0C197ECS7U8867 Sony srs-xb23 more bass wireless transportable speaker ip67 water-resistant bluetooth and constructed in mic for telephone calls, black (srsxb23/b) black xb23

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  • play it loud with extra bass sound
  • water-resistant, rustproof, dustproof and shockproof ip67 layout for fear-loose usage
  • energy thru any playlist with up to 12 hours of battery lifestyles
  • compact, lightweight, rather transportable design
  • get things booming with birthday celebration connect and sync as much as 100 speakers
  • x-balanced speaker unit complements sound exceptional and energy
  • the speakerphone characteristic gives a handy manner to speak arms-unfastened, whether it’s a conference call for work or a chat with pals
  • effectively charge with usb type-c
  • control the party with the sony music middle app
  • connect and stream tune effortlessly with bluetooth and nfc

from the manufacturer

excellent sound is going anywhere

xb23 greater bass portable bluetooth speaker

ip67 score

water-resistant and rustproof

water evidence so that you’ve were given no worries using it by using the sea, the pool, or even washing it.

ip67 score

dustproof for outdoor sports

take your speaker to the trail, wooded area, town, or wherever you want no matter how dusty the floor.

shockproof, built to ultimate

the srs-xb23 can face up to the inevitable knocks, bumps and scrapes that come with regular use.

convenient palms-loose calling

the speakerphone feature offers a handy way to talk arms-unfastened, whether or not it’s a convention call for work or a chat with buddies.

12 hour battery

pay attention for longer with up to 12 hours of battery existence.

richer, deeper, extra worthwhile listening

developed by means of sony, the x-balanced speaker unit achieves excessive sound pleasant and powerful sound.

get things booming with celebration connect

join as much as a hundred wi-fi speakers with bluetooth era and the track and lights sync-up.

manipulate the party with the sony track center app

pick out your preferred playlists, cue the next tune and sound mode.

play it loud with extra bass

twin passive radiators and full-range speakers to beautify low-quit tones, giving bass a boost.

reachable, exquisite-transportable layout

compact light-weight surprisingly portable layout with a handy strap to hold your speaker.

usb kind-c port

use a usb type-c cable to fee the xb23.

stand it on its aspect

horizontal or vertical – the xb23 will sit down securely, making it perfect for small areas.

facet passive radiators

the layout of the facet passive radiators has been optimized to breed clear bass sound.

move tune with bluetooth generation

connect your smartphone to the xb23 thru bluetooth to start streaming all of your favored tune.

sony portable extra bass wi-fi speakers






Black XB23, Coral Red XB23, Light Blue XB23, Olive Green XB23, Taupe XB23

5 reviews for 0C197ECS7U8867 Sony srs-xb23 more bass wireless transportable speaker ip67 water-resistant bluetooth and constructed in mic for telephone calls, black (srsxb23/b) black xb23

  1. Amazon Customer

    My UE Wonderboom (received as a gift last year) stopped working and I jumped on the excuse to find something better (I never cared for the sound). I’ve had a Sony SRS-X5 (@SONY please bring this back!) for years and I hoped to find something with a similar sound, but with more portability.I was a bit disappointed with the XB23 at first but, after some tinkering in Music Center and speaker placement, I fell in love with this speaker for what it is.I get an impressively warm and rich sound out of this little guy (B+5, M-2, T=0) but only if I keep the volume between 1/3 and ½ on my phone (Galaxy S9). This will work great as a travel speaker on business trips but it’s not something I will take camping, on picnics, or even listen to around the house. I’m thinking of giving the XB33 or XB43 a try to see if they’re better (but those cheesy lights!).At higher volumes the XB23 sounds tinny and the bas is annoyingly poppy but, and lower volumes, this little guy can produce a really enjoyable sound (the little passive radiators can only handle so much). If you’re looking for something small to keep at lower volumes (like a hotel room) this is perfect. If you’re looking for something to enjoy music outside or with friends, I’d say keep looking. – This is just my two cents and I welcome other’s input. Thanks for reading!Read more

  2. Hello World!

    Maybe I got a dud, but the sound quality on this is really bad. The volume sounds really muffled and my cheap bluetooth speaker I got a 4 years ago sound better than this. I was looking for an upgrade and figure the Sony brand and the size of the speaker will wow me, but my cheap no name speaker sounded better. It also don’t have a lot of bass and I went with the Anker bluetooth speaker which sounded way better and have more bass than this. I even downloaded the app to adjust the sound but it didn’t help. My advice, stay away from this speaker.Read more

  3. Vaiamassage

    I’m super happy with it. I bought the JBL 4 for the same price. Was smaller and nothing nothing not even close to sound quality. Thus one fills a room. It’s deep and great for the price!!!! Very pleased. Want to buy more lol. Also color is gorgeous and I like that it’s larger than the jbl cuz I need it for my office. Very good quality sound. Thanks for reading :)Read more

  4. Patrick Altmaeir

    The quality of the build is excellent. The bluetooth connection is fast and accurate. Battery life isn’t bad either. Why the two-star review then? Because the sound quality is miserable. Very lifeless and muffled. Felt like I was listening to speakers with a thick blank covering the drivers. I returned them because I just couldn’t stand the sound quality. Listening for more than a few minutes started driving me crazy because they sound so bad.Don’t buy these and opt for a more expensive pair. If you own these they’ll end up in a closet somewhere and be a waste of money. The only use they’re good for is to listen to the news or a talk show maybe. Even a ball-game but when it comes for music listening forget about it.Read more

  5. alex

    It surprises me that this speaker carries the SONY logo on it. It is cheap, poorly made, and incredibly annoying. First of all, the battery life is not long if you have the it configured to sound decent. If you have it on ‘stamina mode’ it sounds weaker than the speaker in a child’s doll, otherwise you will have this speaker screaming at you to charge it after only a few hours. That’s the most annoying thing that I have ever dealt with in a Bluetooth speaker: you cannot turn off the voice that tells you “Bluetooth connected” or “low battery, please charge.” This frustrates me to no end and has made me hate the speaker. Reason I say it is poorly made is not necessarily the speaker, but the app that they provide: “Music Center” is chalk full of grammatical errors and awkward statements, and is incredibly ineffective. It seems like the app was made by an underpaid worker who barely understands grammar. I’m very disappointed in this purchase, also, the price has been lowered significantly since I bought this a few months ago. In summation, this speaker has very underwhelming performance, is incredibly annoying due to the fact that it screams at you if the battery is low (which is all the time with this piece of crap) or if it decides to disconnect (which happens sometimes for no reason). Bye SONY.Read more

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