0C197N4AZW2687 Lg pl7 xboom move water-proof wi-fi bluetooth birthday celebration speaker with as much as 24 hours playback – black

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  • make certain this fits
  • via getting into your model number.
  • smooth bluetooth pairing
  • up to 24 hours playback
  • water and climate resistant (ipx5 rated)
  • led lighting
  • deep wealthy bass
  • covered additives: warranty card
  • output wattage: 30 w
  • strength source kind: battery powered

from the producer

new xboom cross

honestly elegant

a swish, rounded design with a rubberized finish is simple to hold and fits with ease in your hand.

meridian era

experience the sound of excellence

top rate exceptional sound. Listen deep bass and wealthy tones, and clear vocals on every occasion you play music.

sound increase

convey music to lifestyles

widen the sound discipline with sound enhance eq mode.

twin motion bass

feel larger beats

twin passive radiators use air pressure to create greater bass in a restrained space.


climate-proof leisure

an ipx5 score approach your speaker can get moist and keep on working, so that you can hold on dancing.

play for longer

24-hour battery life offers you the freedom to enjoy your tune on-the-pass with out charging concerns.

*24-hour battery life is primarily based on the use of 50% quantity and no lighting fixtures.

** other conditional elements may affect battery lifestyles.

the extra, the merrier

get bigger sound for a larger celebration. Wireless celebration link permits you to attach as much as 100 lg audio system for one huge, immersive sound.

multi color lighting fixtures

sound you could see

no party is whole without a mild display. Flashing led lights accurately sync to the beat of your music to create a pulsing light display for any music. Similar to the most up to date dance membership.

connect to your television for rear sound

experience music and greater just together with your voice

percentage playlists

pair two devices on the identical time through the xboom app. Use any of the linked gadgets to seamlessly manipulate a playlist and not using a interruption to track.

handy usb-c charging

speaker right into a speakerphone

you may answer calls with the touch of a button and turn your accumulating into a group chat for the ones conversations that just must be shared.

wi-fi bluetooth control

whilst you download the lg xboom bluetooth app, you can manipulate audio connection, lighting effects, playlists, equalizer and more with just a few clicks.


2019 XBOOM Portable Speaker- Black (PK7), 2019 XBOOM Portable Speaker- White (PK7), 2020 XBOOM Portable Speaker- Black (PL7), 2020 XBOOM Portable Speaker- White (PL7)

6 reviews for 0C197N4AZW2687 Lg pl7 xboom move water-proof wi-fi bluetooth birthday celebration speaker with as much as 24 hours playback – black

  1. K A

    On its own even with the “enhanced bass” and “clear vocal” enabled, the sound is only a little above average, especially the high end. EQ is a must to get close to audiophile quality out of this speaker. I have an LG G6 phone which boasts aptX HD technology, and it’s a perfect fit with this speaker. Using the Poweramp app from the Play Store and some adjustments in the EQ this thing is just short of incredible! Deep, pounding bass, smooth, tight mids and amazingly crisp highs can be easily achieved with a little tweaking of the EQ. Granted, most of the music on my phone is in FLAC lossless format, some of it even hi-res (plays up to 24 bit 192k flawlessly), but even MP3s sound amazing. I really can’t say enough good things about the sound of this speaker sound-wise, but the light show feature is another matter.The “beat lighting” feature on this speaker is pretty much useless. When enabled, it’s always on and pulsing even without music playing, and even when music IS playing, it’s very rarely in time with the music. It’s really an unbelievably poorly executed feature, and you will quickly learn to not use it at all. I think it’s just a “hey, check this out!” kind of thing, but realistically it just doesn’t work. Plus you will save on battery life without it.Also, there is a suggested “Music Flow” app for this speaker, but I’ve found that its only usefulness is to give the battery level of the speaker. It’s a cheesy music app and also has controls for the beat lighting, but again, you’ll probably find you’ll never use the beat lighting, and the music app doesn’t include an EQ, so it’s no match against Poweramp. Plus, when you close out of the app, it disconnects the speaker from Bluetooth. Quite uncalled for, especially if you may be using the speaker for the speakerphone feature.All in all I couldn’t be happier with this. It’s well worth the money, provided you have the proper equipment to take advantage of its advanced sound quality features.Read more

