0C19704GU5H748 Polk audio atrium 4 out of doors audio system with powerful bass (pair, black) climate sturdiness & audio psw10 10″ powered subwoofer – featuring high contemporary amp and occasional-pass filter up to 100 watts

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  • product 1: created to live and play exterior, your atrium audio system may be installed in any open area—by means of a pool, in the patio or a sunroom, or tucked away somewhere inside the outdoor. They may deliver exceedingly exceptional sound
  • product 1: wider sound dispersion & noticeably effective bass driven by means of a four half” mineral stuffed dynamic stability polymer cone and a 3/4″ anodized aluminum dome tweeter with rubber surround. 80w strength cuts through loud, jarring history noises
  • product 1: identified as one of the best-searching outdoor audio system, polk atrium 4 speakers include a steeply-angled baffle layout filling open spaces with big full-range sound. The outer profile without difficulty blends into the corners of the out of doors walls
  • product 1: one-click on velocity-lock mounting bracket offers smooth, anti-slip one-handed set up permitting you to mount those audio system vertically or horizontally, to supply the best viable sound in a diffusion of conditions. Genuinely mount the swiveling c-bracket
  • product 2: powered subwoofer for extra bass & punch – a 10-inch dynamic balance woofer & a uniquely configured directed port presents correct bass with introduced depth that brings your song and movies alive. A really perfect answer on your small-to-mid length room
  • product 2: louder clearer sound even at high extent – experience a interesting yet balanced song revel in with wealthy, deep sound, even at low frequencies. Blends effortlessly with any speaker and plays the most traumatic nodes effects without any distortion
  • product 2: double the amplifier electricity to one hundred watts of dynamic electricity with its in-constructed 50-watt rms amp. Sophisticated engineering with high-quality in magnificence resonance-unfastened driving force materials make this sub highly durable and suit for prolonged use
  • product 2: smooth to combine with present systems – hook up this sub to the receiver and upgrade your tune sound instantly. Functions constantly variable 80-160 hz crossover and forty-a hundred and sixty hz (-3db) frequency response

product description

polk audio atrium four out of doors audio system with effective all-climate sturdiness large sound coverage velocity-lock mounting systemthe compact atrium 4 loudspeaker produces excessive constancy sound great everywhere you want high-quality sound. Its small length makes it ideal for tight, out-of-manner installations. With an aluminum dome tweeter and polypropylene cone driving force in every speaker enjoy deep, accurate bass and smoother reaction. Polk’s patented dynamic stability and klippel optimization technology make sure best cloth overall performance, removing driver and tweeter “artifacts” for more realistic sound reproduction at excessive and coffee extent ranges. The weatherproof cabinet capabilities a rustproof aluminum grille, rustproof aluminum bracket, and chrome steel/brass hardware that could undergo seasonal trade and provide high-quality indoor speaker-great sound for years of outdoor listening amusement. Quick and easy to install with polk’s speed lock mounting gadget. Polk audio psw10 10″ powered subwoofer – featuring excessive present day amp and occasional-pass clear out up to 100 watts huge bass at a outstanding cost clean integration home theater systemsadd deep bass excitement and prolonged dynamic thrills to your tune or film sound gadget with the easy-to-join and smooth-to-use psw 10. Its 10″ dynamic balance composite cone driver and non-resonant enclosure produces deep, easy response with advanced element and accuracy, whilst proscribing distortion. The sub is powered by means of a high-current amplifier generating 50 watts rms/100 watts dynamic strength. A rotary extent control adjusts the extent of the subwoofer relative to the alternative audio system in the gadget and the unit gives a continuously variable low-pass filter, adjustable from eighty-one hundred sixty hz. Effortlessly accessible, professional-grade line- and speaker-stage inputs, and speaker stage outputs, permit easy connection to any system.


Black, White


Atrium 4, Atrium 4 Black with Speaker Wire, Atrium 4 Black with Subwoofer, Atrium 4 White with Speaker Wire

4 reviews for 0C19704GU5H748 Polk audio atrium 4 out of doors audio system with powerful bass (pair, black) climate sturdiness & audio psw10 10″ powered subwoofer – featuring high contemporary amp and occasional-pass filter up to 100 watts

