0C197I7OOL3280 Altec lansing mix 2. Zero – bluetooth speaker, wireless, waterproof, floatable, portable, audio system, loud quantity, sturdy bass, wealthy stereo system, 100 ft wireless variety, ip67, metal grey with lights

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it is the whole lot evidence (water resistant, shockproof, snowproof) with a waterproof score of ip67, this speaker isn’t terrified of the elements. With actual wi-fi pairing, “simply ask” function and usb-c quick rate the tune will constantly be gambling.

introducing the mix2. 0 via altec lansing. Mild up your sound with new lighting functions and take your tunes at the go together with connected handle.

the 20-hour battery lifestyles and 100-toes wireless variety will make sure a in no way-finishing celebration with the mixture 2. 0.


Black, Steel Gray

5 reviews for 0C197I7OOL3280 Altec lansing mix 2. Zero – bluetooth speaker, wireless, waterproof, floatable, portable, audio system, loud quantity, sturdy bass, wealthy stereo system, 100 ft wireless variety, ip67, metal grey with lights

  1. Vlad

    I will start with… this one is flat out awesome.Positives:- Battery life seems eternal. It took well over 14 hrs to run it dry.- Battery charging. The “manual” states that charging should take 4-5 hrs. In reality, my first charge was a about 3.5 hrs. The second time it was closer to three than four.- Sound quality. Loud and clear. Better than my Sonos One SL, not as good as my JBL EON One, but I really didn’t expected to be.- Sound clarity. Crystal clear. As good as you gonna get.-Waterproofing appears to be very well executed. With no crevices for water to sneak in. Ports fully covered with a locking lid and gasket like seal. It is supposed to float which appears likely for the same reasons but cannot attest to this as I didn’t try it.- The “Just ask” button worked great with both Siri and the Google assistant.- Separated the source about 25ft and a wall in between with no disconnects or changes to sound quality.- Lighting is modern and slick. Dual lighting sources at the speakers themselves allow for really cool options (Posted a video to show this)Negatives:- The “manual” / quick start guide is awful, I wouldn’t even call it a pamphlet. Everything is overly simplistic. If you are technology oriented is not going to be a big deal as most of the functions are very intuitive and what the “manual” says would be enough. If you are not though, you won’t like the manual.- The “Just ask” button does not work with Alexa :(.- Had some pairing issues with an Echo. However, cycled power to the speaker and reset all connections as per the instructions and it connected afterwards. It appears to be a one off but will update my review if it is not.Other thoughts:This one is pricey but well worth it in my opinion if you are a fan of great sound quality. Well deserved five star rating. If my review helped you in any way, please let me know by clicking the “helpful” button below. Any questions you may have, feel free to ask… Thank you!Read more

  2. Farukunaru Timu

    The unit comes with a card that has an email address and phone number for support… so I emailed. The email bounced. There is no email support, at least not at the email address on the card.Here are the questions I asked support and their answers:1. Is there any way to defeat the auto-off function?Answer: NO, it will go to sleep mode after 8 minutes if it does not detect sound coming in.2. or, can the Mix 2.0 “wake” when it gets a signal from a paired Bluetooth device (phone or tablet)?Answer: Nope, no, and no way.3. Is there an app by which you can control the speaker?Answer: No, there is no app and there are no plans to make an app for it.4. When you have two Mix 2.0’s in a True Stereo Pair configuration, will they stay in that configuration after they’ve turned themselves off? When you want to use them in True Stereo Pair configuration again, do you have to power them both on separately?Answer: YES! Well, maybe not, if you don’t turn both of them on at the same time. Support doesn’t really know. They offered to call me back after they figure it out. And to turn the stereo pair back on (or “wake up”), you have to push the power buttons on both of them again.5. Is there a way to update the firmware in the Mix 2.0, and if so, will Altec Lansing update the firmware?Answer: No. As far as the support tech knows, there is no way to ever update or update the firmware or software on these devices, or as he put it: “these speakers don’t have any firmware or software”. LOL.Great. So they’ve made a product that turns itself off after 8 minutes even when it’s plugged in using it’s AC adapter, and can never be upgraded. Nice move Infinity Brands or whoever you are. It sounds really good. Maybe I’ll keep it in the kitchen where I won’t mind powering it on ever time I want to use it.Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    I normally don’t write reviews but I felt that I need to warn people wanting to buy this speaker. Bluetooth works flawlessly and the sounds is great but it also features a 3.5 (aux) outlet that happened to not work. I’ve tried reaching out to support and they claim that this speaker is not supported so if you have any trouble with it do not expect any warranty or support from altec Lansing.Read more

  4. Orlando

    This is an awesome speaker! I purchased it after seeing someone at the beach with it in the water. This speaker not only bumps, but it’s clear too.We use this for our BBQs, when we go to the beach, or even just getting things done in the house.The battery last for about as long as it says, of course the LEDs and strobes will shorten the time, but it lasts long enough. It also charges my phone which is awesome.It connects right away, no issues, and is Bluetooth 5.0 (I think), so it controls the volume on the device, no having to worry about turning up two different volumes.I don’t really have any complaints, I never turn the thing all the way up, so I’m not sure what it sounds like at peak volumes.I have already convinced two other people to get one too. Oh and if you have more than one, you can pair them for spreading the music out and being louder. When you control the volume on one, the other syncs as well.If you’re reading this, JUST BUY IT!Read more

  5. Sara

    This is really quite an incredible Bluetooth dealer! It easily connected to the Bluetooth on my phone and can be up to 100 feet away from it and still work. I like how resistant it is to outside use, it’s rugged and waterproof, it even floats! It is rechargeable and comes with a type c charger . It has a really long battery life and gets up to 20 hours of use on 1 charge. Lastly, it has great sound quality, bass and it’s LOUD!! Very pleased and worth the splurge.Read more

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