0C19997R247692 Midea map10s1cwt 3-in-1 portable air conditioner, dehumidifier, fan, for rooms as much as two hundred sq. Ft enabled, 10,000 btu doe (5,800 btu sacc) control with remote, phone or alexa

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  • smartcool: the midea portable air conditioner, ashrae score 10, 000 btu (5800 btu 2017 sacc general) promises speedy, powerful cooling for areas as much as 200 square ft whilst concurrently offering fan and dehumidification capabilities in any home, bed room, workplace or cabin; growing a calming and cozy surroundings.
  • wifi enabled & voice manage: control your transportable ac from everywhere the use of our telephone app. Transfer modes, set a time table, and extra. Pairing your ac with alexa or with google assistant, the unit will reply to voice instructions, preserving your property cool and relaxed.
  • handy operation:revel in the simplicity and comfort of digital controls. The portable ac functions an easy-to-study led display and includes a compact far flung control (batteries included) to without difficulty set the time, temperature, and mode, from across the room. Its 24-hour adjustable timer can cool a room to a temperature among 62°f-ninety°f and has three modes to pick from – cooling, dehumidification, fan best.
  • easy set up:roll your air conditioner to the preferred cooling vicinity, attach the 5ft hose and adjustable window brackets (suits openings from 26. 5-48“), flip the unit on and let your cooling begin! An exhaust hose and window kit are covered, no greater gear are needed for meeting. Set up instructions are easy and may be achieved by using everybody.
  • washer-friendly air filter out:to offer smooth cool air, we designed a removable and reusable air clear out to shield your circle of relatives and dwelling area from dust and pet hairs. We advocate you easy the filter out every week of operation so as to expand the lifestyles and performance of this unit.

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with a unique temperature control gadget, sleep mode creates an preferably relaxed climate on your bedroom. So you can wake up fully refreshed and tackle a brand new day!

get admission to your settings with an easy-to-examine virtual led display: oscillation, sleep mode, timer, fan pace, operation mode (cooling, dehumidification, fan), and temperature settings. You may also use the remote manage to adjust the temperature, operation mode in addition to the led heritage mild on the panel to keep away from any light disturbance.

the air conditioner capabilities four wheels for easy portability from room to room. Just roll the ac to your chosen cooling place and don’t worry about heavy lifting.

24 hour time setting, set the run time for some thing you need, and don’t fear about turning it off to lessen the energy intake.

a proximity sensor inside the far off adjusts cooling temperature primarily based on your distance from the ac. This gives a better cooling enjoy and helps sell comfortable temperatures in areas significant ac can’t reach.

cleans without difficulty under faucet, no want to purchase a brand new filter often. The filter allows reduce air impurities like dirt, puppy dander, and hair.


for Rooms up to 150 sq ft, for Rooms up to 200 sq ft (Alexa Enabled), for Rooms up to 275 sq ft (Alexa enabled), for Rooms up to 330 sq ft (Alexa Enabled)

7 reviews for 0C19997R247692 Midea map10s1cwt 3-in-1 portable air conditioner, dehumidifier, fan, for rooms as much as two hundred sq. Ft enabled, 10,000 btu doe (5,800 btu sacc) control with remote, phone or alexa

