0C1984Y0L5S158 Taotronics computer speaker, bluetooth five. 0 wi-fi laptop soundbar, stereo usb powered sound bar speaker for pc computer phone tablet sport console, aux connection, black

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  • deluxe audio: 6 drivers cowl a full range of frequencies for stereo sound with boosted bass, you gained’t omit any of the movement from in-recreation footprints or film talk
  • flexible twin connectivity: select your audio supply without problems by using freely switching among aux mode and bluetooth mode when it’s connected to a pc through audio cable and a smartphone through bluetooth
  • wi-fi tune: adopts bluetooth five. 0 chip that offers transmission variety as much as 50 ft with a purpose to wirelessly experience every detail in your movies and high-constancy tune
  • one button operation: manipulate all capabilities from the knob consisting of smooth quantity adjustment, pair your bluetooth devices, pause/play track, and answer palms-loose calls below bluetooth mode
  • plug in & depart it: connect your soundbar to your pc via the usb charging cord and it will robotically power on when your computer starts offevolved up – no need to show at the soundbar each time you want to apply it

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June, 10, 2020

4 reviews for 0C1984Y0L5S158 Taotronics computer speaker, bluetooth five. 0 wi-fi laptop soundbar, stereo usb powered sound bar speaker for pc computer phone tablet sport console, aux connection, black

  1. AJ ONeal

    I got this as a replacement for the built-in speakers in a Windows computer that I use occasionally. I was hoping to be able to use it for Bluetooth calls too but… nope.SD Cards, Monitor, and Notebook for scale.Here’s my breakdown from WORST to BEST features:==================Bluetooth Audio: 0-Star==================The Bluetooth didn’t work with my iPhone SE at ANY distance. It would glitch and cut out every 15 to 30 seconds. I took the magnetic case off my phone, placed the speaker away from glass and metal… no dice.Also, BT always starts OFF – any time you power it on, you have to double click the volume button to activate the BT – which sometimes takes more than one try.Granted, I’ve never had a bluetooth device that worked reliably well, but I’ve had devices that would work for 30 minutes+ without glitching. It could just be my phone or my environment, but in my book this speaker would be better if the BT feature was absent.=======================Bluetooth Microphone: 0-Star=======================Absolutely terrible. Again, it would be a better product if they just didn’t have this at all.==================Beeps & Chimes: (grrr)==================Whenever you put the volume to its highest level it beeps at you. Annoying. NOT when you put it *past*, but when you put it *at* that final level.I’m totally cool with a warning if I’m at 100% trying to go to 105%, but going from 95% to 100% should NOT beep.That said… I also think it may be that this goes to 11 – meaning that the amp can drive the speakers past their “sweet spot” – and so perhaps the warning beep is letting you know that you *are* past the highest recommended level.It also chimes when it turns out… meh…=====================NO USB Audio: (not rated)=====================Aux is great because, unlike Bluetooth, it always works. ALWAYS. However, since this is a computer speaker, and since it requires power over USB, it should work over USB. Meh.==================Sound Quality: 3.5-Star==================Distortion is a problem at 100% volume… but maybe it’s also not a problem.For movies and pop music, I don’t think you’ll notice it. For something that’s bass heavy (like a male author reading an audiobook), you definitely will. At 70% or so, it’s not a problem.Back in the old days speakers, amps, and EQ were all separate devices and it was hard to get right and it was easy to push the volume past the limits of the speaker.In the modern times all of those things are integrated, so there’s no excuse to allow the volume to drive the amp past the speaker’s comfort zone into its distortion zone. Poor form.On the flip side, however, sometimes a file has the mixed volume too low, so it’s nice to be able to push the amp “to 11” (above “100%”).Obviously you give up true stereo sound – but it’s a sound bar, so that’s expected. No penalty.================Power Cable: 3-Star================It’s the perfect length but it is NOT DETACHABLE. So when it breaks, it breaks. No swapping out for a new USB cable.This is DIFFERENT FROM THE PICTURE, which shows a detachable cable (at least in one of them).=================Volume Knob: 4-Star=================It has an actual rotating knob! Yay!However, it’s still completely digital, and it has the horrendous beep whenever you hit max volume.================Daisy Chain: (bonus)================Has an Aux Out to daisy chain with another speaker. Good form. +1.=====================Volume of Volume: 5-Star=====================Not “loud”, but “fills the space”.It’s not that this is really packs a punch per se, but rather that the sound carries well. This is perfect for a desktop speaker for the common things you do with a laptop or iPad and being able to walk down the hall and still hear it well.===================Size / Portability: 5-Star===================Perfect. Couldn’t be better.It’s a nice compact size that’s easy to fit in any location. Again, excellent cable length.=================Value at $50: 4-Star=================I wish I had tried more brands of these to say for sure, but this is my first sound bar so I don’t know for certain.If you want compact and convenient… most other options are either so cheap I’m suspicious that they could be any good at all, or you’re jumping straight to the $100 price point.If you’re just looking for desktop speakers and quality and volume are important, I’d say something like the Creative Pebble Plus at $40 is a better deal. (I own Creative speakers for another setup and I LOVE them, but this is more convenient, fewer cables)I’m glad I have this. I’ll use it.Keep in mind that I’m used to Apple products. You pay a premium, but they work perfectly. Every time (almost). They have very nice speakers built-in (both laptop and screen) which are perfectly matched to their amps, and I also have a $600 over-ear headphones + amp combo sitting right next to my mac that I use for listening to music while I work (DT-880s, no doubt worth every penny if you swing the full spectrum from classical to pop and beyond) – so keep that in mind. It may be that I’m a little too critical of what this little guy does for the price.Except the Bluetooth, that’s truly terrible in every way.Read more

