0C1974UYHN4146 Sony wh-1000xm4 wireless industry main noise canceling overhead headphones with mic for smartphone-call and alexa voice control, black

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  • by coming into your version range.
  • industry-leading noise canceling with twin noise sensor generation
  • subsequent-degree music with facet-ai, co-developed with sony music studios tokyo
  • as much as 30-hour battery lifestyles with short charging (10 min price for five hours of playback)
  • contact sensor controls to pause play skip tracks, control quantity, spark off your voice assistant, and answer smartphone calls
  • speak-to-chat technology mechanically reduces extent throughout conversations
  • advanced name excellent with specific voice pickup
  • carrying detection pauses playback while headphones are removed
  • seamless a couple of-device pairing
  • adaptive sound manage gives a personalized listening experience
  • updated design relieves pressure for long-lasting consolation
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from the producer

enterprise-main noise canceling headphones

sensible headphones with mic and alexa voice manipulate

enterprise-leading digital noise cancellation

hear each word, word, and music with exceptional clarity, irrespective of your environment. Those headphones characteristic additional microphones that help in keeping apart sound even as talking on the cellphone, ensuing in stepped forward cellphone name first-class and the discount of even more excessive and mid frequency sounds.

engineering better noise cancellation

dual noise sensor era, presenting two microphones on every earcup, captures ambient noise and passes the statistics to the hd noise cancelling processor qn1. The use of a new algorithm, the hd noise cancelling processor qn1 then applies noise cancelling processing in actual time to various environments.

advanced call satisfactory

specific voice pickup, combines 5 built-in microphones with superior audio signal processing.

talk-to-chat generation

robotically pauses track while you talk, letting sound in so that you can behavior your verbal exchange.

amazon alexa-built in

alexa-enabled for hands-unfastened voice get entry to to song, facts, and more.

ambient sound manage

cancel noise whilst nevertheless allowing thru vital sounds whilst you’re listening at the move.

short attention mode

vicinity your hand over the right ear cup for immediate communication.

dsee intense

upscales compressed virtual track files

the use of digital sound enhancement engine with side-ai, co-evolved with sony tune studios tokyo.

proprietary era for top class sound

the 40mm drivers with liquid crystal polymer (lcp) diaphragms reproduce a complete range of frequencies.

customized listening revel in

adaptive sound manage robotically adjusts for your vicinity and conduct.

clever listening by way of experience engine

automatically detects your hobby and balances the noise canceling ranges.

wearing detection

pauses playback when headphones are removed and resumes when you positioned them returned on.

all-day strength with quick charging

up to 30-hour battery lifestyles with brief charging (10 min fee for five hours of playback).

touch sensor controls

pause/play/bypass tracks, manage extent, spark off your voice assistant, and answer telephone calls.

seamless a couple of-device pairing

the wh-1000xm4 headphones can be paired with two bluetooth devices at the equal time.

carry case with cable

the furnished convey case is long lasting and consists of a cable for wired headphones connect” app for android /ios

manage your ambient sound settings and modify the sound degrees with the equalizer.

sony wireless noise canceling headphones





product description

sony’s shrewd enterprise-leading noise canceling headphones with top class sound elevate your listening enjoy with the ability to personalize and manage the entirety you pay attention. Stand up to 30 hours of battery life with quick charging abilties, enjoy an more advantageous clever listening characteristic set, and carry conversations hands-loose with talk-to-chat.


Black, Blue, Silver


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3 reviews for 0C1974UYHN4146 Sony wh-1000xm4 wireless industry main noise canceling overhead headphones with mic for smartphone-call and alexa voice control, black

  1. Dennis

    I have owned the Bose QC 35 series I (the originals) for four years now, and just recently replaced the ear pads since they finally deteriorated. I figured after four years there has to be some serious improvements in noise cancelling technology, and since the WH-1000XM3 model got so many good reviews I figured these would be awesome. So I pre-ordered them.I pulled them out of the box and followed the very quick connect process of downloading the app and using it to pair to my phone. It downloaded a firmware update automatically while I fiddled around with some settings briefly and listened to some music. Super easy, awesome.The sound is very impressive. Punchy kick drum (I listen mostly to rock/metal) and nice bright sound. I quickly settled on a slightly customized version of the included Bright preset.But things quickly went downhill from there.After using the headphones for a bit, the touch controls became frankly annoying and easily susceptible to mistakes (I triggered track skips multiple times just by removing and putting the headphones back on). The volume adjustment is especially tedious…if you want to raise or lower the volume significantly you have to swipe it up or down a large number of times because the volume adjustment is done in small increments. With the Bose QC 35 and its dedicated buttons, you just quickly push the buttons. Simple.I spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out how to pair the headphones with my laptop, reading the guide in the app and doing some web searching, thinking it must be provided by one of the two dedicated buttons like on the Bose QE 35s. Nope. It must be done with the app. In fact, everything has to be done with the app except whatever you have the custom button configured to do, and the power. On the Bose I just have to slide the power button, and it goes into pairing mode. Simple.The above are honestly smaller issues that you could probably put up with since the sound these produce is so good. However, the deal breaker for me was when I connected them with the included wire to the controller on my Roku Ultra to enjoy some TV time after a long day. I always watch movies and TV with headphones. To my horror they produced a clearly audible hissing sound that is incredibly distracting. I turned them off and on again, disconnected and reconnected the cable. No change, still the hissing sound. My Bose don’t produce this sound. Ugh.After listening to them for a couple hours I had a slight headache and felt fatigued, almost nauseous. I know some people are affected differently by the noise cancelling technology, but I don’t get this from my Bose, even after listening to them all day.Additionally, speaking of noise cancelling, I compared my Bose QC 35s to these, and I couldn’t tell the difference between the noise cancelling. They sound the same to me. :shrug: I’m sure you could tell the difference with laboratory equipment though.All-in-all the sound these produce is really good, and the noise cancelling is great (although I can’t tell the difference from my Bose QC 35 Series I). But they have 1) lots of annoyances in the touch controls instead of dedicated buttons, 2) the fact that the app is required to do everything (including pairing) except turning them off and activating the custom button, 3) the hissing on the wired connection to my Roku Ultra, and 4) the fatiguing after listening to them.I’ll be returning them.Read more