  1. DianaX

    11/25/20 Edit: While I still use the fan on the machine and it runs pretty much 24/7 this product still works like a charm – 8mos later. The item above, pictured now is different than the one I bought. Mine has 4 vent blades. Happy Holidays…Edited to add: TAKE THE 15MINS TO *READ* THE INSTRUCTION BOOKLET. I NOTICE TOO MANY COMPLAINTS THAT ARE A VERY CLEAR OVERSIGHT & CAN BE RESOLVED BY THE SIMPLE SETTING(S).****TIPS FOR TEMP****Yes. So I’ve learned that it runs MUCH COLDER, LONGER when the filter is cleaned once a week. I literally spray it off (out) with my kitchen sink hose and it’s quick and easy. Next, use a swifter duster and remove any buildup from the lower part vent exterior. The first time I did it I was in shock at the big piece of dust that slid off… that alone reduced the temp at least by 10° immediately. Next, on the very bottom in the back there is a screw off nozzle. Then pull out the rubber insert WITH A DRAIN PAN UNDERNEATH, this is the condensation that must be drained every once in awhile. I do mine every few weeks, its minimal and quick. Reinsert that rubber fitting and screw back on the round plastic cover so it’s sealed when done. While I’m at it, I always run the dehumidifier afterwards with the hose it came with into a small few gal Rubbermaid bin. I set a timer because it’s actually overflowed when I forgot to dump it and left it running. I will run/drain the dehumidifier for at least 5mins during all of this maintenance and while in cycle I’ll switch it to cool and the water rushes out (fully draining, quick) this seems to reduce the temp drastically again for another several weeks without reduction. Make sure you carefully remove that hose, reinsert the rubber fitting and screw back on that cap. Oh and the dehumidifier is the one halfway up on the back. The directions tell you all of this but I had to read it a few times to fully understand since I’d never had one before. Also if the display ever reads a code, there’s a reason and it tells you in the manual. That’s how I learned about the drain at the very bottom. Hope this helps you and others. Happy to help!Original Review…I’m very please with this portable air conditioner. I was able to set it up and getting running very easily, alone. It’s been running for about 15mins and my large room has already dropped from 91° to 74° it’s amazing and I highly recommend this unit after hours of Amazon research and this final decision. As far as the noise, WHAT NOISE? Its an air conditioner and I hear the fan gently blowing nice cold air… if youre looking for silent, good luck. This is the quietest I’ve ever heard and will sleep peacefully without question. BUY IT, YOU WON’T REGRET IT.Read more

  2. Cole Russo

    We purchased this after our window unit sadly gave its life to get us through the late half of June. I am ill and take medication that makes me more susceptible to heat exhaustion and was getting dangerously close to a hospital trip. We graciously took advantage of the $100 off coupon attached to it and the generous installment plan, and received our A/C after 3 days. Installation took literally ten minutes and half of that was me looking for my screwdriver to uninstall the dead window unit.Within 45 minutes our bedroom was icy, halfway into our kitchen and all the way to the hallway. That’s about half of our little shotgun duplex. We have to switch it off in the night or we wake up during a blanket war.This thing is a godsend, worth every penny we spent on it and more, and thank goodness for Prime shipping and payment installments because I’m not sure what we would have done otherwise!I will say, the hose for draining is quite short but we’ve got it led to a bucket rather than a drain which suits us fine. The wireless app support is a little fussy to set up but incredibly intuitive once it is!Read more

  3. terry pratt

    I love it one of the best things I invested in the whole entire year ready for the summer now let’s go 🤸Read more

  4. Kylie

    I live in San Diego where it’s perpetually at least 75% humidity. It’s not the East Coast… but it’s pretty humid. My complex doesn’t have AC, which on normals days is tolerable but during the summer anything over 80 degrees or so outside, it’s miserable to sleep in even with a fan. I wake up every night drenched in sweat since I keep the window open since it does cool down but that humidity is just sticky… anyway this AC has been a life changing miracle for me. I sleep like a rock through the night now. My bedroom is on the smaller side but it works incredibly, and I was able to get the seal perfectly on my window even tho it opens vertically instead of horizontally. Not to mention it’s a single pane window and my room still stays icy. I love it. Personally haven’t used the app or remote cause I go to school online so I’m always here. Buy this thing!!Read more

  5. P.O’Gorman

    Great product and works well. What they don’t tell you is that it has to be drained and it’s very awkward to do. Draining it isn’t easy and if I had known I may not have purchased this type, but does its jobRead more

  6. Brandy/Jordan Thorn

    Love it. Hoping to move our bed out of the way. But it was way easy to set up and blows super cold air. Feels so good to be sleeping comfortable again and not way too hot. I waited all day for UPS excited to get this and was hoping it would be exactly what I wanted and it’s everything I hoped for. Was going to go with a different product but it had horrible reviews and I don’t regret changing my mind:)Read more

  7. Mttb641

    Okay so I’ve owned many window unit air conditioners and this is my first portable unit. I live in a studio apartment that’s small and I finally caved on purchasing an AC. I was told no acs by my building manager so I needed something small and discreet and this unit did meet that criteria. However I do wish this unit had more cooling power. The room it is in is about 300 sq ft just above their recommendation. And yes it does cool fine but sometimes it needs to be pointed at me to actually cool me down. Also my building is relatively old so I doubt there is good insulation. I would buy a slightly larger unit if I could do it again but I’m satisfied with this unit enough to keep it. If you’re looking for cooling power just go with a window unit. More efficient and works better.Read more

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