  2. G. E.

    UPDATED – I contacted TaoTronics – 1st they said sound quality is rather a personal feeling and they cannot guarantee every customer has the same feeling. While I acknowledge this is somewhat true it’s also a cop out. 2nd they recommended using the Aux in instead of BT or return the sound bar.What they didn’t tell me and I then discovered on my own is the soundbar is registering as two different speakers in my sound settings1) Headset (TaoTronics TT-SK028 Hands-free AG Audio) – crappy sound and very directional2) Headphones (TaoTronics TT-SK028 Stereo) – Wow what a difference This setting is pretty darn good. If this is what I heard out of the box my review would have been FIVE STARS—–Initial review—–I was looking to replace some large 20+ yr old Altec-Lansing satellites and powered sub-woofer that was taking up too much real estate on my now small desk. As such I’m coming to this review with strong bias regarding BASE sound. On the other hand the Taotronics audio isn’t much different then the B&O speakers in my laptop. I’m listening to Miles Davis Straight, No Chaser as I type and the base is there but not felt as when I put on my Vankyo or XMPOW headphones. The same goes for Moon Hooch EWI, Lucky Chops Funkytown/I Feel Good and othersAs for using the Taotronics for video conferencing, the audio has been very clear and there have been no complaints regarding the mic quality from the far end like I have experienced with other devices I’ve tried the past couple weeks.As such the jury is still deliberating as to whether to keep this soundbar or not, but I’m strongly leaning towards return.Read more

  3. Brian P. Williams

    This is a really nice soundbar. It is sleek, has very minimal controls (just the turn knob), and has good sound. BUT their other model, SK027 (the one will LED lights), sounds way better in my opinion. This model (SK028) has 5W drivers while the other model (SK027) has 7W drivers, so the better sound is probably related to that. They both has BT 5.0 and AUX inputs. I do like this soundbar but I’d recommend the SK027 over this one due to the superior sound quality. Also, you can turn off the LED lights on the SK027 if you don’t like them. Also, at the time of writing this, the SK027 model is cheaper than this one… Just saying.Read more

  4. J.

    If you were having issues like I was with controlling the volume of the speaker using the Windows Sound Control, there is a Registry entry that needs to be changed for Absolute Volume.When using this Bluetooth device, as well as with other devices, Absolute Volume will prevent the ability to change volume through Windows using the slider or keyboard shortcuts. The only volume adjustments can be made within applications or muting the speakers through Sound Control.First, open the Sound Settings -> Manage Sound Devices and Disable the TaoTronics TT-SK028 Hands-Free AG Audio. This mode is trash for audio quality and only optimized for speech and for making calls.Next, open RegEdit and navigate to HKLM:\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Bluetooth\Audio\AVRCP\CTModify the DisableAbsoluteVolume REG_DWORD to Value 1 which will disable Absolute Volume. Reboot the computer and rejoice as the freedom of volume control is trust back into your grasps and enjoy this device the way it was intended.Read more

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