0C198MTDN3K712 Cooau transportable outside movie projectors 5500 lumens 1080p supported domestic theater projector daylight hours indoor video projector well matched tv stick/smartphone/laptop/dvd player/ps4

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  • 🎦 sync telephone display —- primarily based on our ordinary consumer’s idea, we update our a4300 video projector, which makes a4300 projectors can guide stressed out and wi-fi projection for ios and android gadgets. With a mhl/lightning-hdmi cable or anycast wifi dongle, a4300 projector can quickly recognize the display-mirroring function from your smartphone and get a smooth playback of motion pictures.
  • 🎦 high brightness & fine photo —- cooau a4300 home theater projector is prepared with the high mild transmission glass lens that helps reduce reflections and increase light transmission, making the projector without problems produce a sharper image. With 1080p decision, 5500 lumens and 4000:1 assessment, this video projector indicates bright screen with super picture readability. Immerse your self in the films and absolutely enjoy the house theater!
  • 🎦 first rate sound & advanced cooling gadget —- combining with 3 characteristics: clear, loud, adjustable, the speaker might be remarkable while playing your film and gaming time. With the progressive cooling machine that 2 lovers going for walks simultaneously, the warmth dissipation impact is multiplied by way of 20% compared with different projectors. Consequently, the led lamp might not provide off too much warmth, which ensures the regular wonderful performance of the projector.
  • 🎦 multimedia home theater projectors —- our projector has entire ports which includes usb/hdmi/ vga/av. You could connect it with various peripheral devices including television stick/television box/computer/telephone/dvd play/usb stick/laptop/ps4/x-field etc. The projector will release a 45-2 hundred inch show with projection distance 4. 6ft-18. 7ft. This projector also supports 25% zoom function adjustment. Without problems get a appropriate photo length without converting the projector distance.
  • 🎦 three years & lifetime professional guide —- cooau provides 60 days back, 3-yr restore and lifetime expert technical assist. Any issues, please emaii us each time. After receiving your message, we can do our excellent that will help you quickly resolve the hassle.
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  • why may not it hook up with my tool? Have hdmi to type c adapter. Worked first-rate for a pair days
  • why might not it connect with my tool? Have hdmi to kind c adapter. Worked satisfactory for a pair days

  • could this work out of doors on a patio with a one hundred forty four inch screen? It would best be outside while in use, however we do live in arizona
  • might this work out of doors on a patio with a 144 inch display? It would best be outside while in use, but we do live in arizona

  • does each person recognize the remote codes to make this projector work with a roku’s far off?
  • does each person recognize the faraway codes to make this projector paintings with a roku’s remote?

  • can you hook up dish network/direct tv to this?
  • hey, you could join the projector to computer or tv via a hdmi cable. This projector does no longer without delay guide internet connecting, but it help display screen mirroring feature. You may connect your smartphone to this projector to watch the video online. For any question approximately the projector please feel free to invite us right here or via message. We are status by using. Reputable mailbox: support05@cooau. Com
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    5 reviews for 0C198MTDN3K712 Cooau transportable outside movie projectors 5500 lumens 1080p supported domestic theater projector daylight hours indoor video projector well matched tv stick/smartphone/laptop/dvd player/ps4

    1. B. Norman

      First I have to say that I have never owed a projector before. I decided to buy this one because of the screen resolution, the smaller size of the machine and because I also bought a portable DVD player by the same brand and it was amazing. The picture is outstanding. There was no lag in playing a DVD on my PlayStation 4. It is very easy to use. It’s really portable, I can take it and use it anywhere. I was very happy with the sound quality from the speakers too, that was the sound thing I was ecstatic about after seeing the crisp picture on my wall. I can’t wait until summer comes back around, we are going to play movies in the back yard for our kid and our friends kids. I am so very very happy I got this. I’m 100% pleased with it and recommend it. Two thumbs up!Read more

