0C19858N7OA108 Tribit ipx7 water-resistant bluetooth speaker, ultra-transportable, 12w loud hd sound, bluetooth 5. Zero tws pairing usb-c charging, 100ft range best for bathe pool seaside tour, xsound surf

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  • completely water resistant – there may be nothing higher than going for a swim along with your favored tunes in your ears. From swimming laps to dodging raindrops, we have got you included with the ipx7 waterproofing to seal out moisture. You can go to the seaside, within the bathe, pool or everywhere in which it’s a bit bit wet and now not worry at all!
  • higher through design – lightweight & ultra portable. They say simplicity is elegance, and you may ensure that the xsound surf bluetooth speaker tests all the right bins in each categories. Beginning with the grill casting to its sturdiness and compact build, the low profile is understated however makes itself recognise as soon as the track begins! Plus the low center of gravity makes it tough to tip over, and the lightweight layout makes taking it on the street a no-brainer.
  • sturdy sound, anywhere – don’t permit the arena drown out your music. Pulling its weight similarly nicely in a loud, indoor celebration surroundings or on the banks of a dashing river, you may constantly be capable of hear the xsound surf transportable bluetooth speaker loud and clean. Even when at max volume, it still affords even, balanced sound.
  • wireless stereo pairing – double up and pair xsound surf speaker together. It’s tremendous simple to connect every other xsound surf bluetooth speaker to create a truly surround sound enjoy. Fantastic for a celebration or for while you’re watching a film!
  • bluetooth 5. 0 – pass quicker, move further. Nothing breaks the temper extra than a spotty bluetooth speaker that maintains dropping its connection. It truly is wherein bluetooth 5. 0 generation is available in – it’ll never allow you to down! This superior generation can maintain a strong connection from as much as 100ft away!


6 reviews for 0C19858N7OA108 Tribit ipx7 water-resistant bluetooth speaker, ultra-transportable, 12w loud hd sound, bluetooth 5. Zero tws pairing usb-c charging, 100ft range best for bathe pool seaside tour, xsound surf

  1. Wayne Gibson

    Any one giving this speaker less than 5 stars has slightly skewed expectations. The sound coming from this little speaker is amazing, especially when you consider the price and size… I have the Tribit XSound Go and I love that speaker. Mainly because of the clarity and size. The XSound Surf picks up where that speaker left off and ups the bass, my only grievance with the XSG. Another big feature the XSS has over the XSG is you can pair 2 for true wireless stereo. Not being able to pair was something that pissed my off about the XSG. So with that said I will be getting another XSS. My only grievance with the XSS is the battery. You’ll be lucky if you can get 5 hours on full volume. Also, bass diminishes at full but clarity is retained. XSS plenty loud though so going to full isn’t necessary, at least not for me, 70% is the sweet spot, unless you’re taking it outdoors. So, with all that said, please cop, you won’t be disappointed. Trust!Addendum: I jump the gun on my review of the XSound Surf. I should’ve lived with it a couple of weeks, at least, before reviewing. Now that I have, I have to say that I’m not as blown away as I was initially. Mind you I think it still sounds good, especially when price is considered. But there’s a slight hollowness to the sound that’s slightly off putting. That hollow gets more pronounced the higher up you go on the volume scale. Above 70% and the hollowness starts to get annoying. I also said that the XSS has the same sound signature as the XSound Go but with more bass. I was wrong about that too. The XSG has a clearer cleaner sound that become even more evident when you play at maximum volume. I’m still going to stay with the 5 stars I gave initially because of the value, I paid $21, which is a steal 😊Read more

  2. Wutang

    I wanted a small speaker to play music at home since we’re all working from these days. I was looking around for different speakers and I came down to this one (Tribit Xsound Surf) or the Anker Soundcore 2. The 2 major reasons I ended up choosing this speaker is:1. USB-C charging2. Ability to rewind the trackInitial thoughts:Nice packaging without too much excess waste. It came with USB-A to USB-C charging cord. Connecting the speaker to your phone is easy. Pairing a second phone, you just need to pretty the bluetooth signal, wait for the light to flash can begin your pair process. Sound is loud and clear in my living room – I got about 20ft away and the speaker was able fill the space. It did get a little muddled when I cranked it up to 100% but I’m not sure of any speaker that doesn’t do that – it could possibly get better over time when the speaker breaks in. I haven’t tested the battery life yet but will update this review when I do. I also haven’t dunked it underwater though I don’t really have any plans to have it around a lot of water, possibly the wettest it will get is if I spill coffee or water on it on my desk.One big surprise is how heavy this sucker is. I’m not sure if it’s the battery or the internals for the speaker but it’s heavier than you’d think it is. It’s still a very portal speaker and I wouldn’t say the weight should deter you more of it was a bit of a surprise. I think it would have been a nice touch to get a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cord included but for the price, I think it’s ok.So far, I’m very happy with the product.**Edit 1I used this on a trip and it filled up the room. The battery lasted about 8hrs on consecutively which is exactly what I was looking for. I docked it one star because even though it’s usb-c it doesn’t support PD and I, luckily, had spare charger that was a usb-a to usb-c which I had to use to charge. I came home and try to charge the speaker with 2 other usb-c PD chargers and none of them work. I’ll give one more update after I try some conference calls.Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    This is such a nice speaker! Exceeded my expectations. I was only looking for another speaker to put in my car, so I was planning to buy another Soundcore I since it’s also such a quality for the price. But then I’ve seen this new one at much cheaper price tag, yet I’m not that confident since it’s relatively new (I believe) with no reviews. But I’m already familiar with the brand and heard good things on their speakers- mostly on Maxsound plus, so I hit checkout. Lol. In comparison with the Soundcore I, this one definitely sounds better. The soundcore I sounded flat beside this speaker. Holding the two speakers at the same time on max volume will make you feel the difference in power and bass. The clarity is also still there on max! I even compared it to my beloved Flip 4 and it can challenge my beloved baby, which I’m trying hard to accept. Though not all the time! Lol. The only problem I’ve experienced was that it kind of slightly heated during testing while charging, warm but not hot or alarming. Oh and yes, this is waterproof- which I also tried. LolRead more

  4. David Huynh

    I was searching the market for a new portable speaker and chose this speaker over other. Loud and very compact. Has a nice suede feel to it and has a very sturdy built.Read more

  5. C. Opitz

    We enjoy listening to music outdoors, but our WiFi signal doesn’t reach too far outside our home. I almost bought their older version of this device that “only” reaches 66 ft. This one is farther-reaching, plus less expensive! Now Alexa can join us in the garden. The sound is great (I am no audiophile, though). We also wanted something to hook up to our outdoor movie projector for better and louder sound. It works and pairs perfectly with everything we’ve tried so far!Read more

  6. rsdno

    Though it weighs just under a pound (under half a Kilo) it puts out good sound and you can have music you never thought of having it before and if it gets wet in a creek no problem .I have a friend who kayaks in our (Oregon) beautiful rivers mostly it would seem like “oh you shouldn’t be playing music in the forest” but in a river or creek I found it easy to become sunburst just grooving on some music the sun a real surprise in fact I have 3 Tribit speakers each for a different setting and 2 of these give you a nice stereo sound ,I haven’t figured how they do it but Tribit gets an A from me ,I never would have thought 2 inexpensive speakers at $42 could sound so good ,I’m used to getting 2 speakers but being able to get one and if I like it I get another so it works outRead more

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