I doubt I’d be in a situation that I want to dunk it under some water anyways, but I feel pretty confident that it can get splashes on it and it will not hurt it) that I can listen to in or near the shower, PLUS, I can also take calls on it!!! So no need now to keep my phone by the shower if I’m expecting a call, get soap and or water on my phone, all that crap, you know??! Absolutely love that aspect of it! And you can play music or audio that is on your phone, if you don’t want the radio! (One thing to keep in mind though is that if you’re playing the radio, it won’t be connected by bluetooth to your phone, because it’s in “radio mode”. However, if you hear your phone ringing, all it takes is a double-click on the middle button to switch to bluetooth mode, so a bit of a hassle, but not too much). Anyway, a lot of awesomeness in one little package, and now that I’ve been listening to the radio for a while, I KNOW that I will be satisfied with the quality of the music sound of the radio at least! Ok, that’s it, that’s seriously the longest review I’ve ever left, but I’m seriously very very excited about this seriously awesome little radio/speaker/phone speaker!!!!!! :-DRead more

  4. tea lady

    I have owned this speaker for a little over a month now but I wanted to wait to give my review until I put music on the SD card and had time to use it. Inside the box is a little pamphlet on how to use the speaker. It is quite easy to maneuver from pairing mode to the radio to the SD card. A long press on the round button in the middle turns the speaker on which goes straight into the pairing mode. I was able to pair without any problem. Once you’ve paired your phone, tablet, etc. to the speaker it will pair with it right away when you turn it on. Then with the next quick double push on the middle button you go into the radio. Holding down on the + button will take you to the next station and holding down on the – button will take you back to the previous station. You can also triple click to go into a scan mode so you can pick your station. I got many clear stations. The radio will stay on the last station that you listened to after you turn it off. The sound quality is great and the volume goes very loud for such a small speaker. The only area I needed some help with was putting songs on the micro SD card. I contacted the company that sells this speaker a few times and they answered my emails right away with the answer to my questions. You can reach them, haopu-usby going to the page that sells the speaker and press “ask a question”. My music was on my laptop in my i tunes so the first thing I had to do was purchase a micro SD card with a case that fits into my laptop also. I think I paid less than 10 dollars for it. I bought a 16 GB San Disk but I’m sure any one will do and 16 GB will hold tons of music. So, the one thing I didn’t know is that all the music in my i tunes that I have set up for my old I pod which I uploaded from my many CD’s was not in a format that the speaker would accept. I had to put my songs in mp 3 mode. I downloaded an app which easily transferred them over. Then I put the SD card with the micro SD card inside into my laptop and put the music on it. I took the SD card out of my laptop, pulled the micro SD card out of it placed it into the speaker slot and now I have the music on it that I want to listen to while I swim. I don’t have to worry about the speaker getting splashed by the side of the pool since it is waterproof. That is why I bought this speaker and it does everything I wanted it to do. I also like the fact that I can answer phone calls by pressing the center button on the speaker and talk through it so I don’t have to get my phone wet.Read more

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