0C198GH4808696 Bluetooth five. Zero stereo audio receiver amplifier board 2 channel mini wi-fi high energy digital aux amp module for home passive audio system tpa3116d2 100w x 2 fosi audio zk-1002

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  • 【hifi sound】adopt tpa3116d2(with am interference suppression function) chips, with top notch sound first-rate. It guarantees that even with excessive electricity operation for a long term, thd is much less than zero. 1%.
  • 【mini but effective】2 ch stereo output electricity 100watt * 2, working voltage variety dc5-27v, for 4-eightΩ, 50watt-300watt passive speakers.
  • 【 input approaches】guide three. 5mm stressed out input and bluetooth 5. Zero input. Bluetooth signal distance up to 49ft, first-class in your diy passive audio system.
  • 【continuous & strong】5 * 470uf super capacitor brings a stable output. Massive-area warmth dissipation system, and superb energy module, it will no longer overheat and prevent paintings at lengthy-time high output.
  • 【make certain protection】this bluetooth amplifier board has a backside plate and a top plate, support opposite connection protection, over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, over-heat safety, quick-circuit protection.

product description

fosi audio became based with a easy intention: build products that sound terrific and make people want to listen to music every day. We layout, manufacture, and promote many hello-fi audio merchandise in the marketplace. We pursue your perfect song journey. Enjoy hello-fi music with fosi audio audio products now!

zk-1002 bluetooth 5. Zero mini energy amplifier board

chip: tpa3116d2*2

enter mode: bluetooth / 3. 5mm aux

work voltage: dc 5v-27v (above 2a)

channel: 2 ch stereo output

bluetooth version: bluetooth five. 0

bluetooth transmission distance: 50 feet

max energy output: 100w x 2

terminating impedance: four – 8 ohm

suit speaker: 50 – 300watt

paintings humidity: zero%~ninety five%rh

large-region warmness dissipation system, and top notch power module, it will now not overheat and prevent work at long-time excessive output.

all copper electricity interface, the metal component will now not overheat; the speakers interface with separate grids makes the wiring safer and is not liable to short circuits.

undertake two tpa3116d2 amplifier chips, the distortion is less than 0. 1% even at high energy output. Modulation frequency up to at least one. 2mhz, built-in lc clear out capacitor to make the vocals clearer.

how to join the speaker?

  • step1-use the screwdriver to loosen the speaker terminals on the amplifier.
  • step2-insert the speaker wires.
  • step3-set up the screws to comfortable the speaker wires.
  • package deal includes:

  • 1. Zk-1002 stereo bluetooth power amplifier module * 1
  • 2. Acrylic shell * 2
  • 3. 16mm copper column * four
  • four. 9mm screw * 8, five. Metallic nut, screw mat * 1
  • 6. 20cm strength cable * 1
  • 7. Screwdriver * 1, eight. Knob * 1
  • color_name

    ZK-1002, ZK-1002L, ZK-1002T, ZK-502C, ZK-502T, ZK-TB21

    7 reviews for 0C198GH4808696 Bluetooth five. Zero stereo audio receiver amplifier board 2 channel mini wi-fi high energy digital aux amp module for home passive audio system tpa3116d2 100w x 2 fosi audio zk-1002

    1. LAD

      So, I didn’t know what to expect when I bought this. for 20 bucks you’re getting more than you pay for in my opinion. I bought $30 and $40 mini amps that don’t perform nearly as well as this. Bluetooth connects perfectly fine haven’t tested the range but it was easy to set up. The output quality is highly dependent on your power source though. When hooked up to a basic 5volt phone charger it does power up and plays music through the speakers but they distort as soon as you turn up the volume. I ran it off of a 20 volt Black & Decker power tool battery and it pushed two JBL-GTO 6x9s and they sounded great. My only complaint is I wish they would provide a link to a good 20-27 volt power supply that can get to its full potential. A 20 volt power tool battery does do the trick for now though.Read more

