0C197CK22HX544 Jbl boombox 2 – portable bluetooth speaker, effective sound and significant bass, ipx7 waterproof, 24 hours of playtime, powerbank, jbl partyboost for speaker pairing, speaker for domestic and outdoor (camo)

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  • powerful jbl original seasoned sound and gigantic bass: get the loudest, maximum massive jbl authentic seasoned sound on our most effective transportable jbl boombox 2 speaker. It pumps out powerful, deep bass just like in clubs powered by means of jbl.
  • transportable design: the long-lasting grip manage makes it smooth to transport the jbl boombox 2 transportable speaker.
  • 24 hours of playtime: the a laugh doesn’t ought to stop. Full of an wonderful 24 hours of battery life, jbl boombox 2 lets you celebration all day and into the night.
  • wi-fi bluetooth streaming: wirelessly flow tune from your phone, tablet, or every other bluetooth-enabled device.
  • px7 water-resistant: convey your speakers everywhere. Pool birthday celebration? Ideal. Surprising rainstorm? Blanketed. Bash at the seaside? Jbl boombox 2 is ipx7 waterproof for fearless outside entertainment.

from the manufacturer

what’s new?

greater energy / extra bass / jbl partyboost / new layout

enormous bass you can experience

dance parties thrive on bass, so permit your friends sense it! Jbl boombox 2 pumps out effective, deep bass much like your favored jbl powered membership

the loudest jbl boombox ever

turn it manner up. Get the loudest, most huge jbl signature pro sound on our most powerful portable speaker, the jbl boombox 2

robust, formidable design.

sleek. Formidable. Powerful. With its iconic grip take care of and elegant aspect flares, jbl boombox 2 will flip heads wherever you take it.

keep the birthday party going with 24 hours of playtime

the amusing doesn’t must stop. Filled with an fantastic 24 hours of battery existence, jbl boombox 2 helps you to birthday celebration all day and all night

additional capabilities

bluetooth connectivity

wirelessly join your favorite devices

ipx7 water-proof design

deliver your audio system anywhere. Pool party? Ideal. Surprising cloudburst? Blanketed. Bash on the beach? Jbl boombox 2 is ipx7 water-proof


partyboost lets in you to hyperlink more than one jbl partyboost-compatible speakers to pump up the celebration

integrated powerbank

don’t put the birthday celebration on pause. A built-in powerbank lets you rate your devices without taking a damage from the tunes

jbl boombox 2

huge sound, all day long

personal the celebration. From outdoor barbecues to weekend avenue trips, jbl boombox 2 brings it with significant bass, formidable layout and an amazing 24 hours of play time. Ipx7 water-resistant and transportable, this effective speaker pumps out huge sound all day and all night time. Plus, you could connect different jbl partyboost-well matched audio system to turn the celebration up. Jbl boombox 2 continues your buddies dancing and its built-in powerbank continues your devices charged. So you can groove from dusk until sunrise and preserve going robust!


JBL Boombox 2 – Black, JBL Boombox 2 – Camo

8 reviews for 0C197CK22HX544 Jbl boombox 2 – portable bluetooth speaker, effective sound and significant bass, ipx7 waterproof, 24 hours of playtime, powerbank, jbl partyboost for speaker pairing, speaker for domestic and outdoor (camo)

  1. drkroad

    My second job is at a big warehouse, like the size of Lowe’s or Home Depot. The department I work for the equipment makes a lot of noise, and we aren’t allowed to use headphones. We are stationed all the way to the back of the building. So in less than a year coworkers have been bringing their portable speakers. I brought this puppy in to work today and had people turning heads just looking at the size of thing. I disconnected my coworker’s Bluetooth Mega speaker and connected mine. Easy connection to the computer via Bluetooth, played different genres from old school Spanish to reggaeton, and then to electric dance. This thing BANGS!!! The unit was plugged to the wall socket. I had people from the other other side of the warehouse for the first time making song requests like I’m some DJ. It was at 50% of volume. A few songs later and the volume was up to 3/4. The bass on this unit had everyone bobbing their heads, feeling that awesome vibe. And THEN, the warehouse manager came to ruin the day. Mr Buzz Killington is stationed in the office all the way to the front, and scolded our department about the music being too loud and threatened of removing our privilege of playing our devices. So I had to drop the volume down to 45% and say sorry to my supervisor, because he got in trouble. My coworkers ask how much I paid, I told them, and they said that it’s worth it. Even at about 45% the music was still rich, and bumping. Bottom line, love it. I just gotta be careful next time not to crank the music past 50%.Read more

