0C196XA2KAY691 Hosmart complete duplex wireless intercom system real time, two -manner verbal exchange, with dect_6. 0 technology for home and office,palms free, portable intercom, with crystal clear sound, one thousand toes variety

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  • 【simple to use but powerful】- the intercom can be used out of container, then plug and start communicating. It’s far simply that simple and problem unfastened. Reveal function can be monitored constantly. Group function, boom/decrease volume, may have 10 distinctive ring tones. The intercom with dect. 6. 0 era makes the product full of high-tech and simpler feeling. Note: one major intercom may be paired with as much as five subs. For institution name function, can most effective paintings with 1 foremost & 3 subs.
  • 【precise layout for real time two-manner conversation】-effects connect and speak arms free, no need to hold the button to talk. Transportable layout makes your communique quick, smooth and powerful for your property or workplace. Communique distance approx. 1000 ft.
  • 【top notch sound, guarantee】- hosmart wi-fi intercom with dect. 6. 0 technology, supplying crystal clear sound, delivered reliability and comfortable communique 1. 9ghz. It guarantees a advanced revel in. Irrespective of you are running in an workplace or at home, the communication is stable and clear.
  • 【transportable and anti-interference 】- domestic intercom machine works with usb 5v/1a adapter, or 18650 battery as backup. (battery no longer blanketed). You may take the intercom to any location you need. Comfy frequency transmission to shield privateness. Transmission won’t interfere together with your different gadgets. Warning: the 18650 battery isn’t aa or aaa battery. Please purchase 18650 battery with 3. 6-3. 7v, 2800-3000mah ,size: 2. 56in *zero. 71in*0. 71in (65mm*18mm*18mm).
  • 【our promise】- your purchase consists of a trouble-loose 30 days money returned guarantee. If you for any cause aren’t satisfied along with your logo-new intercom, definitely go back the product for a full refund. No questions requested and a 24/7 customer service.

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1M and 1S(Battery including), 1Main and 1Sub, 1Main and 1Sub(battery including), 1Main and 2 Subs, 1Main and 3Subs, One Sub Only

3 reviews for 0C196XA2KAY691 Hosmart complete duplex wireless intercom system real time, two -manner verbal exchange, with dect_6. 0 technology for home and office,palms free, portable intercom, with crystal clear sound, one thousand toes variety

  1. M. K. Sherwood

    My video will tell you a lot more:The two unit system can be expanded as your needs grow. 1000′ range with crystal clear audio. Operates in the lower cellular band and is not susceptible to interference or eavesdropping.Uses include the monitoring of kids, sick rooms in the home, and other locations within the range of the unit. They come paired and ready to use. You can add up to 4 more subs.The technology of digital phones is now available in a desktop intercom.Rancher MikeRead more

  2. itRAINSinOregon

    I liked quite a bit about their less expensive units (HY777) when I read the description: 1st, they reach throughout the house, and out into the shop (40 feet from the house), no problem. The sound was no symphonic stereo system, but clearer than the old models I had in the 80s. 2d, The group button to talk to everyone, or the talk button to talk to just the units on any one channel. 3, The call button so everyone or just one unit would hear I was trying to reach them. 4 The monitor button, so we could use it to hear what was going on in the kitchen, if I was out in the shop. All that and at only fifty something bucks for both, was too much to pass up. . .Then I got them . . no set up, plug them in, and off and running . . UNTIL I realized the volume adjustment controls did not work . . a BIG bummer, since the call button tone could raise the dead, (but was kinda handy in the shop), and the talk volume was too low . . . I fiddled n fiddled, and then threw my self to the wolves and emailed the vendor . .MIRACLE OF MIRACLES, the guy emailed me back (!!) within a day . . and said “Yes, they had some units doing that, that they were defective, and they wanted to make up for my issues by sending me a NEW UP graded unit . . no BS, no “it’s your fault”, no “send it back”, blah blah blah . . . I darn near fell off the chair . . he said order a new unit, (these HY-616) I did, and they gave me a refund through Amazon for the WHOLE MESS . . somebody in that company takes customer service very seriously . . so 4 stars for the unit, because if the volume control worked, it was everything they said it was, and 20 stars for customer service, Thanks Adward, nice work . . for the record, he said the older models with volume controls that weren’t defective were very popular, and from the reviews, I believe him.Then I get the upgraded HY616 units, and in ADDITION to everything the HY777 models could do, they are 2 way vox, so after I hit the button, they talk to me, I talk to them, and the units switch back and forth without either of us touching another button . . and the volume control works, and the sound is better than the first one . . so I recommend the HY777 if they are enough for you, but I also recommend the HY616, if you like hands free duplex like communications . . kinda like a dect 6 phone without the phone . . . Oh happy days . . . and Thanks again Adward, not sure how to pronounce your name, but I sure appreciate your customer service attitude. . .Couple of other things:It kind of fooled me at first but you need to press call and then the number of the unit you are calling.IF the master and the slave are not on the same channel, the hands free duplex vox thing doesn’t work.The units are small, so pretty light, and I am not fond of the antenna sticking up, but if that is what makes them work from back in the shop all the way into the house and living room, I can live with it.The battery thing might be a good idea if you were using them from car to car, but I prefer walkie talkies.These units come with their own a/c adapters, OR you can use batteries, or large battery pack, but if you can find a cigarette lighter adapter with a 5 volt 1 amp plug that’ll fit them, you’re good to go in the car too . . It does hold an 18650 battery if you get the flat ended one . .Read more

  3. Deloris P.

    The last couple of years I’ve had a few surgeries. I still have a couple to go. The first few my mom came to stay with us the first week, but with everything going on in the world, that’s not the best option. A couple of my surgeries I was required to sleep in the recliner in the livingroom for at least 6 weeks. Well, if I needed something my husband couldn’t hear me and he sometimes would forget to take his phone off of vibrate. He was fantastic about making sure I had most things easily accessible, but sometimes I was too weak or nauseated to even stand up on my own.Anyway, we discussed a few options and after trying a couple of things we opted for an intercom system. My favorite thing about this system and the primary reason I chose this one is that it has Full Duplex and Hands Free. We don’t even have to be touching the thing to communicate. Our livingroom, dinning room, and kitchen is one area and I can be standing anywhere in that area and my husband can hear me clearly. This feature is extremely important, especially after that first week of surgery recovery.So we have the main in the livingroom on the end table and the other unit on my husband’s nightstand. You can actually have up to 5 sub units. We only need the one, but it’s good to know we can add more later if needed. You do need to make sure that your main unit and the sub unit are on the same channel. Once you do that you are set.My only complaint is that if you want to make it mobile you need to purchase not the easiest to find batteries. It should come with at least one set and or offer you ways to purchase with a discount.Other than that, this system is top notch!Read more

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