    2. Ryan Harvey

      This is a great little amp. I rigged up some outdoor weatherproof speakers using this amp and an Airport Express.Word of warning that some (easy) assembly is required, and it does not come with a power supply. The pictures in the listing make it look like it comes with a power cord that plugs into the wall. It doesn’t and you need to buy your own. This too may be confusing — you need to find a power supply that is “center positive,” otherwise it won’t work.This one worked for me. You could get one that has more power than 9V if you want your speakers to be really loud, but this power supply offered more than enough power for my needs.Read more

    3. J. Wilson

      This is the second one I’ve purchased. The sound from this little amp is fantastic. I built this one into a WIFI speaker system with lithium battery power. I have a 21V Lion battery pack (5 batteries in series) and when I first built it and hooked it all up everything was great… but I let it sit for about a week without plugging it in. When I tried to use it, the batteries were completely drained… that is not good for Lion batteries. Half the pack was ruined and had to be tossed. I isolated it down to the fact that with the amp plugged in, even though the on/off switch was off it was drawing a very small amperage and over a week had drained the pack. I installed a separate on/off switch in line on the + lead and that breaks the power completely.UPDATE – I only used 5 little Lithium batteries in series and 4056 charge controllers on each of them. I also installed a power meter on the box so that I could watch for low battery issues. I was using this in the garage for probably 16 total hours. I started at 21v and after two long days of use, there is still 20v remaining in the batteries! That is some kind of efficiency. I’ve had that box now for several months and have yet to recharge the batteries!Read more

    4. G. Dan – Chicago IL – Amazon Customer since 1998

      I had this little amp for a few days now and got a chance to test it with two pairs of speakers: Martin Logan Mosaic (5 Ohms, 200 Watts RMS) and some tiny Klipsch Media (satellite speakers). My current audio system has NAD preamp and Rotel power amp.Let me tell you that I was impressed by the way the Fosi BT amp handles itself. With the small speakers, you could tell that it wasn’t home. But with the floor-standing speakers, it really popped, to the point that it rivaled my current hi-fi setup. At 50 Watts per channel, the Fosi amp needs larger woofers to breathe life into your music.It has no frills, no fuss. Just tie the speakers to it, connect BT which is a breeze and you have a very nice and easy listening setup. Totally worth it if you want to move your speakers around and need tons of flexibility. Well done Fosi!Read more

    5. John R

      I bought the 100×2 single knob version. Connected to two MTX 100w outdoor speakers and WOW! This thing is more than loud enough and sounds great. I really didn’t expect it to be this good. I’m only using a 16v 6amp power supply….waiting on the 24v one to come in. Only thing that could make it perfect would be a remote.Update:Bought 2 more and these things sound way better with my 24v 6 amp power supply and have very decent bass. I have another brand that is supposed to be 200w but is only 12v and it distorts at high volumes and sounds like a transistor radio in a tin can. Shout out to the old people who understand that analogy. Highly recommended these for very descent sound for cheap. You can get two descent MTX speakers and one of these cheaper than any bluetooth speaker setup that sounds even close to this good.Read more

    6. NJK

      The kit was fun to screw together, but it takes less than ten minutes. I already had a 12-volt 3A power supply, so I was up and running in seconds. The power switch (integrated into the volume knob) only controls the amplifier section, it does not turn off the bluetooth transceiver, so you will always see this available for connection in your phone (and everybody else’s phone). My iphone connected to it immediately, and the amp rings a bell when you connect (a reasonable tone through the speakers). It gets loud enough for everybody in the house to yell at me to turn it down, and I can’t get the class-D amplifier chip to get hot at all. It runs cool – as class D should.I didn’t expect to, but I love this little thing. It now has a permanent home near my workbench, so anytime I sit down to tinker, I can play XM radio through it.Read more

    7. Brad

      With one exception, this is 5-Star product. I tried to use it in my office to enhance the audio from a TV. That task required a wired connection from the TV to the AUX input of the Fosi ZK-1002T. The RF environment in my office is a “Bluetooth Swamp.” It appears the ZK-1002T connects to the first Bluetooth signal it captures and then ignores the AUX line. I couldn’t change that so now exploited the ZK-1002T Bluetooth preference and use it with my laptop computer where it does a superb job and deserves a 5-star rating. It is hard to believe that an amplifier as small as the ZK-1002T can drive an old pair of inefficient 8 Ohm speakers as well as it does. Would I purchase this product again? Yes.Read more

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