0C1968KRGZQ863 Skullcandy indy evo actual wireless in-ear earbud – deep crimson

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  • ensure this fits
  • by using entering your model variety.
  • 30 hours general battery + rapid charge
  • complete media controls on each bud, use either bud solo
  • three eq modes (music, film, podcast)
  • ip55 sweat, water and dirt resistant
  • built-in tile technology
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“wires out, shades in! Indy evo is the genuine wi-fi alternative to precious, overpriced earbuds which you’re nervous to apply, or lose, or both. The buds and case keep up to 30 hours of overall play time. And contact controls will let you do the whole lot immediately out of your buds. Solution calls, bypass tracks, regulate volume, prompt an assistant, transfer eq modes, even switch on ambient mode to pay attention extra of your surroundings—all without ever accomplishing on your tool. Indy evo earbuds are water, sweat and dust resistant. They’re additionally difficult to lose with integrated tile generation. And just in case any part is ever lost or broken, the fearless use promise manner skullcandy will replace it at a discount.”


'92 Blue, Chill Grey, Deep Red, Pure Mint, True Black

8 reviews for 0C1968KRGZQ863 Skullcandy indy evo actual wireless in-ear earbud – deep crimson

  1. chloe

    Great sound quality but it doesn’t stay in my ear. I’ve tried all the bud sizes and they fall out within an hour without pushing them back in. The touch controls are useless if you have hair. I havent got any feature to work besides the play/pause. The volume control is ridiculous, one bud controls volume up while the other controls volume down. Wouldnt be too bad if the controls worked, but they don’t. So I’ll be trying to pause and the volume will go up completely and bust my ears. If you listen to music in one ear, it’s useless. Great sound quality but design is flawed.Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    I love Skullcandy’s unique sound quality. The sound and the EQ features were a perk. However, I don’t know if I got a defective unit but the battery life was frustrating. I can’t use both ears together because the left ear won’t charge above 80% and after a max of 20-30 minutes, the left ear voice says “Low battery” and shortly after that powers off.I would have never expected such a glitchy and shoddy experience with a Skullcandy product.Read more

  3. collin

    Got these today only 1 side actually worked ….. I’m not happy…Read more


    First i had problem to connect the earbuds to togetherPros:Fits very perfect ( after 5 min i feel pain in my ear )Easy to see Battery indicatorSound and bass good enough for meEasy to control functionEQ modeAmbient modeCons:Hard connection together the earbuds or you will getOnly one earbud work ( One Active )Case quality very cheapCover case you have to push to close goodNot easy to connect themEverytime you close the app you need to reconnectAfter 5 min i feel pain in ear – i used small wingsThink 3 stars is fairRead more

  5. Andrew

    Upon my first opening of them, it seemed fine. I manually turned on the buds, tested them and put them back in the case to charge. From what I did hear, they seemed fine. Good sound quality, I liked the ambient mode. I realized however, they were still playing inside the case. They didn’t automatically turn off like they were supposed to and on top of that, they weren’t charging in the case. The website offered very little info on this problem, but I followed the advice. It said that the rubber pieces might provent them from charging, so I removed them completely. Bare buds, still no charge. Right out of the box defective. Where was quality control to detect this before it left the line? If it’s not a quality issue, was it mishandled so much in shipping that it was rendered useless?Read more

  6. Ali, A.

    These are amazing! This is the first time I find wireless earbuds with great touch controls. The size is just right and they don’t fall out at all when I’m working out. Even when I jump rope they still don’t fall out. The sound quality is great and the noise cancelation is very good as well. Personally I couldn’t tell the difference in ambient mode, but I won’t be using that fearure too much anyway. The mint green color is sooo cute 😍 Overall so happy I purchased these instead of the airpods. Saved my self some moneys too. Definitely worth it! 😌Read more

  7. Luis Barral

    Absolute garbage of a device and I know I have seen plenty of reviews saying the same. They have a very real pairing problem. Not just with my phone but pairing between the two ear buds as well. I’m constantly having to reset this device because it unpairs with my Pixel 4XL frequently. For the first few days that I got this device and it was paired correctly; the sound quality was just not there. Very quiet headphones. Another thing they would do is kind of like skip or go in and out… These just are not it. Poor design & quality.Read more

  8. KB

    I love the sound quality of Skullcandy, so I was over the moon when I saw they had wireless earbuds. It’s with a heavy heart I write this. The amount of effort it requires to sync the buds is ridiculous. I’ve watched the videos, downloaded the app and nothing gets these things to sync. I’ll hear out of one, with no sound in the other. I’ve turned my phone off and on. Place the buds off and back in the case over and over again. Try to sync ….and nothing. And the app is garbage. It does nothing to help you sync. What is the point of this thing?! I’m a huge fan of skullcandy but these headphones are absolutely garbage. I love the sound but can’t stand that I have to choose which ear I want to hear my music in. Don’t waste your time. Find something to else.Read more

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