  2. Pixel

    Download Sony Headphone Connect App, open box, turn on headphones (bottom of left headphone on/off switch), using Sony Connect App, connect and paired new headphones.- My headphones were 100% charged out of box.- Many features in Sony Connect App, matter of your preference and use. I do think the app is solid and useful for my use of these headphones.- My headphones firmware updated automatically -be patient, process took several minutes. Initial impression; very comfortable, really good noise canceling and sound quality.- Voice clarity on both ends is outstanding.- Easily connected two iPhones, my experience switching between them was seamless.- Used ear profile in-app feature to analyze my ear shape for 360 Reality Audio setup.- Able to connect to MacBook Pro (2020 version) directly via Bluetooth with no issues.UPDATE: >30 hours of iPhone X, 8, and Bluetooth MacBook Pro connection.- The phone call quality is awesome (you can hear- No video lag/latency on FT and Zoom calls.- I have found the connection at times can be a bit cumbersome when having two devices connected and receiving calls, it might be a setting or how I am picking up the call –directly from the phone or double-tapping on the headset.- Great noise suppression to the wind, outside city/road-noise, etc… No reported issues with other people on calls with me. Always told call quality was very crisp and clear… my experience, much better than Apple Airpod Pro for suppression of noise for callers on the other end.- I have also now used these headphones for Bluetooth connection to Nvidia Shield connected to my TV for over 16 hrs. Easy direct connection directly from Nvidia Bluetooth Settings. TV and Movie surround sound is great, you can hear the slightest sounds.Bose 700 vs. Sony WH-1000XM4- Seamless connection – prefer SONY- Comfort – prefer Sony- Headphone sound controls – prefer Bose. Sony touch control works ok but the Bose increase/decrease volume seems to work better on Sony- Noise-canceling for me, both performed in a similar way- Call quality, for me, both performed in a similar wayI Will continue to test and use Bose but the feel of the headset on my head is not as comfortable as Sony.UPDATE: Running 7.3 Update- Not sure if related but the initial bluetooth connection and subsequent connections are problematic;- I have had to reconnect several times via the app and my phone needs to be very close to the headset;- Once I am connected it has worked but I have had to repeat the process a few times now;- Additionally, after significant use, the touch controls are a nice feature but not ideal under some circumstances. For example, if you have a hoodie on, jacket with hood, etc… touch control is sensitive and fabric, cord, ect… will effect the touch controls.- I am running iphone X with latest iOS, should be receiving iphone 12 Pro this eve and will update with any new comments.UPDATE April 2020: been using these headphones for several months now. Running and walking are great however, the Touch Sensor Control is not ideal for me, especially when using while exercising. I find the controls/sensor unforgiving and one misstep can restart a song and or podcast, other than they continue to work very well.Used these headphones for a extended 12+ hrs flight and another 9 hour flight.. great noise canceling and sound. Hooked up directly to Qatar Qsuite entertainment system with provided cable, sound quality was excellent.Read more

  3. ohhimark

    So I was stuck between last year’s M3 and the Bose 700. I saw these were coming out and wasn’t sure. I did more research and was leaning towards the 700’s to save money. I am primarily using these for WFH (music/calls) and the mic on the 700’s is said to be amazing. As I researched I googled around and found that Bose has been having weeks of software issues and didn’t want to get into that. I almost pre-ordered the M4’s but decided to sleep on it because it didn’t make a difference being in a queue. Finally one day, I found a YouTube video on the M4 and all my concerns were already addressed. I was sold.Yesterday (Aug 18th) these arrived at my door and I was on calls ALL DAY. They were perfect. Today, I get to enjoy music and silence –– HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.Read more

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