  2. Dylan

    Now I work in construction/labor. I had a UE megaboom which unfortunately met its demise recently therefore I bought this guy.Look this thing is great. The sound is absolutely phenomenal. Clarity and quality. If I were in an office or medium sized room all day I would hands down get one of these.But I am not. I work outside normally with multiple people and near roads so volume is a big deal over clarity. So that is where this speaker lacks. When there is troves of loud background noises this speaker doesnt cut it.If you want clarity and HD quality sound WITHIN a confined space(office, gym, etc) BUY THIS.I will be returning to get a speaker with more volume.I cannot attest to the battery as I’ve owned this speaker for 2 days but I haven’t charged it since I got it and battery is still at 42%, has been on running for 14-16 hours.Read more

  3. Jesse6749

    I am very very impressed the speaker sound so awesome so loud base and so clear!!!!, just what I expected!!! The thing that surprised me is the size of the speaker but it is the perfect size for my intended use of the speaker. LG really knocked it out of the park with this speaker!!!!!Read more

  4. Greg M.

    This Speaker Is Worth The Money. Bass Is Punchy Without The Use Of An EQ. Listened To Some Loud Obnoxious Dubstep Songs And Immediately Became Dumbfounded On How Clear And Deep The Sound Was. Well Worth Every Penny.Read more

  5. Brent

    All reviews seem to be paid reviews. Quality is okay but volume is basically non-exsistant. This is for like an office environment and not a shop. Maybe invest less in stupid lighting and focus on the speaker being a speaker. I replaced it with “wonder boom ultimate ear” speakers. Much more inexpensive which were better on all audio fronts (not water proof and no lighting). I’d recommend those before this.Read more

  6. SashimiW

    I only used this a few days before returning it. I was going to use 2 of these to fill out a small backyard, 50′ wide x 30′ deep. What I soon realized is that the sound was loud, but not loud enough, even at max volume. The bass was also decent for a radio this size, comparable to our Bose SoundLink Mini (which I can only say has a wider sound stage than this one). The projection of sound was too limited as well. If you were about 10′ from the speaker you could still barely feel the bass, but any further away and it dropped off. This speaker is for a small gathering, with people crowded around; kind of like the beach, campfire settings the marketing ads show. It’s a good speaker for limited settings.Additionally I then tried to pair it with an LG RK7, to only find out on an LG forum, that the PK7 can link to other PK7’s and PK5’s, but not the RK7. There are similar incompatibilities among the entire LG XBOOM line (OK99, OK75, etc). Why LG would decide to make products of the same family incompatible with each other is beyond me. There are situations, like mine, where a PK7 and one RK7 would have been perfect; but no instead please buy 2 x RK7’s for compatibility?! That feels like a big middle finger to the consumer.Then I tried to use it with LG TV. I thought, great two LG devices, should be great together. So I linked them up and found the max volume was again anemic. Which was strange because when I streamed music from my phone using multiple different sources (Pandora, Plex, etc) indoors. the sound was actually quite loud and the bass was booming (indoors only). But linked up to the LG TV it was simply pathetic, with the Bluetooth volume maxed out. What the hell is LG doing, when they can’t even get their products to play together well and create an experience that will make the user say, “Wow”? But I still wanted to give it a chance, thinking maybe I don’t need it that loud. But another flaw presented itself… the auto shut-off.When plugged in the speaker plays at full volume while something is streaming to it; which is an improvement over Sony’s SRS-XB line. But if there is no music playback after 15 minutes or button presses for 6 hours, the speaker then shuts off. Again this is an improvement over other speakers, but for indoor use it’s a pain in the a**. When I turn on my TV and I want to use the Bluetooth speaker as my output source, I don’t want to press power and then press the Bluetooth button each and every time. I want the speaker, which is plugged in and has a continual source of power to go into a low power state with Bluetooth connectivity at a ready state. That way when the TV turns on, I would merely have to change sound output sources, as it would automatically connect to it. Also where I was locating the speaker (behind and under our bed) would be impossible for me to get to and turn on each time (unless there was remote to the speaker, like the RK7 has).Overall this is a decent speaker, with very good sound, decent bass but a limited projection range. I would recommend it for small gatherings, but that’s about it.Read more

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