    2. E Alegria

      I’ve tried a few projectors that were priced under $200 and this is the best one yet!Cons:–The picture quality is only 1080p, but the projector projects a huge image size (so large that I had to use the picture reduction feature in order for it to fit my screen). I watch a lot of foreign films with subtitles and you can see a lot of noticeable pixelation on the edges of any text– especially when the picture size is so much larger than a typical 1080p device would be. It’s a pet peeve of mine, but the overall great home movie theatre experience outweighs it for me.– There’s only one hdmi port and one vga. I only use hdmi. If you want to switch between multiple hdmi devices it might get annoying if you try to ceiling mount this projector. You’ll have to get a long hdmi cord with a separate hub to switch inputs or switch them manually every time . There’s also two usb ports I would pretty much never use.– Fans. This projector has fans. They’re much quieter than other projectors I’ve used, but if the sound of a fan will bother you, you will probably not want to sit very close to the projector. I think this is the biggest deal breaker for any projector. I’m able to sit a few feet away from the projector and pump up the volume so it works for me.– The options for mounts for this projector are more limited. It has a single screw.Pros:– Price is excellent for the quality.– Picture size is huge. Easily fills an entire wall or large screen.– Audio is good enough. The projector gets loud enough that I didn’t feel the need to use another sound system. Only certain loud noises caused the audio to buzz. Overall I was impressed with the sound quality.– Brightness. The image quality is good. I needed to customize the settings to get better color. Many low end projectors can have washed out grey colors. After adjusting the settings I think the colors are much more vibrant than similarly priced projectors. I can even watch shows during the day with the blinds closed and the color doesn’t look terrible, just a little grey.– Size. This device is slightly smaller than your standard high end projector, but it’s still quite large. This is not one of those pico micro projectors you can find for similar prices. It performs much better than those tiny projectors do.To sum it up, I love this projector. I think it’s comparable to my 55 inch smart tv. While the image might not always be super vibrant or 4k (it depends on your lighting) , it provides a huge movie theater like experience. It can easily be relocated so if you like to travel this little projector would be great to bring along. I installed a screen that drops down over my window so the projector doesn’t take up any space except for when it’s in use. It’s so much nicer than having a tv taking up space on a table.Read more

    3. michael kz

      To all the fathers in the world, i would recommend buying a projector for your kids room instead of a hdtv. First it takes up less space, easier to use and install and much more versatile. For a projector with 4800 lumens this is a really good piece of equipment for half the price of a 42 inch tv, and this fits up to 200 inches. Its compatible with most devices via hdmi or vga. works on my sons laptop and xbox. i’ve got rid of tvs all over the house and now just use projectors for the family.Read more

    4. Dean

      To mirror with your cellphone you just need an HDMI cable with one side for your cell phone such the lightning for Iphone. I also used on my ps4 and xbox one and had no problems and no lagging or high definition decrease. This projector has a 3.5mm audio port to connect my external speaker system, also has a low noise which I found super friendly.Will be great if they add a built in light on the remote for further models.Read more

    5. Matthew Riggenbach

      So I did a lot of research on what you need to have a quality projector and this was by far the best one I could find under $150, with a good contrast ratio, high lumens, 720 dpi native and the ability to go up to 200″. With my setup, i only got the screen up to 130″, but it looks amazing! I have wowed my friends and family with it and have them all wanting to do the same in their homes.After about 30 hours of use, the only things I found lacking were the speaker quality and only having one HDMI port. The speakers are still loud and clear, until there is any amount of low tones or voices. It can’t handle any kind of bass, but other than that, isn’t bad at all. And I will likely be getting surround sound hooked up in the near future anywyas, so the problem isn’t even an problem.The lack of the second or third HDMI port, like most TVs have becomes a problem if you have a setup like mine where you have a computer, PS4 and XBox 1 all being used frequently with the setup. It isn’t a huge deal having to switch the cords out, but it is just an inconvenience.All in all, I love it and when this one eventually dies in another 49,970 hours, I’ll rebuy this model if it is still available. There just simply isn’t any reason to pay more, unless you really need those hdmi ports.Read more

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