  2. Andrew McCoy

    After owning the boombox 1 which is $100 to $200 cheaper depending on if it’s on sale, I can say in full confidence that the boombox 2 is not worth the extra money. It’s not even worth it if the price was the same as the first generation. Switching to the 2nd one, the bass has decreased significantly from the boombox one and it seems to struggle to put out the same amount of bass while there is a lot of treble. I’m returning it and going back to the first one. Not only that, but you’ve lost a 2nd charging port with the boombox 2 and it’s not I only smaller. I wouldn’t recommend the boombox 2. If you’re look for heavy bass, clean audio, and a beefy sturdy speaker, get the 1st gen.Read more

  3. Navy Guy

    Do you want to make your neighbors mad? do you want to play your music so loud that the sound waves will pick up on a richer scale used to measure an earthquake’s magnitude? if you want to play music so loud that your pets cower in fear and music that sounds better then sound systems in most new cars? i got this in the mail and i couldn’t believe the size of the box or the size of my eyes when i first played it at full volume. Full volume with lots of bass will reduce the battery life to about 6-8 hours, but at half volume or just above i’ve gotten more then 24 hours. This speaker is ridiculous and complete overkill in the most beautiful way. You won’t be disappointed when you play this speaker for yourself!!Read more

  4. Mike

    Absolutely insane what this thing can do. Make sure all EQs and sound normalization settings are off in your streaming service to really hear what this thing sounds like. When I first got it it sounded good, but not as good as I felt it should. I went into Spotify and I had the sound normalization on, after turning it off this thing sounds nearly as good as my small studio monitors and I can only turn it up to 50% volume indoors or else I feel like my walls are going to crumble. Ridiculous, there’s some sort of elder magic at work inside of this.Read more

  5. Adrian

    I really like this boom box. Most people don’t understand the connect + had limits that the partyboost which this boombox has supercedes.The bass is pretty good. The handle is perfect for carrying this product. For its size its probably the loudest speaker. Most speaker the bass drops and lowers in quality The drivers on this speaker is pretty well built.Another thing people don’t understand a bigger battery doesn’t equal longer life. If you build a system well enough that isnt energy hungry you balance the quality to weight to reliability.I am happiest about the packaging. And the manual and its simplicity as seen in the pictures. Good job jblRead more

  6. Jason

    It’s an amazing speaker! Sound quality is clean and bass is over the top! It’s very portable and it feels very supreme. There was absolutely no problem connecting to it; it connects to my phone in like 10 seconds. It’s great.However, I feel like it should’ve been $400 or less. $500 is pretty pricey for a speaker, especially one as small as this one.Overall, it’s a very good speaker.Read more

  7. Derek Werbowy

    What isn’t talked about anywhere is the fact that you can pair two phones to the speaker at the same time and seamlessly switch playing between devices without having the music stop. Just push the Bluetooth button again to pair the second phone and boom two people can be DJ. It’s a game changer.For just $50 more than UE’s hyperboom, it’s kind of worth it just to have that feature, even if the hyperboom might just be a touch louder at full volume. Either way both are great speakers.Read more

  8. A. Madrid

    First off, it’s pretty damn bulky. I didn’t realize how much bigger it was going to be in comparison to the Extreme. It is a Boombox! With that said the bass hits and then hits again. What’s weird is the sound profile isn’t so different than the extreme, just louder and more depth. It does make the vocals seem to be a bit high but still clear and crisp sounding.If you are having a party this can handle it. If you want something more portable the extreme is the way to go. Also you can’t pair this with older JBL speakers as they switched up the technology.Read more

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