  1. Dan S.

    Awesome speakers!!! The sound is super clear and they have great bass for the size as well…….they don’t have the super deep bass like an active subwoofer. ….but hey, they’re smaller speakers. Perfect for the patio or deck! Not too big and bulky but big enough to sound great!! Quality appears great and you can’t beat the mounting system!! Super easy to mount in a variety of positions……and the speaker slips into bracket and stays in place so your hands are free to put the cap screws on the ends and hook the wires up!! The engineers actually did a great job with this system! We mounted them under the soffit on the house above the back deck and they’re wired into an older Pioneer receiver with an equalizer. It gets -30f here so we will be removing them for winter just to be safe. At under $100 I don’t think you will be able to find better bang for the buck anywhere. Highly recommend!!Update*#*#*11/17Just finished installing two more pair of these in garage. Wow. What a difference these make in the quality of sound……full sound and very clear. Had a full set of samsung speaker that came with surround system out there. Put these in tonight and all I can say is wow!! What a difference! Will be ordering some more to install near our firepit in back yard.****update March 2021****These speakers are still going strong!! Have had hundreds of hours of use and they still sound as good as the first day of use. No problems with the weather at all, had to dust them off last fall, (excess dust in neighborhood from road work over the summer). Still would recommend these 100%!!Read more

  2. Jim R

    So far these seem to be great speaks. They were easily installed but you will need to supply your own screws. I have them installed on my covered back patio. The sound base and treble are nearly perfect for my area. They are hooked up to my onkio surround sound system zone 2. I spent a lot of time looking at reviews. My main concern was that they would not put out enough base. Base is just enough for me. I do wish they had a bit more, but as stated in many reviews you will need a subwoofer if you want hard thumping base or spend at least another 100 bucks,that would not be good for my neighbor relationship, as I tend to want to crank it up! I have them mounted sideways close to the ceiling and i have found that if I point them toward the ceiling it increases the base feel.I believe for the money you won’t find a better set of speakers.Read more

  3. Nino

    At their price point, these speakers represent the absolute best value you will find, period. I was in the market for some outdoor speakers to go with a 100 inch projector screen for my terrace. I’ve been a user of Polk Audio for many years, in fact, my home theater is comprised of polk audio tsi’s except for the main speakers which are Bowers and Wilkins. Long story short I’m a fan of more “relaxed” speakers that let you enjoy the sound for longer periods of time without any ear fatigue.Once I decided that a 4 1/2 inch cone would suffice (I’m not trying to start a war with my neighbors here) I pulled the trigger on these. I could not be more happier with my purchase. Paired with my old trusty Denon Receiver in Zone 2, and without any EQ or any crossover for that matter, these speakers have proved themselves to be an absolute bargain. Speaker imaging is spot on with plenty of detail and separation for a nice, ample and defined sound stage that makes the speakers virtually invisible. Contrary to what many have stated, I have found the bass response on these to be more than enough considering their size and the acoustic properties of my terrace (they are mounted to a concrete wall and the area is roofed). You can clearly define all the highs and lows and since its a Polk those tweeters wont be overly aggressive , the only thing you will not get is the earth shattering base that you can achieve by adding a sub to the mix. The speakers can easily fill all my terrace and pool area (40′ x 35′) with sound without actually having to be loud. Another area where I was pleasantly surprised was with their performance in movies, voices, music and special effects all shine through effortlessly at any volume and yes, they can get VERY loud if you want to push them.So that’s that, if your in the market for outdoor speakers I would not hesitate to check these out as long as you provide adequate power with a dedicated amp or receiver you should be good to go. Give them a proper break in and enjoy!Read more

  4. Giraffe

    After 4 years of use, I am replacing these because the music sounds flat and dull (unless at very high volumes), there is minimal bass, and the music is very directional. You get most of the sound immediately in front of the speakers and much less in other areas of the yard. I replaced these with the Bose 151 SE speakers. When directly in front of the speakers, the quality of the sound from the Bose is much more vibrant, lively and more fun to listen to. The Polk Atrium might be slightly clearer, but the sound is boring. The Polk Atrium 4 and the Bose 151 SE are similar in size. The Bose speakers have 3 “full-range” 2 1/2 inch drivers angled in an array to disperse the music in comparison to the Polk Atrium 4’s 4-1/2 inch woofer and 3/4″ tweeter. It would seem like the combo of the Polk’s woofer and tweeter should be better, but the frequency response of the speakers seems similar between both speakers. The Bose 151 SE have a port in the front, so that may explain how they have bass. I do not know how the weather sealing compares as the Bose 151 SE have not been through winter yet.I have not had any problems with the Pol Atrium 4’s Under the eves of the house they have survived 4 rainy winters. The speakers are powered by a Sonos Connect Amp.Overall the Polk Atrium 4s are fine speakers. They seem well built. They are easy to install. They are not very expensive. I recommend them if you are looking for small inexpensive speakers for the yard. However, I was not satisfied with the directional nature of the sound and the flat-boring quality of the sound.Read more

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